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Jacob's Farming Contest is an event that takes place every three Skyblock days, and lasts for 20 minutes (real life time), during which three random crops from the Farming Collection are selected for players to collect.

The top players who increase their collection the most earn Jacob's Tickets and unique rewards!


The player needs to be at least Golden Hoe.png Farming X to participate, and must talk to Jacob at least once. At least 100 of the current event crop must be collected to earn any rewards.

Event Time[]

For the time of Jacob events, please visit Jacob's Farming Contest/Events.


There are 3 levels of rewards: BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD. Each level earns better rewards.

Tier Top % Required # of Jacob's Tickets Other Rewards
- 100 1
BRONZE 60 10 Level 1 Turbo-Crop

(from crop you participated in)

SILVER 25 15
GOLD 5 25

Turbo-Crop books, are Enchanted Books with enchantments that will increase a player's double crop drop chance by 5% per level, stackable to 5. Level 4/5 Turbo-Crop books require a BRONZE/SILVER placing in their respective crop. A GOLD placing is no longer needed for Level 5 Turbo-Crop books.

Jacob's Tickets are items that can be spent with Anita in the Farmhouse, on items that help build farms quicker, and items that result in more harvest and experience out of your farms. They are also used to increase players' Golden Hoe.png Farming level cap to 60 (LX).


To place in a Farming Contest usually requires a farm on the player's Private Island. Using the tools provided by Anita can help build farms faster, although such items are not marketable and will need to be procured through their intended purchase method (which requires placement in Farming Contests), or through direct trade with another player. Crops planted by Minions will not count towards the Contest, despite giving full Golden Hoe.png Farming XP, with the exception of the Cocoa Beans Minion[Confirm].

With a large enough farm, a player will be able to farm for the full 20 minutes of the Contest on their Private Island. This should be a player's first goal if they wish to place GOLD in the Contest.

Wheat can be farmed easily by all players without a farm on their Private Island. Players can enter the Hub and use the Hub Selector to quickly bounce between hubs, reaping the Wheat in the Farm. A Wheat Crystal can be placed on a Private Island, and may be useful for beginners. To be compacted, both a regular Hay Bale and an Enchanted Hay Bale should be placed into the player's Personal Compactor, alongside with an Enchanted Seed.

Potatoes and Carrots are best farmed with a flat layer of Dirt, with as few breaks for Water as possible. Water hydrates crops within a flat 4 block radius.

Nether Wart is best farmed the same way as Carrots and Potatoes, with Soul Sand instead of Dirt, and needing no Water, so a flat layer with no breaks is possible. A Nether Wart Crystal can be placed on the player's Private Island, which will generate Nether Wart faster than the public Crystals in the Blazing Fortress.

Pumpkins and Melons will need a farm on the player's Private Island. Because of the need for a Stem to grow the crop, Pumpkins and Melons are best farmed in straight lines, perhaps two at a time to increase yield speed.

Sugar Cane needs to be farmed on the player's Private Island, because the Mushroom Desert's Sugar Cane spawn rate is too low. There are various ways to farm Sugar Cane, with some players preferring to maximize space usage with a design closer to a Wheat farm, and other players preferring the harvesting speed efficiency of the straight line Pumpkin and Melon farm.

If players are online and do not wish to participate, or know they will not score highly in the currently selected crops, farming at least 100 of the crop will give the player 1 Jacob's Ticket as a participation prize, as well as increasing the amount of participants in a given Contest, allowing more players who wish to participate to score higher. Collaboration can make the game easier for everyone.

Useful Enchantments[]

Scoring high in a Farming Contest is much easier with good Enchantments on your farming tool. Beside common Enchantments like Telekinesis, which makes crops go directly into your inventory, Hoes can have many other useful Enchantments.

Replenish automatically replants crops when broken. This is unavoidable if you want to achieve a high score.

Harvesting increases your Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune which affects a player's chance to get more crops.

Every Turbo-Crop Enchantment increases your Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune by +5 per level when breaking its specific crop. Turbo-Crop Enchanted Books can be obtained by winning any medal in a Farming Contest.

Farming Medals[]

Farming medals are gained by being in the top X% of players farming that specific crop, as said above. These are the average and max crop count necessary to obtain a medal (within a margin of error, operating off a limited sample size, please submit your scores to this post to add to the data and help increase the accuracy).

Note: This information is updated every week or every day. Last updated: 14th November, 2021

(As of January 1st 2021, it has been nearly a 6 month since that post was used to update these values. It may be worthwhile to have the values copied to special wikia pages, and the averages and other statistics calculated based on the most recent data only.)

Average Minimum Crop Needed
Wheat Wheat 2.5k 15-19k 75-110k
Sugar Cane Sugar Cane 60k 188k 305k
Carrot Carrot 3-6k 80-170k 360-420k
Potato Potato 10k 175k 410k
Melon Melon 5k 80k 440k
Pumpkin Pumpkin 5-8k 25-35k 75-100k
Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans 15-30k 90k 260-300k
Nether Wart Nether Wart 100-150k 320-350k 500-700k
Cactus Cactus 1.5k 10k 80k
Mushroom Mushroom 170k 390k 530k

This data is variable and subject to change, as new data is gathered, the tables will be updated if new data is statistically relevant.

[Updated November 14th, 2021 11:10 UTC+1 ( Late Autumn 17th Year 170 Skyblock, 7:00pm )]

[ Carrot, Melon, Pumpkin, Wheat, Was UPDATED 14th November, 2021 , 11:15pm UTC+1 ]

[ Carrot, Pumpkin, Wheat, Wart was UPDATED 18/03/2022, 15:45pm UTC)]

[ Mushroom Updated April 25th, 8:30pm UTC+10 ]


  • When starting a Farming Event within the last 3 seconds of the event, Jacob will be unable to figure out the player's placing.

Jacob's Dialogue when an error occurs


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