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Item Stash is a reserved "item limbo" where all items go if the player does not have enough inventory space to pick them up.

Material stash is similar to Item Stash but stores stackable items instead.


If the player /coopkicks another user and salvages their items, the items will go in the Item Stash if they don't have enough inventory space. The stash can hold 719 stacks of items that stack to 64, or 46,016 items that stack to 64.

The player can take the items out of the Item Stash by using the /pickupstash command or by pressing the chat message button. The player can alternatively choose to see the Item Stashes contents by using the /viewstash command, or clearing all of it by using the /clearstash command.

Chat Message[]

When you have items stashed away, the following message will show:

  • You have # materials totalling # items stashed away!
    Click here to pick it all up!


SkyBlock Prototype
Unknown DateAdded Item Stash.
Apr 25, 2022Improved Item Stash with Material Stash.
Changed item stash chat message.