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Minions are a fundamental part of Hypixel SkyBlock. Minions are automated resource harvesting NPCs. Each minion will generate and harvest resources within a 5x5 Area. The resource generated varies by minion type. Minions can be upgraded in order to increase their speed and carrying capacity, to a max craftable tier of XI (11) and XII (12) obtainable from the Bartender, Terry's Shop, and Bulvar. Players start out with a Tier I Cobblestone Minion on their Private Island.

Minions cannot be traded on the Auction House, but can be traded through player to player Trading.

Minions can be crafted into higher tiers which increases their collection speed and maximum storage size, with tier XI being the highest tier, and tier XII for mining, farming, and Revenant Minions. Minion tiers can be distinguished by the colored patch on their heads, with light green patches at tiers II-IV (2-4), purple patches at tiers V-VII (5-7), orange patches at tiers VII-X (7-10), and cyan patches at tier XI (11). There is a quick crafting diamond for quick tier upgrades.

Initially, only 5 minions can be placed. Extra minion slots can be gained from crafting unique minions and minion tiers, along with Profile Upgrades. See increasing minion capacity for more information.

All players in a Co-op can interact with all Minions on their island.

Minion UI Slots

Cobblestone Minion I
Black Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngIdeal LayoutCobblestone Minion INext TierBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.png
Black Stained Glass Pane.pngMinion Skin SlotBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.png
Black Stained Glass Pane.pngFuelBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngStorage unlocked at tier IIStorage unlocked at tier IIStorage unlocked at tier IVStorage unlocked at tier IVBlack Stained Glass Pane.png
Black Stained Glass Pane.pngAutomated ShippingBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngStorage unlocked at tier IVStorage unlocked at tier VIStorage unlocked at tier VIStorage unlocked at tier VIStorage unlocked at tier VIIIBlack Stained Glass Pane.png
Black Stained Glass Pane.pngUpgrade SlotBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngStorage unlocked at tier VIIIStorage unlocked at tier VIIIStorage unlocked at tier XStorage unlocked at tier XStorage unlocked at tier XBlack Stained Glass Pane.png
Black Stained Glass Pane.pngUpgrade SlotBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngCollect AllBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngQuick-Upgrade MinionBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngPickup Minion

Cobblestone Minion I Menu

Minions have four types of slots:

  • Minion Skins (Green, 1 Slot) - These are purely cosmetic.
  • Fuel (Red, 1 Slot) - Increases minion production speed. Most will only have limited usage and will destroy itself when used up. The exceptions are the Enchanted Lava Bucket and the Solar Panel. Both power up the minion indefinitely, but the latter works only in daylight.
  • Automated Shipping (Blue, 1 Slot) - Minions will automatically sell generated items once its inventory and Minion Storage Chest (if used) are full. This can be utilized for low-effort minion setups which rely on high NPC sell-value, or minion setups aimed at long times away from the game
  • Upgrades (Yellow, 2 Slots) - Unlike the other slots, both upgrade slots have a variety of different functions they can supply, although some upgrades are exclusive to certain minions.

Items placed near or next to a minion can also have effects, these are:

  • Minion Chests - They act as a chests that minions can put resources in.
  • Minion Crystals - Minion Crystals are placed on the Private Island to enhance certain types of minions.

Minion Fuel

Minion Fuel decreases the time between actions of minions. For exact time decrease percentages, see Minion Fuel § Calculations.

Icon Fuel Fuel Time (hours) Minion Efficiency Notes Collection
Coal Coal 0.5 +5%
Block of Coal Block of Coal 5 +5%
Enchanted Bread Enchanted Bread 12 +5% Wheat V
Enchanted Coal Enchanted Coal 24 +10% Coal IV
Enchanted Charcoal Enchanted Charcoal 36 +20% Coal V
Solar Panel Solar Panel Infinite (During the day only) +25% Able to be picked up once placed in a minion Quartz IX
Enchanted Lava Bucket Enchanted Lava Bucket Infinite +25% Able to be picked up once placed in a minion Coal VIII
Magma Bucket Magma Bucket Infinite +30% Able to be picked up once placed in a minion
Plasma Bucket Plasma Bucket Infinite +35% Able to be picked up once placed in a minion
Hamster Wheel Hamster Wheel 24 +50% Sven Packmaster drop
Foul Flesh Foul Flesh 5 +90% Revenant Horror drop
Tasty Cheese Tasty Cheese 1 x2 Rat drop
Catalyst Catalyst 3 x3 It doesn't decrease the time between actions but triples the output items. This means that technically the Catalyst increases Minion speed by +200%. Endstone VIII
Hyper Catalyst Hyper Catalyst 6 x4 Functions similarly to Catalysts but quadruples output and doubles work time.

