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⬱ Knockback is a game mechanic that pushes a player or mob away when they are hit.

Increasing Knockback

Knockback Resistance

  • Slime Hat Slime Hat - provides immunity to Knockback from mobs.
  • Dwarf Turtle Shelmet Dwarf Turtle Shelmet (Pet Item) - provides immunity to Knockback.
  • Turtle Pet Legendary Turtle Pet - Unflippable ability provides immunity to Knockback.
  • Rotten Armor - Full Set Bonus: Sieve Body Gain additional 20% Knockback resistance to arrows.
  • Tank - Class Passive: Defensive Stance Grants immunity to Knockback from mobs.

True Knockback

⬱ True Knockback is a type of ⬱ Knockback that ignores all anti-knockback items. It's similar to ᚏ True Damage, but applies to Knockback.


True Knockback Resistance

These mounts give you True Knockback Resistance while riding, but removes the Immunity Ticks (10 ticks, around 0.5s), that can cause you to die easily. Unlike ❂ True Defense, True Knockback Resistant items also apply for regular Knockback sources.


  • The Knockback Enchantment is generally undesired as pushing enemies away often increases the time to kill them. In most cases, the default Knockback applied by weapons is considered sufficient.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added ⬱ Knockback.