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Ironman is a gamemode with heavy limitations, making the gameplay much more difficult. The user can choose Ironman mode when creating a new profile.

This mode can be created as Co-ops and members share collections as they do normally.


Ironman profiles have many restrictions including:

  • No Trading with players except if they are in the same co-op.
  • No Auction House.
  • Special Bazaar, only allowing instant buy of Booster Cookies.
  • Unable to receive Gifts or pick up drops from other players, as well as normal profiles cannot pick up an Ironman's drops. However, giving Gifts is still allowed.
  • Unable to get loot from loot sharing from Ghosts.

Since the player doesn't have access to the Auction House and most of the Bazaar, the obtaining of coins and many items becomes much harder, so players have to grind everything on their own. For most players, Ironman profiles might get boring after a while because the mid-late game experience is so much longer, but it's a great option for veterans who have everything in the game on another profile.

Ironman players have a special icon to the right of their usernames. The icon is also visible in the player list.


  • The name and limitations of the profile are a reference to Old School RuneScape.
  • As of April 20, 2021, Booster Cookies became available for Ironman players to buy on the Bazaar. Previously, Booster Cookies were only available to Ironman players through buying Gems online, then buying them from Elizabeth.
  • A player can create as many Ironman profiles as they want (not exceeding the profile limit) but cannot change the gamemode of any existing profiles.
  • There is another mode, ☀ Stranded, which applies many restrictions as in Ironman.


SkyBlock Prototype
Oct 6, 20200.9.6Added Ironman.
Apr 21, 20210.11.4Booster Cookies become available for Ironman players to buy on the Bazaar.
Mar 1, 20220.12.3An exploit was patched - players will no longer be able to pick up unclaimed items dropped by normal profiles without Telekinesis.