Automated Shipping

Icon Name Effect Collection
Budget Hopper Budget Hopper Sells resources when the minion's storage is full for 50% of its selling price. Iron Ingot V
Enchanted Hopper Enchanted Hopper Sells resources when the minion's storage is full for 90% of its selling price. Iron Ingot IX


Icon Name Exclusive Minion
Effect Collection
Auto Smelter Auto Smelter Various Automatically smelts items that the minion produces. Cobblestone III
Compactor Compactor Various Compacts items to their block forms.


9 Iron > Block of Iron

4 Glowstone Dust > Glowstone

Cobblestone V
Super Compactor 3000 Super
Compactor 3000
Any Compacts items to their enchanted forms. (as well as second-tier enchanted items when there are enough resources)


160 Iron > Enchanted Iron

192 Enchanted Glowstone Dust > Enchanted Glowstone

Cobblestone X
Dwarven Super Compactor Dwarven Super Compactor Various Automatically smelts and compacts items into their enchanted forms.

Combines the functionalities of the Auto Smelter and the Super Compactor 3000.

Mithril VI
Diamond Spreading Diamond Spreading Any Occasionally collects a Diamond in addition to regular resources. (does not interfere with minion speed) Diamond VI
Potato Spreading Potato Spreading Any Occasionally collects a Potato in addition to regular resources. (does not interfere with minion speed and only be used in one minion per profile) Rare drop from Shiny Pig
Krampus Helmet Krampus Helmet Any Occasionally collects a Red Gift in addition to regular resources. This is affected by items per action and time between action. Therefore a Snow Minion is best for this as it can only be used once per profile. Santa drop from Red Gift
Minion Expander Minion Expander Any Increases the minion range by one block (7x7 Area, 1 block each side) and increases minion speed by 5%.

(Placing two in the same minion will cause the effects to stack and will result in a minion range of 9x9.)

Quartz V
Enchanted Egg Enchanted Egg Chicken Guarantees that each chicken will drop an egg after they spawn. Raw Chicken V
Flint Shovel Flint Shovel Gravel Guarantees that a Gravel Minion will receive flint upon harvest. Gravel II
Flycatcher Flycatcher Any Increases the speed of your minion by 20% Spider Slayer LVL 6
Lesser Soulflow Engine Lesser Soulflow Engine Any Reduce the minion's output by 50%, but it will start generating Soulflow items. Enderman Slayer LVL 2

Minion Skins

Minion Skins are cosmetic overrides to a specific minion's appearance. It does not affect performance.

Some examples include the Santa minion skin and the Gingerbread minion skin.

Minion Storage

Minion chests can be placed on all sides of a minion (but not above), and once a minion's inventory is full, items will be placed into the chest instead. Chests will be used before "automated shipping" items.

Name Effect Collection Recipe
Small Storage Increases the minion's storage by 3 slots. Oak Wood IV 64 Oak Wood
Medium Storage Increases the minion's storage by 9 slots. Oak Wood VII 8 Enchanted Oak Wood, Small Storage
Large Storage Increases the minion's storage by 15 slots Oak Wood IX 256 Enchanted Oak Wood, Medium storage
X-Large Storage Increases the minion's storage by 21 slots N/A Minion Storage X-pender, Large Storage
XX-Large Storage Increases the minion's storage by 27 slots N/A Minion Storage X-pender, X-Large Storage

Minion Crystals

Minion Crystals can be placed on a Private Island to increase the speed of nearby minions of a certain type. Only one minion crystal of each type can be placed down at any time and they can't be sold. Therefore, it is advised to only craft one of each type.

Name Minions affected Buff Radius Collection Recipe
Farm Crystal Farming minions which spawn crops (and not mobs) 10% speed 8 Pumpkin VIII 1Enchanted Quartz, 96Enchanted Pumpkin
Woodcutting Crystal Foraging minions 12 Birch Wood VII 1 Enchanted Quartz, 96 Enchanted Birch Wood
Mithril Crystal Mining minions 40 Mithril IV 1 Enchanted Quartz, 16 Enchanted Mithril

Other minion items

  • Minion Chair - Purely cosmetic. Count as a furniture item. Sitting minions do not work, nor do they count to the minion total. A minion skin cannot be applied to a sitting minion.
  • Mithril Infusion - Can be combined with a minion in an anvil to increase its speed by 10%. Can only be applied once per minion.

