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This Page is generally accepted by the community as a policy for the Wiki. Changes should reflect consensus or be approved by the Staff Team.
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Before anything else, notice templates should be placed. Some of those are: {{Stub}}, {{Vanilla}}, or {{Historical article}}.

The beginning of the page should contain {{Infobox weapon}} or, if the weapon is a Fishing Rod, {{Infobox fishing rod}}. Then, before any other section, there should be a brief description of the weapon.


This section should describe the weapon's stats, and any upgrades the weapon may have. An upgrade may be put in a subsection, or in a tabber, or an infobox tab. It is recommended to use {{WeaponInfo}} to display the weapon's stats. {{Sword Upgrades}} may be used to show a possible upgrade setup(s) (Currently broken).


This section consists of how to obtain the weapon in the first place. This section should contain where to obtain the weapon, how to obtain the weapon (for instance what mob it drops from), the crafting recipe and collection (if there is any, include this and the section below), and what is required to obtain the weapon (for instance a certain skill level)


This section consists of the crafting recipe and the collection (if there is any) required to craft it. This section should consist of a sentance or two to describe where to get the ingredients followed by the crafting recipe using {{Crafting Table}}. This section should only be included in a page when there is a crafting recipe for the weapon.

Essence Crafting[]

This section consists of a {{Essence Crafting}} Template to display the Essence needed to upgrade the weapon. The section should say what essence is required to upgrade the weapon, followed by the {{Essence Crafting}} template with data.

Other sections[]

If necessary, other sections may be included before Tips and Trivia.


This section should describe how to properly to use the weapon, why a player should have the weapon, how to optimize damage, ect. If multiple points are to be listed, it should be placed in a bullet list.


Any trivia relating to the weapon should be put before the Notes/References and History sections. Trivia should be listed in bulleted lists.


This section should be the second to last in the article preceding the History section.


The history section should be using the {{History}} template, and should be at the bottom of the article before any navboxes.


Any navboxes relating to this article go after any section sin the article.