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✎ Mana is a player resource increased with ✎ Intelligence. It is used to activate item abilities.


Similar to ❤ Health, the default maximum ✎ Mana pool is 100. Each point of ✎ Intelligence grants 1 extra ✎ Mana.

Most mana abilities have a fixed mana cost, while some such as the Flower of Truth use a percentage of max mana. This mana cost is deducted from the mana pool upon usage. If there is less mana in the pool than the ability requires, the ability will not work.

Mana regenerates at a rate of 2% of the max mana per second. The Mana potion grants a bonus +1 Mana per second per level.

When the maximum Mana is decreased past the current Mana, due to losing ✎ Intelligence or otherwise, the extra Mana above the cap is removed.

The maximum, current and ʬ Overflow Mana stats can be viewed on the main information bar, along with ❈ Defense and ❤ Health.

Maximum Mana

Ways to get to max mana:

Method / Item(s) Mana
Base Mana 100
Enchanting Skill 106
Alchemy Skill 86
Harp songs and played "Through the Campfire" 27
Recombobulated Necrotic Bat Person Armor (during spooky festival) 2400
Big Brain V (Bat Person Armor triple stats) 75
Every Recombobulated Accessory (highest tier) reforged to Bizarre 1058
Intelligence Enrichment on every Legendary and Mythic Accessory 46
Recombobulated Hegemony Artifact 30
Bat Artifact 3
Melody's Hair 6
Maxed Beastmaster Crest (highest tier) 3
Essence Shop (max) forbidden intelligence and forbidden blessing 11
Beacon V 25
Phoenix pet (epic, level 100, with Textbook) 300
(max) Recombobulated Hyperion with Heroic reforge and Chimera V (with phoenix active) 925
(max) Defuse Kit 10
Total 5211
Mana potions 720
(max) Bottle of Jyrre 100
Total (with Mana potions) 6031
Legion V on all armor pieces with 20 player around (max 30 blocks) 866,25
Total (with Mana potions and Legion V) 6897,25

Overflow Mana

ʬ Overflow Mana is a bonus pool of Mana. This pool does not naturally regenerate, and must be directly added to with the Soulflow Pile Accessory line or other means.

When attempting to use abilities with insufficient Mana in the main pool, it will take from the ʬ Overflow Mana pool.

Certain abilities such as the Gloomlock Grimoire's 2nd ability take only from the ʬ Overflow Mana pool.


  • Due to a bug, it is possible to have a negative amount of ʬ Overflow Mana. This effectively subtracts the ʬ Overflow Mana value from the ✎ Mana pool, rendering any abilities which cost more than the difference unable to be used. This can be fixed by gaining ʬ Overflow Mana with a Soulflow Pile or other means.
    • If the negative ʬ Overflow Mana exceeds ✎ Mana, no abilities will be able to be used, including abilities which do not cost Mana.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Mana.
Mar 30, 20210.11.3Mana above maximum mana is now removed.
Upon respawning, 50% of max mana is returned.
May 31, 20210.11.5Added Overflow Mana.