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Paul the Dungeon Explorer is a mayoral candidate that can be elected during the Mayor Election event. His perks focus around Dungeons.

Mayoral Perks[]

Candidate Paul may run for election with any of the 3 possible perks listed below. This candidate can offer 1 perk up to all possible perks. When this candidate is elected, the next time they join an election, they will run with 1 random perk. If they lost, the next time they join an election, unless they already offer all possible perks, they will have a 45% chance to gain 1 more random perk.

  • Paul Sprite.png Paul the Dungeon Explorer
    1. Marauder: Dungeon reward chests are 20% cheaper.
    2. EZPZ: Gain 10 extra bonus score in Dungeons.
    3. Benediction: Blessings are 25% stronger.


First Click[]

Things he will say when clicked on for the first time, in order from first to last.

  1. Hey, I know a few dungeon tricks.
  2. If you vote for me I'll teach you!

Following Clicks[]

Things he will say randomly when clicked on the following times.

  • You merely adopted the Dungeons, I was born in them, molded by them.
  • I used to be a dungeon adventurer, until I took an arrow to the elbow.


  • Despite the second dialogue in his second click, there's no bandage or wound on his elbow. This is a reference to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • When this mayor is active, an S+ Catacombs F6 or F7 run may have a maximum of 8 deaths (9 with Legendary Spirit Pet).
  • His line "You merely adopted the Dungeons, I was born in them, molded by them." was referenced by one of Necron's lines "YOU MERELY ADOPTED THE CATACOMBS, I WAS MOLDED BY THEM!", which are in turn, are references to a line in The Dark Knight Rises: "You merely adopted the dark, i was born in it, molded by it."


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