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Mining Fiesta
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Mining Fiesta is an Event that occurs when Cole (or in some cases, Foxy or Mayor Jerry) is elected as Mayor. This event occurs during the beginning of Early Summer and Early Autumn on the Calendar, equal to a total of 5 hours and 20 minutes in real time. The event grants players 1.5x Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP, double the mining drops, and allows players to collect Refined Minerals from ores. Refined Minerals are fairly common and sell for roughly 20,119 coins on the bazaar, making them decently profitable for early-game players. They are also a good way to level up their Stone Pickaxe.png Mining skill, which is an important early-game staple, as it allows players to use higher tier Reforge Stones.

You can get Refined Mineral by mining ores in the Deep Caverns, Gold Mine, Hub, and the Dwarven Mines. Each ore (not including stone, netherrack, or end stone) has a 1/375 chance of giving you a mineral. Mining Fortune does not increase your Refined Mineral drops.[Confirm]

Event Items[]

Name Rarity Use Source
Refined Mineral Rare Used in crafting for Mineral Armor and Mineral Talisman 1/375 chance to drop when mining ores
Mineral Talisman Rare +3 Mining Fortune Stat Icon.pngMining Fortune
Refined MineralRefined MineralRefined Mineral
Refined MineralRefined MineralRefined Mineral
Refined MineralRefined MineralRefined Mineral

Mineral Talisman
Mineral HelmetMineral ChestplateMineral LeggingsMineral Boots Epic Each piece of Mineral Armor grants ability to mine 2 extra adjacent blocks that requires 3 Breaking Power Stat Icon.pngBreaking Power or less when mining.
Refined MineralRefined MineralRefined Mineral
Refined MineralHardened Diamond HelmetRefined Mineral

Mineral Helmet


  • The 1.5xStone Pickaxe.png Mining XP stacks with Cole's perk "Mining XP Buff," so during the Fiesta, players can get 2.25x base Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP. This is extremely useful for leveling the Stone Pickaxe.png Mining skill.
  • The XP boost of the event is additive with the Silverfish Pet's Mining Exp Boost perk, the Refined reforge, the Seasoned Mineman perk and Derpy's MOAR SKILZZ!!! perk.[1]
  • There's a chance that Foxy's third perk Extra Event will select this as the yearly additional event.
  • The first event happened in Year 90 due to the above reason.
  • During the first few hours of the event, the drop rate of refined minerals was broken and was extremely high, this glitch was fixed later on in the event.
  • The event time of the Mining Fiesta was changed from the first event. Originally, the previously named National Mining Month occur during the end of Late Summer and the beginning of Early Autumn. Now, it happens at Early Summer and Early Autumn lasting 5 hours and 20 minutes each session.


SkyBlock Prototype
Sep 8, 20200.9Added National Mining Month.
Nov 15, 2020Renamed event to Mining Fiesta.
The event length of Mining Fiesta separated to 2 events of 5 hours and 10 mins each.
Jan 15, 20210.11The event now only grants 1.5x Stone Pickaxe.png Mining XP instead of 2x.