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Mayors are NPCs that give global buffs and perks when elected by players. Mayor Elections were added in Hypixel SkyBlock's 0.9 Update, with the first election taking place in SkyBlock Year 88.



An election is held every SkyBlock year (124 real-life hours) with five candidates. Players vote by entering the Election Room via the teleport pad in the Community Center while the voting period is open. A player can only vote once per account, not per profile. The amount of votes players can cast is determined by their Fame Rank and can be doubled by owning Artifact of Control.

Perks Distribution, followed by Candidate Selection, will happen before an election opens (see sections below).

Five candidates are revealed when the election starts on Late Summer 27th 00:00. The election will end on Late Spring 27th 00:00 the following year, at which point the mayor with the most votes will become the mayor.

Mayors and Ministers

"Ministers" redirects here, for a onetime event where players were voted and gained unique perks see Resistance General.

Out of the five candidates, the one with highest amount of votes will have all of their shown perks active until the end of the next election. The runner-up will become a Minister, activating their minister perk alongside the Mayor's perks. Neither the Mayor or Minister will be able to participate in the following election, except when the Mayor is Diaz with "Long Term Investment" perk, which will make the Minister appear as a candidate with all of their perks. After Mayor's reign ends, their perks are removed and one is randomly selected next time they appear.

What happens in the case of a tie or how Special Mayors affect Ministers is currently unknown.

Perks Distribution

All candidates have multiple possible perks - the majority of the regular candidates have 4 possible perks.

Before an election, for all Regular Candidates (whether or not they are randomly chosen for the next election), perks are distributed in the following way:

  • If a candidate was elected and is running as mayor, they will have no chance to participate or gain a perk on the election. On the election following their mayor term, they will reset to 1 random perk with no possibility to gain a perk.
  • If a candidate was not elected, all previous perks gained by that candidate are persistent (not wiped nor randomized in the future). Before the next election, whether or not they will participate the next election, at 1 and 2 perks they have a 50% chance to gain 1 more random perk. If a mayor has 4 possible perks and currently have 3 perks they have an 8% chance to gain the 4th perk.

One random perk of each candidate, except Special ones, is selected as Minister perk. This perk will be active even if the candidate ends up second. Minister perks are determined randomly and next time a candidate appears in an election, it may differ.

A Regular Candidate can participate in an election with 1 perk up to all possible perks. A Special and One-time Candidate participates with all possible perks.

Candidate Selection

The Regular Candidates are chosen randomly, while the running mayor cannot participate in the election that starts during their term. When no Special Candidate runs, five Regular Candidates are chosen.

Special candidates participate in an election not by random chance, but every 8 SkyBlock years (when the SkyBlock year is divisible by 8). When a special candidate participates the election, they come with all possible perks and appears on the rightmost in the Election Interface. Four other Regular Candidates are chosen.

Special Candidate Election Cycle

One Special Candidate joins the election in sequence every 8 SkyBlock years. It is somewhat predictable which special candidate will participate next. The sequence was once abrupted by Dante, who replaced/skipped Derpy when joining as a special and one-time mayor in the Year 128 Election.

Special Candidates Timetable (Speculated)
Candidate Previous and Next Participation
Derpy Sprite Derpy Year 344 ➜ 368
Villager Sprite Jerry Year 352 ➜ 376
Scorpius Sprite Scorpius Year 360 ➜ 384


The colors of the candidates' names seem to be dynamic and change based on placement position in the election room.

These Mayor Candidates may join current and upcoming mayor elections.

Regular Candidates

  • Aatrox Sprite Aatrox Maddox's Brother-in-Law
    1. SLASHED Pricing: Starting Slayer quests is half price.
    2. Slayer XP Buff: Earn 25% more Slayer XP.
    3. Pathfinder: Gain rare drops 20% more often.
  • Diaz Sprite Diaz the Economist
    1. Long Term Investment: The elected Minister will appear in the next Election with all of their available perks.
    2. Volume Trading: Double the item quantity from Shen's Auction, Shen's Special, and Rift Shen's on the year Diaz is elected. Two additional Shen's Special auctions will be available for the duration of Diaz being elected as Mayor.
    3. Stock Exchange: Participate in the Stonks Auction for a chance to win Stock of Stonks Stock of Stonks! Trade them for extravagant items at the Trade Center.
    4. Shopping Spree: Increase daily NPC buy limits by 10x.

Special Candidates

  • Derpy Sprite Derpy
    1. TURBO MINIONS!!!: Minions have double the output!
    2. AH CLOSED!!!: The Auction House will be closed while Derpy is elected!
    3. DOUBLE MOBS HP!!!: ALL monsters have double health!
    4. MOAR SKILLZ!!!: Gain +50% more skill experience!
  • Villager Sprite Jerry
    1. Candidate Jerry/Perkpocalypse: Activates all perks of another mayor every 18 SkyBlock days (6 hours).
    2. Statspocalypse: Increases most stats by 10%.
    3. Jerrypocalypse: Reveal hidden Jerries from logging, farming, mining, and killing mobs.
  • Scorpius Sprite Scorpius
    1. Bribe: If Scorpius wins and you voted for him, Mayor Scorpius will offer you 50,000 coins - 1,000,000 coins as a token of gratitude.
    2. Darker Auctions: Scorpius will intrude in Dark Auctions, increasing the number of rounds to 7 and offering special items.

