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Stone Pickaxe.png Mining is one of the 13 Skills available for players to level up. To obtain Stone Pickaxe.png Mining experience (XP), you break any naturally generated block mined using a Pickaxe, such as Cobblestone. Another very effective way of obtaining Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP is to collect mining-related resources mined by Minions. The Snow Minion with a Diamond Spreading currently generates the most XP.

Roman Numerals are used to express their levels in-game.

Previously, the level cap. for Mining was 50. As of the January 15th, 2021 update, the new level cap is 60.

Item XP Recieved Minion XP Area
Stone/Cobblestone +1 +0.1 Coal Mine, Gold Mine, Deep Caverns
Snowball +0.1 Snow Minion
Ice +0.2 +0.5 Private Island, Jerry's Workshop
Netherrack +0.5 Blazing Fortress
Sand +3 +0.2 Private Island (Desert Island or Pond Island)
Gravel +4 +0.2 Spider's Den
Quartz +5 +0.3 Blazing Fortress
End Stone +3 +0.4 The End
Coal Ore +5 +0.3 Coal Mine, Gold Mine, Deep Caverns (Gunpowder Mines)
Iron Ore +5 +0.3 Gold Mine, Deep Caverns (Gunpowder Mines)
Gold Ore +6 +0.4 Gold Mine, Deep Caverns (Gunpowder Mines)
Gold Block +20 Dwarven Mines
Glowstone +7 +0.2 Blazing Fortress
Lapis Lazuli Ore +7 +0.1 Deep Caverns (Lapis Quarry)
Redstone Ore +7 +0.2 Deep Caverns (Pigman's Den)
Emerald Ore +9 +0.4 Deep Caverns (Slimehill)
Diamond Ore +10 +0.4 Deep Caverns (Diamond Reserve & Obsidian Sanctuary)
Diamond Block +15 +3.6 Deep Caverns (Obsidian Sanctuary)
Obsidian +20 +0.4 Deep Caverns (Obsidian Sanctuary) & The End
Mithril +45 +0.4 Dwarven Mines
Titanium +100 Dwarven Mines

Spelunker[edit | edit source]

Spelunker is an ability unlocked exclusively by leveling up the Stone Pickaxe.png Mining Skill. Each level of Spelunker grants +4 Mining Fortune for almost any Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP-yielding block to drop 2-4x its original amount (2x Ore Drop at levels 1-25, 3x at levels 26–50, 4x at levels 51–60).

Each level of Stone Pickaxe.png Mining grants one level of Spelunker. For example, if you were on Stone Pickaxe.png Mining level 15, you would be on Spelunker level 15, and the chance for x2 Ore Drop would be 60%.

The Spelunker perk does not apply to Redstone or Lapis Lazuli and does not influence how much ore is gained from mining it. This is believed to be a bug as you gain much more Redstone and Lapis Lazuli per ore than the others.

Mining XP boosts[edit | edit source]

There are some ways to temporarily boost the amount of Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP you get.

  • Mining XP boost: This is a potion that can only be obtained from gifts. The highest boost you can get is a 20% boost. This effect is also included in the God Potion.
  • Rare+ Silverfish Pet: It only requires a stack of Enchanted Cobblestone to be crafted with one Enchanted Egg. However, if the user wants to be guaranteed this ability they should craft it with a Super Enchanted Egg. The Rare variant can boost Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP starting from 0.2% up to 25% (level 100). Epic+ Silverfish can boost mining XP by up to 30% (level 100). Thus, players should get an Epic as it gives the same Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP Boost as the Legendary variant and is easier to level up.
  • Mining Fiesta: 1.5x Mining XP during the whole event, which lasts 5h 10m in real life. This may occur when mayor Cole is in his office or Foxy comes with this as the extra event. Also, mayor Jerry may activate the event when his first perk "Perkpocalypse" activates Cole's perks. We're not sure if the event will happen everytime Perkpocalypse switches to Cole.

Leveling Rewards[edit | edit source]

Unlike most other Skills, Stone Pickaxe.png Mining has a maximum level of 60.

Level Additional Mining Fortune Defense
1-14 +4 Mining Fortune +1
15-25 +2
26-60 +2

The cumulative rewards at Stone Pickaxe.png Mining level 25 are:

The cumulative rewards at Stone Pickaxe.png Mining level 50 are:

The cumulative rewards at Stone Pickaxe.png Mining Level 60 are:

  • +240% Mining Fortune
  • 106 Defense icon.pngDefense
  • 6,756,475 Coins
  • Access to 2 areas in the Hub
    • Gold Mine
    • Deep Caverns

There are also special leveling rewards.

Level Special Reward
1 Access to Gold Mine, Able to use Jerry Stone Reforge
2 Able to use Onyx Reforge
5 Access to Deep Caverns and Able to use Lapis Crystal and Moil Log Reforges
6 Able to use Luxurious Spool Reforge
8 Able to use Rare Diamond Reforge
10 Able to use Dirt Bottle and Molten Cube Reforges
14 Able to use End Stone Geode Reforge
15 Able to use Diamonite and Salmon Opal Reforges
16 Able to use Premium Flesh Reforge
17 Able to use Red Nose Reforge
18 Able to use Beating Heart and Pure Mithril Reforge
19 Able to use Necromancer's Brooch Reforge
20 Able to use Dragon Scale Reforge
21 Able to use Red Scarf and Rock Gemstone Reforge
22 Able to use Dragon Claw, Diamond Atom and Optical Lens Reforges
23 Able to use Suspicious Vial Reforge
24 Able to use Spirit Stone Reforge
25 Able to use Midas' Jewel, Blessed Fruit, Refined Amber, Toil Log and Dragon Horn Reforges
26 Able to use Petrified Starfall and Warped Stone Reforges
30 Able to use Wither Blood and Precursor Gear Reforges
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