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Pets are summonable companions that grant bonus Stats and passive beneficial effects, with the exception being the Jerry Pet. Pets can be leveled up, increasing the effectiveness of their benefits. Players can have only one pet active at any time and will receive only that pet's bonuses. Inactive pets do not grant stats or passive effects (with the exception of the Bingo Pet, Grandma Wolf, Spirit Pet, and Parrot Pet). While summoned, they are visible in the world as mobs or floating custom heads.

Pets can be obtained from Crafting or as a rare drop from a mob. Some can be bought from the Dark Auction or from the Auction House. Pet Drop chances are affected by Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find.

Every pet belongs to one of seven types, modeled after Skills (Stone Sword.png Combat, Stone Pickaxe.png Mining, Fishing Rod.png Fishing, Jungle Sapling.png Foraging, Golden Hoe.png Farming, Enchantment Table.png Enchanting, and Brewing Stand.png Alchemy) present in SkyBlock. Pets can be leveled up by gaining experience from the skills above (see below).

A pet's type determines the effectiveness of the skill experience given to it. Informally, it also hints at the type of buffs granted by the pet. For example, the Tiger Pet is classified as a Combat pet with three abilities granting buffs benefiting combat as well as gaining more Pet XP from combat. Note that this is not always true of all pets as their types may not match their abilities. Exceptions include the Lion, Baby Yeti, Blue Whale, Black Cat, Horse, Skeleton Horse, Bat, and Wither Skeleton Pets.

Pets Menu[]

The pets menu can be opened by using the Commands /viewpetsmenu, /petsmenu, /petmenu, /pets (empty by default), or by accessing it from the SkyBlock Menu. Players can see the level of their pets as well as the Stats and abilities their into the pet menu by right-clicking while holding the pet. They can convert the pet back to an item in the Pets Menu, and it will go into the player's inventory or stash.

Pet Score[]

Players gain additional Pet Score for every unique pet they collect. Higher rarity pets will grant more pet score. Reaching thresholds of Pet Score awards additional Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find. (Different rarities of the same pet don't add up in the score; only the highest rarity will be counted.)

Rarity Score
Common 1
Uncommon 2
Rare 3
Epic 4
Legendary 5
Mythic 6
Pet Score Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find
10 +1
25 +2
50 +3
75 +4
100 +5
130 +6
175 +7


Most pets have multiple Rarities and gain increased effectiveness at higher rarities. Higher rarities also grant greater stat boosts and even more effective perks.

Additionally, pets gain passive abilities present only at higher rarities.

Most Commonly Observed Pattern on Abilities*
Rarity Number of Abilities
Common / Uncommon 1
Rare / Epic 2
Legendary 3
Mythic 4

* Note: There are a number of exceptions to this rule.

Pets that can be upgraded to Mythic:

  1. Bat Pet Bat Pet - If the player adds a Vampire Fang on a Bat Pet, it will be upgraded to Mythic rarity. This adds a 4th ability, Sonar. This ability grants a +25% chance to fish up spooky Sea Creatures at max level.
  2. Enderman Pet Enderman Pet - Using the Enderman Cortex Rewriter, it can be upgraded to the Mythic rarity at Kat for 1,000,000 coins. This adds a 4th ability, Enderman Slayer. This ability adds +40% more combat XP from endermen.
  3. Jerry Pet Jerry Pet - It can be upgraded to Mythic rarity by using the Jerry 3D Glasses to add a 4th ability, Jerry. This ability grants a tiny chance to find Jerry Candies when killing mobs.

Crafted Pet Rarity[]

When a pet recipe is crafted with an Enchanted Egg, the resulting rarity can be Common, Uncommon, or Rare.

When a Super Enchanted Egg is used, the resulting rarity is instead Epic or Legendary. When crafted this way, the resulting pet has a base 80% chance of becoming Epic and a 20% chance of becoming Legendary. The chance is increased based on the player's Pet Luck Stat Icon.pngPet Luck stat. Pet Luck Stat Icon.pngPet Luck can be increased via their Taming.png Taming skill, Pet Luck Potions, or other sources.

