Userboxes are special templates that appear on the users page, using the userbox template as base. To add userboxes to your user page, you can either put them on by themselves, or place it inside a userbox list template.

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Adding A Userbox[edit source]

To add a userbox to your user page, find one you like below below and paste the code onto your user page. For example, placing {{Userbox/JerryIsBest}} on your user page will display:

Jerry Pet.png All hail Jerry,
the one true meme!

Userboxes[edit source]

Below is a list of userboxes on the wiki. A complete list can be found on Category:Userboxes, and you can also make your own custom userbox by placing the {{Userbox}} template directly on your user page and modifying it.

Personal[edit source]

Jerry Pet.png All hail Jerry,
the one true meme!
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Management[edit source]

System User.png This username is an alternative account of Wikia

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