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Older Spiders often make better quality string. It is said that female ones are even more sturdy, but it was never proven. . .

The Luxurious Spool is a Uncommon Power Stone, which unlocks the Silky power for Accessories, granting a base bonus of +24 ☠ Crit Damage.

It also provides +5 ⚔ Bonus Attack Speed as its unique power bonus.


The Luxurious Spool can be obtained by killing a Brood Mother, which spawns about once every hour per lobby. It has a Guaranteed(100%) drop chance.


The Luxurious Spool requires Stone Sword.png Combat XV to be used and can only be used as a Power Stone for Accessories. Combining 9 Luxurious Spools at Maxwell will permanently unlock the Silky Power for Accessories.


Stat Bonus
Base 250 Magical Power
☠ Crit Damage +24 +231.4
Unique Power Bonus +5 ⚔ Bonus Attack Speed


SkyBlock Prototype
Unknown DateLuxurious Spool.png Added Luxurious Spool.
Aug 13, 2021Luxurious Spool can now be sold to Merchants.
Apr 20, 20220.13Luxurious Spool is now a Power Stone.