Upgrading Rarity[]

At the Pet Collector's Shop, there is an NPC named Kat in the garden attached to it. Kat will take a pet and upgrade its rarity at the cost of resources. The cost varies depending on the pet, its rarity, and the level. There is a discount on the coin cost based on the level of the pet before it is upgraded. The upgraded pet will have its level adjusted based on its XP.

For example, a Rare pet with 4.6 million cumulative XP (level 86) will be adjusted to level 81 when it is upgraded to Epic.

Using a Tier Boost Pet Item will boost the rarity of a pet by 1 (similar to a Recombobulator) until the pet item is changed.

Some pets cannot be rarity upgraded from Kat. For example, Griffin Pet and Grandma Wolf Pet cannot be upgraded using Kat.

Players can also use a Kat Flower, purchased in the Bits Shop for 500 Bits, to skip a day.


On the second floor of the Pet Collector's Shop, there is another NPC named George who sits behind a counter. Pets can be sold directly for Coins based on their type and Rarity. However, George doesn't give very good deals, so it's not recommended to sell pets to George because they are heavily underpriced (example: George buys Legendary Phoenix Pet for 75,000 coins despite the 1/5,000,000 rarity and its value going at tens of millions on the auction house).


Summoned pets can be leveled up to level 100, excluding the Golden Dragon which can go to level 200. Pets gain experience equal to the player's skill experience if the skill and type are the same. If not, 1/4 of the player's skill experience is given if the skill does not match the pet type (except for the Alchemy and Enchanting skills where they rewards 1/12th of the experience instead). Also, both Mining and Fishing skill gains are given an additional 50% multiplier to the player's skill experience gain. The amount of experience that pets gain can also be increased by levelling up Taming, which gives +1% pet experience per level; and giving them Pet Items, which can give boosts to pet experience from specific skills or all skills. Pets do not gain experience from the Taming skill. Instead, it occurs in reverse: the skill gains experience at 1/4 of the active pet's rate.

For example, with a summoned Magma Cube Pet (a Combat pet), 100% of combat experience earned will grant as much experience to that pet. However, Mining experience will give only 25% of the experience earned to the pet.

Another way to level pets is by giving them Carrot Candies. There are four types of carrot candies, each giving different amounts of pet experience: Simple Carrot Candy, Great Carrot Candy, and Superb Carrot Candy unlocked from Carrot Collection 2, 6, and 8 respectively. The Ultimate Carrot Candy can be crafted with 8 Superb Carrot Candies and the Ultimate Carrot Candy Upgrade, the latter bought from Elizabeth's Bits Shop for 8,000 bits at the Community Center.

Tier Pet XP gained
Simple Carrot Candy 20,000
Great Carrot Candy 100,000
Superb Carrot Candy 500,000
Ultimate Carrot Candy 1,000,000

Pets can consume a maximum of ten candies during their lifetime. For example, after using three Simple Carrot Candies and five Great Carrot Candies, the pet will be able to use only two more candies.

Note that consuming a skill XP boost potion will also increase experience gains for the active pet.

Pet Items[]

Pet Items are items that can boost the benefits given by pets. Each pet can hold only one item at a time; once used, the item cannot be retrieved. Pet items can be given by right-clicking the pet item onto the pet physically (not in the pets menu).

The Zog NPC sells various pet Items in exchange for coins. He is located inside the Pet Shop.

List of Pets[]

There are 56 pets available on the main server and additional 4 available on the Alpha Hypixel Network, each granting a variety of different benefits and advantages.


