Locations are a fundamental part of Hypixel SkyBlock, and they are where players collect items for Collections, interact with NPCs, grind skills or more.

List of Locations


(and sub locations)

Resources Found NPCs Found Special Requirements
⏣ Private Island Cobblestone Minion I, the portal to the Hub Island, and tree(s). Jerry (The Guide)
⏣ Village Shops, ⏣ Bank, ⏣ Library, ⏣ Auction House, ⏣ Flower House, ⏣ Bazaar Alley, ⏣ Community Center, ⏣ Builder's House Villagers, Librarian, Banker, Auction Master, Alchemist, Weaponsmith, Blacksmith, Adventurer, Farm Merchant, Mine Merchant, Builder, Redstone Engineer, Lumberjack, Romero, Kat, Zog, George, Clerk Seraphine, Elizabeth
⏣ Forest Oak Wood, Oak Leaves, Rail, Ladder, Apple Lumberjack
The Park ⏣ Birch Park Birch Wood Charlie, Vanessa Foraging level I
⏣ Howling Cave Bone, Wood, Weak Wolf Catalyst Old Shaman Nyko
⏣ Spruce Woods Spruce Wood Gustave, Melancholic Viking Foraging level II
⏣ Dark Thicket Dark Oak Wood Ryan (Trial of Fire) Foraging level III
⏣ Savanna Woodland Acacia Wood, Yellow Rock Melody, Master Tactician Funk, Romero Foraging level IV
⏣ Jungle Island Jungle Wood Romero, Juliette Foraging level V
⏣ Graveyard Rotten Flesh Pat, Romero
⏣ Spider's Den String, Spider Eye, Bone, Gravel, Flint Rick, Haymitch Combat level I
⏣ Blazing Fortress Netherrack, Glowstone, Nether Quartz, Blaze Rod, Magma Cream, Coal, Bone, Ghast Tear, Nether Wart Elle of the Nether, Romero Combat level V
⏣ The End Endstone, Obsidian, Ender Pearl, Shiny Blocks Pearl Dealer, Guber, Gregory the Opportunist Combat level XII
⏣ Coal Mine Cobblestone, Coal, Stone
⏣ Gold Mine Cobblestone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Stone Lazy Miner, Gold Forger, Iron Forger, Rusty Mining level I
⏣ Deep Caverns ⏣ Gunpowder Mines Cobblestone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Gunpowder, Stone Lift Operator, Walter Mining level V
⏣ Lapis Quarry Cobblestone, Lapis Lazuli, Rotten Flesh, Stone Lapis Miner, Lift Operator
⏣ Pigmen's Den Cobblestone, Redstone, Gold Nugget, Stone Lift Operator
⏣ Slimehill Cobblestone, Slimeball, Emerald, Stone Lift Operator
⏣ Diamond Reserve Cobblestone, Diamond, Rotten Flesh, Bone, Stone Lift Operator
⏣ Obsidian Sanctuary Cobblestone, Diamond, Diamond Block, Obsidian, Rotten Flesh, Bone, Stone Lift Operator, Rhys
⏣ Dwarven Mines Stone, Titanium, Mithril, Treasurite, Starfall, Goblin Armour, Glacite, Sorrow Lift Operator, King, Rhys, Fetchur, etc. Heart of the Mountain, Mining level XII
⏣ Farm Wheat Farmer
⏣ The Barn Wheat, Carrot, Potato, Raw Porkchop, Raw Chicken, Feather, Raw Beef, Leather, Melon, Pumpkin Farmhand Farming level I
⏣ Mushroom Desert Mushroom, Cocoa Beans, Cactus, Raw Mutton, Wool, Raw Rabbit, Rabbit's Foot Farming level V
⏣ Mountain Carrot
⏣ Wilderness Tia the Fairy, Fisherman, Wizard (in the Wizard Tower), Romero
⏣ Ruins Bone
⏣ High Level Bone
⏣ Dark Auction Midas Sword, Flower Minion, Ender Artifact, Wither Artifact, Spirit Mask, Various Tier 6 Books Sirius (when a dark auction occurs) At least 400,000 coins in purse
Winter Island Ice Frosty, Gustave, various Jerrys Only open during Late Winter
⏣ Dungeon Hub Mort, Malik, Ophelia, Guildford
⏣ Limbo Using the Wizard Portal, or being AFK.

Removed Locations


  • Before SkyBlock v0.7, you needed at least 250,000 coins to enter the Dark Auction. Now, in SkyBlock v0.7+, you need at least 400,000 coins to enter and to have enough coins to be one of the wealthiest players attending.
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