These Mayor Candidates participated elections in the past, but will not participate in future elections.

Retired Regular Candidates

  • Barry Sprite Barry the Wizard
    • Listed Perks:
      1. Arcane Catalyst: Spells deal 15% increased damage.
      2. Astral Negotiator: Enchanting and anvils costs -15% less experience.
      3. Magic XP Boost: Gain +15 ☯ Alchemy Wisdom and ☯ Enchanting Wisdom
    • Actual Perks: (hidden until Barry is elected)
      1. Arcane Catalyst: Spells deal 15% increased damage.
        Secret Bonus: All abilities cost 15% less Mana
      2. Astral Negotiator: Enchanting and anvils costs -15% less experience.
        Secret Bonus: Gain +1 ✯ Magic Find for every year that Barry has not been elected (max 20)
      3. Magic XP Boost: Gain +15 ☯ Alchemy Wisdom and ☯ Enchanting Wisdom.
        Secret Bonus: Gain +2 Clicks in Superpairs Experiments

One-Time Candidates

  • Dante Sprite Dante
    • Listed Perks:
      1. Order: Establish order
      2. Security: Strengthen security
      3. Freedom: Freedom from fear
    • Actual Perks: (hidden until Dante is elected)
      1. Economy Restoration:
        • Double AH and Bazaar taxes
        • 10% coin tax on shops
        • 5 coins per minute for chatting
        • 2 coin toll on travelling between islands
      2. Increase Security:
        • Hired goons to protect official buildings
        • Cancelled hazardous events
        • Decreased sunlight, prevent sunburn
  • Technoshop Sprite Technoblade
    1. Blood God's Blessing: +50% Skill XP
    2. Shrine Of The Blood God: Summons the Blood God Shrine and its Shiny Pigs (This perk continued after Technoblade's term as the shiny relics were not all found)
    3. Unlimited Speed: Gives +50 Speed and removes the speed cap (This perk was bugged and did not seem to work, thus being removed halfway through Technoblade’s mayor term)
    4. Potato Crown's Radiance: Farming Minions have double output (This perk was bugged and seemed to work on all minions, rather than only farming minions)
    5. Anarchy: There are no taxes in the Auction House and Bazaar (This perk was shortly removed after Technoblade was elected, likely that the admins thought no taxes would cause excessive inflation)

Past and Present Elections


See current and previous Elections, Results, and Statistics in detail on Mayor Election/Events.

Book and Quill

You may help by adding missing data on Module:Mayor/Elections and Mayor Election/Alpha Hypixel Network. If it looks too difficult, please find staff assistance.
Note: The current year is 361. The entry for election data should be the year that an election takes place.


This is an example of the election interface.
Election, Year #

Dante's Reign

Dante Election Room

A Dante Election

Dante Election Interface


When Dante was running as mayor, all of the election events scheduled in the Calendar and Events menu are canceled.

Regular mayor elections were replaced with Dante Elections. All of the 5 candidates were replaced by Dante's clones - voting for any of them results in the vote being applied to all candidates. That means that the vote cannot be changed and the election result is always 100% for Dante.

There used to be a bug where Seraphine is the clerk present in the Election Room instead of Clerk Goon, however, it was fixed.

Game Message

Condition Message
Casting/Changing a Vote
You voted for/changed your vote to <mayor> in the Year [#] Elections!
As a <Fame Rank>, your vote counts for [#].
<Mayor> now has [#]% of votes with [#] votes!

When hovering over the second line:

Increase your Fame Rank by
spending Bits & Gems in the Community Shop!
Casting/Changing a Vote with Artifact of Control Artifact of Control
You voted for/changed your vote to <mayor> in the Year [#] Elections!
As a <Fame Rank>, your vote counts for [#]. (doubled by
Artifact of Control).
<Mayor> now has [#]% of votes with [#] votes!

When hovering over the second line:

Increase your Fame Rank by
spending Bits & Gems in the Community Shop!
Election Ends
A Event: Mayor Election <year>! A
The election room is now closed. Clerk Seraphine is doing a final count of the votes...
A Event: Mayor Election <year>! A
<Mayor> is elected Mayor for the year, gg!
Seraphine counted votes from <#> different players.
Everybody unlocks exclusive perks! [HOVER TO VIEW]

On the Alpha Hypixel Network

Normally, when Alpha Hypixel Network is open, Mayor Elections are fully-functional and are held separately from the Main Server.


  • Mayor Elections on AHN run with the same mechanic but separate from those on the main server: The results are counted separately, the candidates and their perks are picked separately.
  • The time that an Election starts and ends is in sync with the main server.
  • When the Alpha Hypixel Network is open, players can vote on its Mayor Election once per account (not per profile), regardless of whether they voted on the main server.