  • Important: Pet stats are increased every level, but the number displayed in the tooltip is always rounded down. This means that, if a pet gives +3.75 Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCrit Damage, the number displayed in the tooltip will be 3. On the other hand, the SkyBlock Profile will display numbers rounded properly.
  • Having a specific collection is required only to craft the pet. Players can use every pet without any restrictions.
Stat Boosts
(per level)
Ability Source Type
Common or higher Rare or higher Legendary
Golden Hoe.png Farming Pets
[Lvl 1➜100] Bee
Hive - Gain X more Intelligence Stat Icon.pngInt and X Strength Stat Icon.pngStr for each nearby bee Busy Buzz Buzz - Has X% chance for Flowers to drop an extra one Weaponized Honey - Gain X% of received damage as Absorption Stat Icon.pngAbsorb Bought from Bea Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Chicken
+2 Health Stat Icon.pngHP Light Feet - Reduces fall damage by X% Eggstra - Killing chickens has a X% chance to drop an egg Mighty Chickens - Chicken Minions work X% faster while on your island Raw Chicken VI Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Elephant
Stomp - Gain X Defense Stat Icon.pngDef for every 100 Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd Walking Fortress - Gain X Health Stat Icon.pngHP for every 10 Defense Stat Icon.pngDef Trunk Efficiency - Grants X% Farming Fortune, which increases your chance for multiple drops Bought from Oringo the Travelling Zookeeper during Traveling Zoo Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Pig
+0.25 Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd Rideable - Right-click your summoned pet to ride it!
Run - Increases the speed of your mount by X%
Sprint - While holding an Enchanted Carrot on a Stick, increase the speed of your mount by X% Trample - While on your private island, break all the crops your pig rides over Raw Porkchop III Mount
[Lvl 1➜100] Rabbit
Happy Feet - Jump Potions also give +XSpeed Stat Icon.pngSpeed Farming Exp Boost - Boosts your Farming exp by X% Efficient Farming - Farming minions work X% faster while on your island Raw Rabbit II Pet
Stone Pickaxe.png Mining Pets
[Lvl 1➜100] Armadillo
Ridable - Right-click your summoned pet to ride it!

Tunneller - The Armadillo breaks all stone or ore in its path while you are riding it in the Crystal Hollows. Earth Surfer -The Armadillo moves faster based on your Speed.

Rolling Miner - Every X seconds, the next gemstone you mine gives 2x drops. Mobile Tank - For every X Defense Stat Icon.pngDef gain +1Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd and +1 Mining Speed. Obtained via hatching Prehistoric Egg Mount
[Lvl 1➜100] Bat
Candy Lover - Increases the chance for mobs to drop Candy by X% Nightmare - During night gain +X Intelligence Stat Icon.pngInt, +X Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd and night vision Fast Hooks - Decreases the cooldown of your Grappling Hook by X% Mushroom IX Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Endermite
More Stonks - Gain exp orbs for breaking End Stone and gain a +X% chance to get an extra block dropped Pearl Muncher - Upon picking up an Ender Pearl, consume it and gain X coins Pearl Powered - Upon consuming an Ender Pearl, gain +X Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd for 10 seconds. End Stone VII Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Mithril Golem
Mithril Golem
Mithril Affinity - Gain X Mining Speed when mining Mithril The Smell Of Powder - Gain X% more Mithril Powder Danger Averse - Increases your combat stats by X% on mining islands Mithril VII Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Rock
Rideable - Right-click your summoned pet to ride it!

Sailing Stone - Sneak to move your rock to your location (15 second cooldown)

Fortify - While sitting on your rock, gain +X% Defense Stat Icon.pngDef. Steady Ground - While sitting on your rock, gain +X% Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg Achieving Mining Milestones Mount
[Lvl 1➜100] Scatha
Grounded - Gain +X Mining Fortune Stat Icon.pngMining Fortune Burrowing - When mining, there is a X% chance to mine up a treasure burrow Wormhole - Gives a X% chance to mine 2 adjacent stone or hard stone Rare drop from Scathas Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Silverfish
True Defense Boost - Boosts your True Defense Stat Icon.pngTru Def by X Mining Exp Boost - Boosts Mining exp by +X% Dexterity - Gives permanent Haste III Cobblestone VI Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeleton
Stronger Bones - Take X% less damage from skeletons Wither Blood - Deal X% more damage against wither mobs Death's Touch - Upon hitting an enemy inflict the wither effect for X% over 3 seconds

Does not stack.

