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Always use {{Infobox minion}}. The starting section should contain the following information:

  • How to unlock the minion.
  • What the minion collects.
  • A way to speed up minion other than fuel. (ex. Farm Crystal)

Ideal Layout[edit source]

Use {{Minion ideal layout}}.

Drops[edit source]

Use {{Minion Drops Table}}

Upgrades[edit source]

Start the Table with {{Minion upgrades table head}}
Add {{Minion upgrades table}} however many times you need it.
End the Table with {{Minion upgrades table foot}}

Stats[edit source]

Use {{Minion stats table}}.

Profits[edit source]

Use {{MinionProfitTable}}

Recipe Gallery[edit source]

Use {{Minion recipe gallery}}

History[edit source]

Use {{History}}

Trivia[edit source]

Only use this section if needed.

Remember to add corresponding navbox, ex. {{Carrot collection}} on Carrot Minion page. Also, always use {{Minions}} navbox.

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