On an Alpha Network Reset

  • At the time of a Network Reset, Clerk Seraphine Sprite Mayor Nancy is the placeholder mayor for Alpha Hypixel Network until the next election.
  • If an election is supposed to be happening after a reset, the election feature will be disabled until the next election[Confirm]. See #Election Feature Disabled.

On a Session Opening

  • When the Alpha Network closes and reopens without a Network Reset, all aspects of the Mayor Election will not be affected.
  • If an election is skipped during the downtime of the Alpha Network, it is unknown whether a random Regular candidate will be selected as mayor, or the previously elected mayor, no matter how many years have passed, will still be the mayor[Confirm].

Previous Elections

Due to the difficulty presented in recording Mayor Elections on the Alpha Hypixel Network which occationally shuts down and reopens, it will be done separately on Mayor Election/Alpha Hypixel Network, and not integrated to our main table.

Features Disabled

Mayor Disabled

There are some occassions that a Mayor is disabled. This may happen when:

  • The previous mayor is not replaced after an election on a Hub server
  • The election feature is disabled on the Alpha Hypixel Network

The following is the observed behaviour:

  • On interact, the "mayor" NPC will only give
    [NPC] Mayor <Name>: Hello!!

Election Feature Disabled

On some occasions, the mayor election feature can be disabled on the Alpha Network. This is the observed behaviour:

  • The Election Room is still present when votings happens in the main server. However, it will almost instantly teleport the player out when they attempt to get in. If there is enough ping, a player can interact with the NPCs and Ballot Box inside before it teleports you out.
  • Election is "closed". However, the timer outside the Election Room will still run in sync with the Main Server.
  • Ballot Box and Seraphine dialogue follows the version when election is closed.
  • Attempting to click on the box in the middle of the Election Room when the election is closed will show the message
    The election booth is closed!
  • Seraphine's Dialogue changes.


  • Each regular candidate can offer up to 4 perks at once. All candidates start with 1 perk during their first election, and have a chance to stack up to 4 perks if they are a returning candidate.
  • During the time the booth is open, players may change their vote. Players may cast only a single vote, but the weight of that vote is increased by the player's Fame Rank.
  • Once the election ends, the candidate with the most votes becomes Mayor for the next SkyBlock year, granting their perks to every SkyBlock player for that time period.
  • Each time the Election room is open, players can vote for 5 candidates out of the total 13. There are 9 normal candidates and 4 special candidates.
    • Every 8 elections, or every 41.333 real life days, a special candidate will be part of the 5 candidates for election.
  • Since an election that starts at a year (Year X) will end in the next year (Year X+1), as shown in the election interface (image proof):
    • The election is always called "Election Year X".
    • In each candidate, the sequence of a candidate's perks can change when a year passes. However, the perks will not change.
    • In each candidate, the number of years shown in "last elected" will increment when a year passes.


  • Derpy was the first candidate to have 4 perks.
  • Technoblade is the only mayor to have 5 perks and technically 11 perks.
  • Jerry becoming a mayor was leaked by Minikloon on his Twitter. Additionally, Dctr leaked the first perk, "Perkpocalypse" on his Twitter a day later.
  • Jerry's Perkpocalypse does not include special mayors, candidates no longer participating or Diaz.
  • Before 0.20.3 Diaz had only 2 perks, one of which got removed and was replaced by 3 new ones.
  • Diaz's perk, "Shopping Spree" also applies to trades.
  • Dante is the only candidate to swap perks after the election.
    • Although, when elected, Barry had a secret bonus to all of his perks.
  • Barry was first elected in Year 188, 100 Skyblock Years after the first election, making him the mayor who went the longest time without being elected.
    • Diaz was another regular candidate that had never been elected before. She was elected for the first time on June 30 2021, during the Year 146 Election, making her and Barry the two mayors who went the longest without being elected.
  • Barry and Jerry are the only candidates that buff damage.
    • Jerry has +10% stat boost.
    • Barry had +15% increased spell damage.
  • If no Mayor is elected for any reason, Mayor Nancy will appear as a placeholder.
  • Dante and Barry are the only candidates that had unlisted perks that were revealed when elected.
  • No special mayor has ever lost an election.
  • In year 241 an extra mayor was added to the mayor results with 0 votes. This was the new Mayor Finnegan who was added in the 0.16.1 Update (image)



SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Mayor Seraphine.
Aug 13, 20200.8.1Renamed Mayor Seraphine to Clerk Seraphine and changed dialogue.
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Aatrox, Barry, Cole, Diaz, Diana, Foxy, Marina and Paul.
Added Faith as a placeholder mayor.
Sep 9, 2020Removed Faith.
Oct 17, 2020Added Scorpius.
Dec 1, 2020Added Derpy.
Jan 7, 2021Added Jerry.
Mar 31, 2021Added Dante.
Apr 16, 2021The Resistance Leader becomes Mayor, alongside the Resistance Generals.
Feb 8, 2022Secret Bonuses were added in Barry's perks.
Aug 13, 2022Barry the Wizard is no longer a mayor candidate.
Nov 9, 20220.16.1Added Finnegan.