Crafted Minions

Minion List

Icon Minion Resources Generated Type Cooldown Auto Smelter Comp. Super Comp. 3000 Super Comp. 3000 + Comp. Collection / Obtaining
Tier I Max Tier Auto Smelter Compactor Super Compactor 3000 CompactorSuper Compactor 3000
Wheat Minion I Wheat WheatSeeds
Golden Hoe.png
15s 7s Hay Bale Enchanted SeedsEnchanted Bread Enchanted SeedsEnchanted Hay Bale Wheat I
Carrot Minion I Carrot Carrot 20s 8s Enchanted Carrot Carrot I
Potato Minion I Potato Potato 20s 8s Enchanted Potato Potato I
Pumpkin Minion I Pumpkin Pumpkin 32s 12s Enchanted Pumpkin Pumpkin I
Melon Minion I Melon Melon Slice 24s 10s Melon Enchanted Melon Enchanted Melon Melon I
Mushroom Minion I Mushroom Red MushroomBrown Mushroom 30s 12s Enchanted Red MushroomEnchanted Brown Mushroom Mushroom I
Cocoa Beans Minion I Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans 27s 12s Enchanted Cocoa Bean Cocoa Beans I
Cactus Minion I Cactus Cactus 27s 12s Cactus Green Enchanted Cactus Green Cactus I
Sugar Cane Minion I Sugar Cane Sugar Cane 22s 9s Enchanted Sugar Sugar Cane I
Cow Minion I Cow Raw BeefLeather 26s 10s Enchanted Raw BeefEnchanted Leather Leather I
Pig Minion I Pig Raw Porkchop 26s 10s Enchanted Pork Raw Porkchop I
Chicken Minion I Chicken Raw ChickenFeather 26s 12s Enchanted Raw ChickenEnchanted Feather Raw Chicken I
Sheep Minion I Sheep MuttonWhite Wool 24s 9s Enchanted MuttonEnchanted Wool Raw Mutton I
Rabbit Minion I Rabbit Raw RabbitRabbit's FootRabbit Hide 26s 10s Enchanted Raw RabbitEnchanted Rabbit Foot

Enchanted Rabbit Hide

Raw Rabbit I
Nether Wart Minion I Nether Wart Nether Wart 50s 27s Enchanted Nether Wart Nether Wart I
Cobblestone Minion I Cobblestone Cobblestone
Stone Pickaxe.png
14s 6s Stone Enchanted Cobblestone Cobblestone I
Coal Minion I Coal Coal 15s 6s Block of Coal Enchanted Coal Enchanted Coal Coal I
Iron Minion I Iron Iron Ore 17s 7s Iron Ingot Block of Iron Enchanted Iron Iron Ingot I
Gold Minion I Gold Gold Ore 22s 9s Gold Ingot Block of Gold Enchanted Gold Gold Ingot I
Diamond Minion I Diamond Diamond 29s 12s Block of Diamond Enchanted Diamond Enchanted Diamond Diamond I
Lapis Minion I Lapis Lapis Lazuli 29s 16s Lapis Lazuli Block Enchanted Lapis Lazuli Enchanted Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli I
Emerald Minion I Emerald Emerald 28s 12s Block of Emerald Enchanted Emerald Enchanted Emerald Emerald I
Redstone Minion I Redstone Redstone 29s 16s Block of Redstone Enchanted Redstone Enchanted Redstone Redstone I
Quartz Minion I Quartz Nether Quartz 22.5s 11.5s Block of Quartz Enchanted Quartz Enchanted Quartz Nether Quartz I
Obsidian Minion I Obsidian Obsidian 45s 21s Enchanted Obsidian Obsidian I
Glowstone Minion I Glowstone Glowstone Dust 25s 13s Glowstone Enchanted Glowstone Dust Enchanted Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust I
Gravel Minion I Gravel Gravel 26s 13s Gravel I
Ice Minion I Ice Ice 14s 7s Packed Ice Enchanted Ice Enchanted Ice Ice I
Sand Minion I Sand Sand 26s 13s Glass Enchanted Sand Sand I
End Stone Minion I End Stone End Stone 26s 13s Enchanted End Stone End Stone I
Clay Minion I Clay Clay 32s 16s Brick Clay_(block) Enchanted Clay Clay I
Mithril Minion I Mithril Mithril 80s 50s Enchanted Mithril Mithril I
Zombie Minion I Zombie Rotten FleshPoisonous Potato
Stone Sword.png
26s 13s Enchanted Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh I
Skeleton Minion I Skeleton Bone 26s 13s Enchanted Bone Bone I
Spider Minion I Spider StringSpider Eye 26s 13s Enchanted StringEnchanted Spider Eye String I
Cave Spider Minion I Cave Spider Spider EyeString 26s 13s Enchanted Spider EyeEnchanted String Spider Eye I
Creeper Minion I Creeper Gunpowder 27s 14s Enchanted Gunpowder Gunpowder I
Enderman Minion I Enderman Ender Pearl 32s 18s Enchanted Ender Pearl Ender Pearl I
Ghast Minion I Ghast Ghast Tear 50s 32s Enchanted Ghast Tear Ghast Tear I
Slime Minion I Slime Slimeball 26s 12s Slime Block Enchanted Slimeball Slimeball I
Blaze Minion I Blaze Blaze Rod 33s 16.5s Enchanted Blaze Powder Blaze Rod I
Magma Cube Minion I Magma Cube Magma Cream 32s 18s Enchanted Magma Cream Magma Cream I
Revenant Minion I Revenant Rotten FleshDiamond
Maddox Batphone.png
29s 10s Block of Diamond Enchanted Rotten FleshEnchanted Diamond Enchanted Rotten FleshEnchanted Diamond Zombie Slayer LVL 5
Tarantula Minion I Tarantula StringSpider Eye
Iron Ingot
29s 10s Block of Iron Enchanted StringEnchanted Spider EyeEnchanted Iron Enchanted StringEnchanted Spider EyeEnchanted Iron Spider Slayer LVL 5
Voidling Minion I Voidling ObsidianNether Quartz 45s 24s Enchanted ObsidianEnchanted Quartz Enchanted ObsidianEnchanted Quartz Enderman Slayer LVL 4
Oak Minion I Oak Oak Wood
Jungle Sapling.png
48s 27s Coal Enchanted Oak Wood Oak Wood I
Spruce Minion I Spruce Spruce Wood 48s 27s Coal Enchanted Spruce Wood Spruce Wood I
Birch Minion I Birch Birch Wood 48s 27s Coal Enchanted Birch Wood Birch Wood I
Dark Oak Minion I Dark Oak Dark Oak Wood 48s 27s Coal Enchanted Dark Oak Wood Dark Oak Wood I
Acacia Minion I Acacia Acacia Wood 48s 27s Coal Enchanted Acacia Wood Acacia Wood I
Jungle Minion I Jungle Jungle Wood 48s 27s Coal Enchanted Jungle Wood Jungle Wood I
Fishing Minion I Fishing Raw Fish
+ Various
Fishing 78s 35s Enchanted Raw Fish
+ Various
Raw Fish II
Flower Minion I Flower Dandelion Poppy
+ Various
Other 30s 18s Enchanted Dandelion Dark Auction
Snow Minion I Snow Snowball 13s 6.5s Snow Block Enchanted Snow Block Season of Jerry Gifts

