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Userboxes are special templates that appear on the users page, using the userbox template as base. To add userboxes to your user page, you can either put them on by themselves, or place it inside a userbox list template.

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Adding A Userbox[]

To add a userbox to your user page, find one you like below below and paste the code onto your user page. For example, placing {{Userbox/PlaysSkyblock}} on your user page will display:

Globe.pngThis user plays SkyBlock.


Note: Some userboxes may not be in this section. Please go to #Full List or Category:Userboxes for a full list that is automatically updated.

Below are some userboxes on the wiki. To know more about userboxes and how to apply skins, see Template:Userbox. You can also make your own custom userbox by placing the {{Userbox}} template directly on your user page and modifying it.

General Userboxes
SkyLeaMoe logo.pngView Profile: LeaPhant

SkyCrypt logo.pngView profile for LeaPhant on sky.shiiyu.moe

Globe.pngThis user plays SkyBlock.
They joined on: June 11, 2019

Bye Skyblock.pngThis user no longer plays SkyBlock.

DefaultThis user has the Default Rank on Hypixel.

{{Userbox/Hypixel|Rank = <your rank>}}
No scammers.pngThis user dislikes scammers!

2This user has logged more than 2 edits.

{{Userbox/Edits|<edit count>}}
2This user has logged more than 2 posts.

{{Userbox/Posts|<post count>}}
Crystal Clear action lock - silver.pngThis user uses a VPN.

Star of life.pngThis user scored {{{1}}} on the Wikipediholic test.


Translator Userboxes New

Mayor Userboxes New
Aatrox Sprite.pngThis user endorses Aatrox for SkyBlock Mayor.

Barry Sprite.pngThis user endorses Barry the Wizard for SkyBlock Mayor.

Cole Sprite.pngThis user endorses Cole for SkyBlock Mayor.

Diana Sprite.pngThis user endorses Diana for SkyBlock Mayor.

Diaz Sprite.pngThis user endorses Diaz for SkyBlock Mayor.

Foxy Sprite.pngThis user endorses Foxy for SkyBlock Mayor.

Marina Sprite.pngThis user endorses Marina the Fisherwoman for SkyBlock Mayor.

Paul Sprite.pngThis user endorses Paul for SkyBlock Mayor.

Derpy Sprite.pngThis user endorses Derpy for SkyBlock Mayor.

Jerry Sprite.pngThis user endorses Jerry for SkyBlock Mayor.

Scorpius Sprite.pngThis user endorses Scorpius for SkyBlock Mayor.


The Meme Ones Popular
Jerry Head.pngAll hail Jerry,
the one true meme!


The Skillful Ones Editors' Choice
HTML-0This user has a beginner knowledge of HTML?.

{{Userbox/HTML|<skill level 0-5>}}
CSS-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of CSS?.

{{Userbox/CSS|<skill level 0-5>}}
JS-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of JavaScript?.

{{Userbox/JS|<skill level 0-5>}}
J-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of Java?.

{{Userbox/Java|<skill level 0-5>}}
C-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of C?/C++?.

{{Userbox/C++|<skill level 0-5>}}
C#-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of C#?/.NET?.

{{Userbox/C Sharp|<skill level 0-5>}}
Lua-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of Lua?.

{{Userbox/Lua|<skill level 0-5>}}
PY-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of Python?.

{{Userbox/Python|<skill level 0-5>}}
⇵-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of HTTP?.

{{Userbox/HTTP|<skill level 0-5>}}
/.*/-0This user has an a beginner knowledge of Regular Expressions?.

{{Userbox/Regex|<skill level 0-5>}}
OOPThis user likes to program in an Object-Oriented? fashion.


Wiki Engineers
Tools Nuvola.pngThis user knows how to configure Abuse Filters.

{{Userbox/Abuse Filter}}
/16This user understands Range blocks.

Recent Changes Patrol Badge.pngThis user is a member of the Recent Changes Patrol.

Wikipedia Double Redirect.pngThis user fixes double and broken redirects.

Staff Userboxes

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