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  • This Style Manual page applies only to non-dungeon mobs.

Before anything else, notice templates should be placed. Some of those are: {{Stub}}, {{Vanilla}}, or {{Historical article}}.

The beginning of the page should contain {{Infobox mob}}. Then, before any other section, there should be a brief description of the mob, mainly:

  • The type of the mob
  • The appearance of the mob

Spawning[edit source]

This section should describe all places where the mob can be found, and the conditions that need to be met in order for the mob to spawn (if applicable).

Variants[edit source]

This section should only be used if the mob has more than one variant. If the varaints are much different from each other, each one should have its own section (). Otherwise, they should be contained in a table. This section should also contain information about the basic stats of the mob, particularly Health icon.pngHealth, Damage Icon.pngDamage, and level. The stats should be described for each variant (if applicable). Each variant should also have its appearance described, alongside an image.

Drops[edit source]

This section should list all the drops obtainable from this mob, using {{Image List}}, {{Resource Display}}, and/or {{Resource List}}. For a good reference, see Witch Page on Minecraft Wiki.

Behavior[edit source]

This section should contain all the information on how the mob behaves. Any special attacks or movements that the mob can do, should be described here as well.

History[edit source]

See {{History}}

Trivia[edit source]

This section should only be used if needed.

Tips[edit source]

This section should only be used if needed.

Gallery[edit source]

This section should only be used if needed. It should use <gallery> encoding. See this help page for help.

Remember to add appropriate navboxes (usually only {{Mobs}}).

Reference Pages[edit source]

To get a better hold of what is the mob page supposed to look like, see those pages:

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