Increasing Minion Capacity

Chart showing the relationship between unique minions and minion slots.

The number of unique minions the player can place on the island increases as they create more unique minions. This includes creating new unique minion types or a higher level Minion of the same type that has already been collected. The table below shows the number of unique minions that can be placed after creating a certain number of unique Minions.

Tier Amount of Placeable Minions Total Unique Minions required for this tier
I 5 0
II 6 5
III 7 15
IV 8 30
V 9 50
VI 10 75
VII 11 100
VIII 12 125
IX 13 150
X 14 175
XI 15 200
XII 16 225
XIII 17 250
XIV 18 275
XV 19 300
XVI 20 350
XVII 21 400
XVIII 22 450
XIX 23 500
XX 24 550
XXI 25 600
XXII 26 650

Additional Minions

Five Minion slots can be obtained via upgrades at the Community Shop.

Mob Spawning Mechanics

A two-dimensional representation of where a mob can spawn around a minion (top block height is based on the height of mob).

The mechanics of mob spawning minions are similar to that of mob spawners in vanilla Minecraft. The "ideal layout" shows the general spawning area for mobs around a minion. Minions can spawn mobs only within a 5x5 area centered around them, unless they have a Minion Expander upgrade. The vertical range in which they spawn is 6 blocks (3 below, 2 above, and 1 at eye level with the minion). As long as there is a block for them to spawn on and spawning will not cause them to take suffocation damage, they will spawn in accordance with the minion's normal spawning times. Mobs that are wider than 1 block (slimes, magma cubes, ghast,s etc.) are limited by the horizontal range, but will still spawn partially inside nearby walls and possibly escape. If a mob is outside of a minion's range, it will not kill it automatically and collect the loot.

Improving Minion Setup

A more advanced breakdown for profiting off of minion tiers can be seen under this forum post.

This section is about improving minion setup and maximizing efficiency and coins per hour. This section may change slightly due to bazaar prices and updates in the game so it might not be entirely accurate at times.

Profit Table

This is a table of profits for all minions without any fuel or other bonuses. Prices listed are if sold to the Bazaar (or sold to shop if item cannot be sold on the bazaar).

Bazaar prices are updated every half hour and cached. To confirm the most up-to-date values are displayed, purge / refresh the page.

Note: This table assumes that the player is using a Super Compactor 3000, and thus uses enchanted item prices. This is due to the fact that the majority of players use these, and there can be a large gap between what the base item is worth and what the enchanted form is worth. Example: 160 Glowstone Dust is worth 1,936 coins while one Enchanted Glowstone Dust is worth only 524.9 coins, a notable decrease.

