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Old Dragon Armor is a Legendary Armor set that is focused on Health icon.pngHealth and increasing the effect of Defense icon.pngDefense-oriented Enchantments. The full set can be crafted from 240 Old Dragon Fragments, and Old Dragon Armor is one of the 8 different Dragon Armor sets.

You require at least Stone Sword.png Combat 16 (XVI) to be able to use this set and, if a dungeon item, The Catacombs.png Catacombs 15 (XV) to be able to use this set while in Dungeons.


HelmetChestplatev e d
Old Dragon Helmet.png
Old Dragon Helmet
Old Dragon Chestplate.png
Old Dragon Chestplate
Old Dragon Leggings.png
Old Dragon Leggings
Old Dragon Boots.png
Old Dragon Boots
Old Dragon Armor
  • Armor Rarity:

Other Info

Material (Amount, Name)
Purchase Cost
Total Materials Cost: 576,336 coins

Source: Crafting


Upgrades Used:

Total Projected Upgrade Cost: 3,000,000–4,000,000 coins

Note: Most Players will never Use Hot Potato Books On this armor Set because of its Inferiority to Unstable Dragon Armor, Strong Dragon Armor, And Superior Dragon Armor.

Armor Upgrade
Strength icon.pngStr
Crit chance icon.pngCr Chnc
Crit damage icon.pngCr Dmg
Health icon.pngHP
Defense icon.pngDef
Speed icon.pngSpd
Intelligence icon.pngInt
True Defense icon.pngTru Def
Used Here
Reforges (listed stats are for Legendary armor)
Godly +10 +5% +8% +5 No.svg
Titanic +20 +20 No.svg
Wise +5 +2 +100 No.svg
Unpleasant +8% +5% +5 Yes.svg
Growth VI +75 Yes.svg
Protection V +15 Yes.svg
True Protection I
(Chestplate only)
+5 No.svg
Sugar Rush III
(Boots only)
+6% No.svg
Other Upgrades
Hot Potato Book (x10 Uses) +40 +20 Yes.svg

Armor Stats[]

Note: These Stats Are When The Full set Bonus Is active. See Enchantment Buffs for More Information Below.

Old Dragon Helmet.png
Old Dragon Chestplate.png
Old Dragon Leggings.png
Old Dragon Boots.png
Full Set Bonus: Old Blood
Increases the strength of Growth, Protection, Feather Falling, Sugar Rush, and True Protection Enchantments while worn.


  • This armor set is the cheapest armor set for Tanks Floor 7, if reforged to Giant, though you will not deal much damage with this set up.

Enchantment Buffs[]

Enchantment Buff
Growth +10 Health icon.pngHealth Per Level
Protection +2 Defense icon.pngDefense Per Level
Feather Falling +3% Fall damage reduction Per Level
Sugar Rush +1 Speed icon.pngSpeed Per Level
True Protection +3 True Defense icon.pngTrue Defense Per Level


Crafting a full set requires 240 Old Dragon Fragments.


Essence Crafting[]

Essence RequiredDragon Essence.png Dragon Essence
ActionHelmetChestplateLeggingsBootsWhole Set
Star Icon.png20203030252520209595
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png3050508040653050150245
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png5010080160651304090235480
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png10020012028011024090180420900
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png1503501804601604001403206301,530


  • This Armor is a good upgrade from Ender Armor, Ember Armor, or Hardened Diamond Armor if you don't have enough money to afford better dragon armor.
  • The Full-Set bonus is buffs given to certain enchants on the Armor, so most definitely add those enchants that are listed.
  • If you are looking for a cheap Armor set for Floor 7 then this armor is a very cheap option for the Tank class in Dungeons, because if you 5 star with protection 6, growth 6, and use the Giant Reforge it becomes viable for survivability, though you will not deal a lot of damage.


  • Old Dragon Armor is often referred to as "Boomer Drag Armor."
  • This is widely known as the 2nd least used Dragon Armor set, second only to Protector Dragon Armor.
  • This armor set is an inferior version of Superior Dragon Armor as it buffs enchantments, although Superior Dragon Armor gives better stats than a Maxed Old Dragon Armor.
  • This is the cheapest tanking armor in the game because it strengthens your EHP greatly. For even better defensive stats, reforge it to Titanic, Reinforced or Giant.


SkyBlock Prototype
Aug 2, 20190.7Added Old Dragon Armor
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Growth levels now grant 25 HP instead of 20.
Protection levels now grant 5 Defense instead of 4.
Feather Falling levels now grant 8% damage reduction instead of 7%.
Sugar Rush added to the effect, giving +3 speed per level instead of +2.
True Protection added to the effect, giving 8 True Defense per level instead of 5.
July 1, 20200.7.11Added Combat level 16 requirement.
Mar 30, 20210.11.3Catacombs requirements lowered to 15.

Old Dragon Armor essence costs reduced to

  • Helmet: Upgrade 40 and 20/30/50/100/150 Dragon Essence per star.
  • Chestplate: Upgrade 70 and 30/50/80/120/180 Dragon Essence per star.
  • Leggings: Upgrade 60 and 25/40/65/110/160 Dragon Essence per star.
  • Boots: Upgrade 35 and 20/30/40/90/140 Dragon Essence per star.