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Frozen Blaze Armor.png
Blaze Pet.png

Frozen Blaze Helmet.png Frozen Blaze Chestplate.png Frozen Blaze Leggings.png Frozen Blaze Boots.png Blaze Pet.png

A Heated Debate: Frozen Blaze Armor and the Blaze Pet
To commemorate the Crimson Isle update

When it was first introduced, Frozen Blaze Armor was one of the most expensive armor sets in the game because it required four stacks of Enchanted Packed Ice to craft. In return for such a large amount of materials, players received an armor set that wasn't even as good as Superior Armor.

However, this all changed when the Pets Update gave the Frozen Blaze Armor a companion in the form of the Blaze Pet. The Blaze Pet boosted the player's stats in the Blazing Fortress and doubled the effects of Hot Potato Books and Fuming Potato Books. However, the pet also had a much more significant effect: a level 100 Blaze Pet boosted the stats of the Frozen Blaze Armor by 40%.

That would make it a competitor to Superior Armor, right?

Unfortunately, Frozen Blaze Armor with a Blaze Pet was still worse than Superior Armor. In fact, in May 2020, the pet's Strength Stat Icon.png Strength buff was buffed from 30 to 40 and its effect on the armor was increased as well, but it still wasn't the best armor set.

It wasn't until almost a year later before Frozen Blaze Armor was finally given attention by the community. Its rarity was buffed from Epic to Legendary, allowing it to be recombobulated to Mythic and therefore receive a more powerful reforge. The community was now trying to determine whether it could compete with the new best set: Necron's Armor.

The debate divided the community. Some argued that Frozen Blaze Armor was better, while others offered statistical evidence and damage tests to argue that Necron Armor was still better.

In the end, Frozen Blaze Armor prevailed, but for a different reason: pet stacking.

While people searched for ways to speed up the Tier IV Voidgloom fight, someone discovered pet stacking. It was complicated to set up, but it allowed players to get the perks of two pets at once. After its discovery, some players began to use strange setups to take advantage of the bug, such as 2/4 Final Destination Armor with a Frozen Blaze Chestplate and a Warden Helmet. The Blaze Pet was a popular pet to stack because of both its boost to Frozen Blaze Armor and its effects on Hot and Fuming Potato Books.

Pet stacking eventually fell out of favor with the release of Final Destination Armor, but the Frozen Blaze Armor and Blaze Pet found new life as a good armor set for traversing the Crimson Isle.

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