Note: Note that putting Super Compactor 3000 or Dwarven Super Compactor into these minions as an upgrade is not suggested, as their enchanted (block) form of items' price are decreased a lot. However, the negative impact is they will run out of space very often without the Minion Compactors.

Note: Lower tiers (tier VII or below) of these minions are not suggested to use as they have many different kinds of items can be produced that lacking the storage or their enchanted (block) form of items' price are decreased a lot.

Note: These minions are not suggested to use for the purpose of making coins as they have many different kinds of items can be produced that lacking the storage or their enchanted (block) form of items' price are decreased a lot.

 calcpage  = Calculator:Minions page profit table
 template  = Template:Minions page profit table
 form      = minProfTblCalcForm
 result    = minProfTblCalcResult

 param     = fuel|Fuel||select|[none],Coal,Block of Coal,Enchanted Bread,Enchanted Coal,Enchanted Charcoal,Solar Panel,Enchanted Lava Bucket,Magma Bucket,Plasma Bucket,Hamster Wheel,Foul Flesh,Tasty Cheese,Catalyst,Hyper Catalyst
 param     = ds|Diamond Spreading|false|check
 param     = expander|Expander|0|select|0,1,2
 param     = flycatcher|Flycatcher|0|select|0,1,2
 param     = sc3000|SC3000|true|check
 param     = crystal|Minion Crystal|false|check
 param     = time|Hours|24|int|0-99999999
Loading Calculator...

If the calculator fails to load up, please report to a Code Editor.

Profit per 24 hours
MinionTier 1Tier 3Tier 5Tier 7Tier 9Tier 11Tier 12
Wheat Minion I.png  Wheat9,936 coins11,465 coins13,550 coins14,904 coins16,560 coins18,630 coins21,292 coins
Creeper Minion I.png  Creeper32,000 coins34,560 coins37,566 coins41,143 coins48,000 coins61,715 coins
Cave Spider Minion I.png  Cave Spider38,880 coins42,120 coins45,950 coins50,544 coins59,464 coins77,760 coins
Enderman Minion I.png  Enderman9,045 coins9,648 coins10,338 coins11,578 coins13,157 coins16,080 coins
Hard Stone Minion I.png  Hard Stone15,120 coins17,640 coins21,168 coins23,520 coins26,460 coins30,240 coins35,280 coins
Chicken Minion I.png  Chicken26,585 coins28,800 coins31,419 coins34,560 coins38,400 coins46,080 coins57,600 coins
Ghast Minion I.png  Ghast70,762 coins75,279 coins80,411 coins86,295 coins93,108 coins110,565 coins
Melon Minion I.png  Melon48,600 coins51,840 coins55,543 coins63,049 coins72,900 coins89,724 coins116,640 coins
Coal Minion I.png  Coal15,840 coins18,277 coins19,800 coins23,760 coins26,400 coins33,943 coins39,600 coins
Magma Cube Minion I.png  Magma Cube23,085 coins24,624 coins26,383 coins29,549 coins33,579 coins41,040 coins
Tarantula Minion I.png  Tarantula74,215 coins82,778 coins93,575 coins113,275 coins148,430 coins215,223 coins
Pumpkin Minion I.png  Pumpkin8,775 coins9,360 coins10,400 coins11,700 coins14,040 coins17,550 coins23,400 coins
Voidling Minion I.png  Voidling75,647 coins81,050 coins87,284 coins97,260 coins113,470 coins141,837 coins
Diamond Minion I.png  Diamond12,216 coins13,120 coins14,170 coins16,102 coins18,645 coins23,616 coins29,520 coins
Sugar Cane Minion I.png  Sugar Cane14,139 coins15,552 coins17,280 coins19,440 coins21,452 coins25,920 coins34,560 coins
Glowstone Minion I.png  Glowstone92,794 coins100,863 coins110,469 coins122,097 coins144,990 coins178,450 coins
Cactus Minion I.png  Cactus3,840 coins4,148 coins4,508 coins4,938 coins5,760 coins6,912 coins8,640 coins
Redstone Minion I.png  Redstone16,089 coins17,280 coins18,663 coins20,286 coins22,218 coins25,920 coins29,160 coins
Quartz Minion I.png  Quartz30,912 coins33,120 coins36,607 coins40,913 coins47,967 coins60,480 coins
End Stone Minion I.png  End Stone6,647 coins7,200 coins7,855 coins9,095 coins10,800 coins13,293 coins
Gravel Minion I.png  Gravel32,068 coins34,740 coins37,899 coins43,883 coins52,110 coins64,136 coins
Rabbit Minion I.png  Rabbit42,179 coins45,693 coins49,847 coins54,832 coins64,508 coins84,357 coins109,664 coins
Spider Minion I.png  Spider30,656 coins33,210 coins36,230 coins39,852 coins46,885 coins61,311 coins
Carrot Minion I.png  Carrot18,792 coins20,880 coins23,490 coins26,846 coins31,320 coins37,584 coins46,980 coins
Zombie Minion I.png  Zombie16,046 coins17,383 coins18,963 coins20,860 coins24,541 coins32,091 coins
Sand Minion I.png  Sand4,487 coins4,860 coins5,302 coins6,139 coins7,290 coins8,973 coins
Gold Minion I.png  Gold23,171 coins25,488 coins28,320 coins31,860 coins36,412 coins46,342 coins56,640 coins
Mushroom Minion I.png  Mushroom43,704 coins46,826 coins50,428 coins57,006 coins65,556 coins81,945 coins109,260 coins
Oak Minion I.png  Oak28,800 coins30,720 coins32,915 coins36,379 coins41,891 coins51,200 coins
Slime Minion I.png  Slime90,023 coins97,524 coins106,390 coins123,189 coins146,286 coins195,048 coins
Lapis Minion I.png  Lapis22,345 coins24,000 coins25,920 coins28,174 coins30,858 coins36,000 coins40,500 coins
Cow Minion I.png  Cow66,628 coins72,180 coins78,742 coins86,616 coins101,902 coins133,256 coins173,232 coins
Snow Minion I.png  Snow19,939 coins21,600 coins23,564 coins27,285 coins32,400 coins39,877 coins
Fishing Minion I.png  Fishing19,869 coins21,525 coins22,791 coins24,797 coins29,241 coins44,279 coins
Cobblestone Minion I.png  Cobblestone27,463 coins32,040 coins38,448 coins42,720 coins48,060 coins54,926 coins64,080 coins
Skeleton Minion I.png  Skeleton5,317 coins5,760 coins6,284 coins6,912 coins8,132 coins10,634 coins
Revenant Minion I.png  Revenant43,111 coins48,085 coins54,357 coins65,801 coins86,222 coins125,021 coins156,276 coins
Blaze Minion I.png  Blaze60,219 coins64,104 coins69,727 coins79,488 coins94,629 coins120,437 coins
Sheep Minion I.png  Sheep42,300 coins46,146 coins50,760 coins56,400 coins63,450 coins84,600 coins112,800 coins
Obsidian Minion I.png  Obsidian28,704 coins30,755 coins33,120 coins36,906 coins43,056 coins53,820 coins61,509 coins
Iron Minion I.png  Iron31,511 coins35,712 coins38,263 coins44,640 coins53,568 coins66,960 coins76,526 coins
Flower Minion I.png  Flower1,440 coins1,543 coins1,662 coins1,800 coins1,964 coins2,400 coins
Birch Minion I.png  Birch9,360 coins9,984 coins10,698 coins11,824 coins13,615 coins16,640 coins
Dark Oak Minion I.png  Dark Oak8,280 coins8,832 coins9,463 coins10,459 coins12,044 coins14,720 coins
Potato Minion I.png  Potato18,144 coins20,160 coins22,680 coins25,920 coins30,240 coins36,288 coins45,360 coins
Jungle Minion I.png  Jungle37,440 coins39,936 coins42,789 coins47,293 coins54,459 coins66,560 coins
Spruce Minion I.png  Spruce52,560 coins56,064 coins60,069 coins66,392 coins76,451 coins93,440 coins
Clay Minion I.png  Clay19,980 coins21,312 coins23,250 coins26,640 coins31,968 coins39,960 coins
Emerald Minion I.png  Emerald10,183 coins10,967 coins11,880 coins13,578 coins15,840 coins20,366 coins23,760 coins
Mithril Minion I.png  Mithril10,800 coins11,520 coins12,343 coins13,293 coins14,400 coins15,710 coins17,280 coins
Nether Wart Minion I.png  Nether Wart9,072 coins9,652 coins10,310 coins11,064 coins11,937 coins14,175 coins16,800 coins
Acacia Minion I.png  Acacia10,800 coins11,520 coins12,343 coins13,643 coins15,710 coins19,200 coins
Pig Minion I.png  Pig27,914 coins30,240 coins32,990 coins36,288 coins42,692 coins55,828 coins72,576 coins
Cocoa Beans Minion I.png  Cocoa Beans18,720 coins20,218 coins21,976 coins24,069 coins28,080 coins33,696 coins42,120 coins
Ice Minion I.png  Ice14,503 coins16,920 coins20,304 coins22,560 coins25,380 coins29,006 coins

What Minion Tier to use for coins

The minion tier recommended for each minion varies due to the price of upgrading certain minions. For ice, snow, and clay minions it is best to max them out, but other minions have better tiers. Remember that it is worth maxing every minion at least once for the extra slots. This data gives a rough idea for planning on using the most profitable minions, but profit changes frequently in the Bazaar. This table below uses the Lapis Minion as an example, showing how long it takes for it to make enough material to pay itself off.

Tier Time to start producing more than cost (hours) Time to start producing more than cost (days)
I 0.69 0.03
III 5.12 0.22
V 37.42 1.56
VII 165.39 6.89
IX 708.73 29.53
XI 2655.15 110.63
XII 4787.39 199.48
Total for tier XII (days) 348.33

Other minions follow this trend similar to the Lapis Minion. Days refer to days in real life, not in-game days. It is generally recommended to upgrade minions to tier V for the most profit. With the exception of Revenant and Tarantula where tier IV is generally better to go for. This is due to the market changes in which different minions will be the most profitable, effectively rendering past tier V minions worthless if the best minion changes.

Tier XII Minions

Players can upgrade their Tier XI mining minions to Tier XII by exchanging them along with resources and coins to Bulvar, located at the entrance to the Dwarven Mines.

The Revenant Minion can be upgraded to Tier XII at the Bartender.

Players can also upgrade their Tier XI farming minions to Tier XII at Terry's Shop in The Farming Islands.

Minion Dialogue

All minions can say and ask questions to each other or the player. Below are a few things they say.

  • "Break's over, back to work!" (After emptying minion from full inventory)
  • "Hi (username)!"
  • "I may be shorter than you, but I work for two!"
  • "I'm your favorite, right?"
  • "Fancy Armor you have there!" (Only shows if you have high defense)
  • "Nothing’s getting through that Armor!” (Only shows if you have high defense)
  • "I am Ironman!" ~ Iron Minion
  • "I'm Fabulous; after he's starting to spin and changing color" ~ Mushroom Minion
  • "Your skin is.... ok"
  • "You've been doing well recently! Keep it up!"
  • "Mine, wait a few seconds, mine again, that's my thing."
  • "Sleep well!" (can be said at night)
  • "This is fine" (If the minion is on fire)
  • "Long time no see" (Any minion when the player did not go near him for more than 1 day)
  • "That's a cute Rabbit, come see me little Rabbit!" (Shows only when a Rabbit is nearby)
  • "EEEEEEK! NOT A SPIDER!" (If a Spider is nearby)

When Blaze/Ghast Minions miss their shot (can happen when Blazes die from water at the same time the minion tries to shoot it)

  • "Woops, I missed it!"
  • "Got it! jk"
  • "Missed again lol!"
  • "Wait for it"
  • "They dodged!"
  • "Epic fail"
  • "Maybe I should have chosen a different job"

Special Rank Dialogue (only when a person with a specific rank is nearby)

Conversation between Minions:

  • Minion 1: Creeper
    • Minion 2: Aww Man!
  • Minion 1: Did you see that new super hero movie?"
    • Minion 2: No, I was working haha
    • Minion 1: Same!
  • Minion 1: Wanna do something after work?
    • Minion 2: Sure! When's that?"
    • Minion 1: No clue
  • Minion 1: Hi I'm <type of the minion>
    • Minion 2: I know"
    • Minion 1: k
  • Minion 1: What if those stars are other SkyBlocks?
    • Minion 2: Wow, that's deep
    • Minion 1: We live in a simulation.
    • Minion 2: Calm down, Neo
  • Minion 1: Shifumi?[sic]
    • Minion 2: Sure 3 2 1 (Both minions hold out either paper, rock or shears)
    • Winner: Ha, I won!
    • Loser: YOU CHEATED
  • Minion 1: Pretty sure you are shorter than me.
    • Minion 2: We are the same size...
    • Minion 1: Yeah right.
  • Minion 1: Did you hear that new song yet?
    • Minion 2: Not yet, I've been working haha!
    • Minion 1: Same!
  • Minion 1: Boop!
    • Minion 2: What?
    • Minion 1: Boop!
    • Minion 2: Please no.
    • Minion 1: Boooooooop!
  • Minion 1: Ah, I'm so alone.
    • Minion 2: What about me?
    • Minion 1: You don't count.
  • Minion 1: I always get scared at night.
    • Minion 2: Cool. (Shows only at night)
  • Minion 1: You have been doing really well recently!
    • Minion 2: Thanks, you too!
    • Minion 1: Keep it up!
  • Minion 1: Heigh ho, heigh ho
    • Minion 2: It's home from work we go
  • Minion 1 (to a Pig Minion): You mind cleaning up your mess sometimes?
    • Minion 2 (Pig Minion): Stop bothering me!
    • Minion 1: But your Pigs, they smell.
  • Minion 1 (to a Cow Minion): You mind cleaning up your mess sometimes?
    • Minion 2 (Cow Minion): Please leave me alone
    • Minion 1: But your Cows, they are so dirty!
    • Minion 2: I know!
  • Minion 1 (Happens only if Jerry is near the minions): I don't trust that Jerry guy...
    • Minion 2: Why not?
    • Minion 1: He's just standing there, menacingly.

Note about Collections

If you pick up your minion, using the "Pick Minion" bedrock in the bottom-right of a minion's menu, any items that were left in its inventory, will go into the player's inventory. However, doing so will negate the collected item being applied to collections. This method can also be used to obtain bugged-stacked items like a stack of 64 Ender Pearls.

Tips and Trivia

  • A minion with a Super Compactor 3000 or Dwarven Super Compactor will turn items into their enchanted form, when there are enough in its inventory, even if the player has not unlocked the enchanted recipe of the item yet.
  • Increasing a minion's level upgrades its held tool.
  • There was a glitch in early SkyBlock where putting a minion in a chest had a small chance of turning it into a Steve or Alex head. Minions also had colored names.
  • If a minion does the same action twice, it slightly decreases the efficiency of the minion.
  • If the player picks up a minion with fuel inside that doesn't last forever, the fuel will be destroyed.
  • The player's island is loaded when the player, guests, or co-op teammates enter the island. Approximately one minute after all players have left the island, the island is unloaded.
    • By loading the island, some minions can be set up the perform the same action endlessly depending on their surroundings. For example, a Cobblestone Minion next to a cobblestone generator will only break cobblestone and will not place any new cobblestone if all other blocks are not cobblestone or air.
  • There used to be a bug where minion heads could be placed directly on Hard Glass. This bug has been patched
  • Players can recombobulate a minion. This makes the minion's name Purple instead of Blue when in the inventory. This shows Minions are Rare.
  • For many variants of the Jungle Sapling.png Foraging minions, such as the Oak Minion, if you place a block/slab 6 blocks above where the trees are planted or decrease the light level to 7 or lower, it will always grow into a "simple" tree rather than a normal tree. This significantly reduces the space occupied by the planted trees and allows far easier access to the minion as leaves won't block your path.

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SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Cobblestone Minion I.png Added Minions.
June 13, 20190.2The requirement to unlock a new minion slot has been reduced.
The maximum minion island cap is now 20.
Fixed placing minions in hub.
June 26, 20190.4The Minion menu UI has been changed.
"Pickup Minion" button moved to the right.
Added a "Collect All" button.
Minions can now be upgraded within their menu.
July 2, 20190.5Added Fishing Minion I.png  Fishing Minion I-XI.
Aug 2, 20190.7Added Minion Skin as a cosmetic feature.
Sep 11, 20190.7.1Added new Minion dialogs.
Oct 11, 20190.7.2Added Revenant Minion I.png  Revenant Minion I-XI and Tarantula Minion I.png  Tarantula Minion I-XI.
Minions now get a 10% debuff on the next action if they perform the same type of action twice in a row, unless the harvesting action is done by a player.
Increased Fishing Minion speed by approximately 15%.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Added Snow Minion I.png  Snow Minion I-XI.
Feb 21, 20200.7.6The Minion Collection Menu now shows all tiers of every minions when clicking on them.
Added a way to view all minion recipes from the minion menu itself.
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Mithril Minion I.png  Mithril Minion I-XI.
Added Cobblestone Minion XII.png  Cobblestone, Obsidian Minion XII.png  Obsidian, Coal Minion XII.png  Coal, Iron Minion XII.png  Iron, Gold Minion XII.png  Gold, Diamond Minion XII.png  Diamond, Lapis Minion XII.png  Lapis, Emerald Minion XII.png  Emerald, and Redstone Minion XII.png  Redstone XII Minions to Bulvar.
Mar 12, 2021Added Revenant Minion XII.png Revenant Minion XII to the Bartender.
Mar 29, 2021Fixed Mayor Cole granting incorrect minion speeds
Apr 21, 20210.11.4Added Cocoa Beans Minion XII.png  Cocoa Beans, Pumpkin Minion XII.png  Pumpkin, Chicken Minion XII.png  Chicken, Mushroom Minion XII.png  Mushroom, Cactus Minion XII.png  Cactus, Pig Minion XII.png  Pig, Wheat Minion XII.png  Wheat, Cow Minion XII.png  Cow, Sugar Cane Minion XII.png  Sugar Cane, Melon Minion XII.png  Melon, Nether Wart Minion XII.png  Nether Wart, Carrot Minion XII.png  Carrot, Potato Minion XII.png  Potato, Sheep Minion XII.png  Sheep, and Rabbit Minion XII.png  Rabbit XII Minions to Terry's Shop.
Apr 30, 2021Minion heads can no longer be placed on Hard Glass.
July 14, 20210.12Added Hard Stone Minion I.png  Hard Stone Minion I-XI.
Added Hard Stone Minion XII.png Hard Stone Minion XII to Bulvar.