Coal IX Pet

Stone Sword.png Combat Pets
[Lvl 1➜100] Bal
Protective Skin - Gives Heat Stat Icon.pngHeat immunity Fire Whip - Every 5s while in combat on public islands, Bal will strike nearby enemies with his fire whip dealing X% of your damage as True Damage Stat Icon.pngTru Dmg Made of Lava - Gain X% on ALL stats when inside the Magma Fields Rare drop from Bal Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Black Cat
Black Cat
Hunter - Increases Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed and speed cap by X Omen - Grants X% Pet Luck Stat Icon.pngPet Luck Supernatural - Grants X% Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find Spooky Event - 2000 Purple Candy Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Blaze
Nether Embodiment - Increases most stats by X% while on the Crimson Isle. Bling Armor - Upgrades Blaze Armor stats and ability by X% Fusion-Style Potato - Double effects of Hot Potato Books Blaze Rod IX Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon
End Strike - Deal X% more damage to end mobs One With The Dragon - Buffs the Aspect of the Dragons sword by X Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg and X Strength Stat Icon.pngStr Superior - Increase all stats by X% Rare Dragon Drop (See Dragon Weight) Pet
[Lvl 101➜200] Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon
Gold's Power - Adds +XStrength Stat Icon.pngStrength to all golden weapons. Shining Scales - For each digit in your gold collection gain +10 Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength and +2 Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find. Dragon's Greed - Gain X% of your Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find as Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength

Legendary Treasure - Gain X% Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage for every million coins in your bank.

Bought from the Dragon in the Dragon's Lair Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Enderman
+0.75%Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCr Dmg Enderian - Take X% less damage from end monsters Teleport Savvy - Buffs the Aspect of the End ability granting +X weapon damage for 5s on use Zealot Madness - Increases your odds to find a Special Zealot by X% Rarely drops from Endermen Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Ghoul
Amplified Healing - Increases all healing by X% Zombie Arm - Increases the health and range of the Zombie sword by X% Reaper Soul - Increases the health and lifespan of the Reaper Scythe zombies by X% Rare drop from Crypt Ghoul Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Golem
Last Stand - While less than 15% Health Stat Icon.pngHP, deal X% more Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage Ricochet - Your iron plating causes X% of attacks to ricochet and hit the attacker Toss - Every 5 hits, throw the enemy into the air and deal X% damage (10s cooldown) Rare drop from Endstone Protector Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Grandma Wolf
Grandma Wolf Pet
Kill Combo - Gain buffs (Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find and Combat Exp Boosts, and extra coins per kill) for combo kills. Effects stack as you increase your combo. Obtained by talking to Grandma Wolf. Pet

[Lvl 1➜100] Griffin
Odyssey - While Diana's Mythological Ritual is active, mythological creatures you find scale depending on your Griffin's rarity. Legendary Constitution - Gain permanent Regeneration VII and Strength VIII.

Perpetual Empathy - Heal nearby players for X% of the damage you receive. (excludes other griffins)
King of Kings-gain X% Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength when you are above 85% health. Common rarity purchased from Diana for 25,000 coins. Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Horse
Rideable - Right-click your summoned pet to ride! Gallop - Increases the speed of your mount by X% Ride Into Battle - While riding your horse, gain +X bow damage. Leather IX Mount
[Lvl 1➜100] Hound
Scavenger - Gain +X coins per monster kill Finder - Increases the chance for monsters to drop their armor by X% Fury Claws - Grants +X Bonus Attack Speed Stat Icon.pngBonus Attack Speed Rare drop from Wolf Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Jerry
-1 Intelligence Stat Icon.pngInt Jerry - Gain X% chance to deal your regular damage Jerry - Gain X% chance to receive a normal amount of drops from mobs Jerry - Actually adds X damage to the Aspect of the Jerry Default Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Magma Cube
Magma Cube
Slimy Minions - Slime Minions work X% faster while on your island Salt Blade - Deal X% more damage to Slimes Hot Ember - Buffs the stats of Rekindled Ember Armor by X% Rare drops from Magma Cube Boss Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Phoenix
Rekindle - Before death, become immune and gain Strength Stat Icon.pngStr for X seconds. (3 minute cooldown) Fourth Flare - On 4th melee strike, ignite mobs, dealing X of your Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCr Dmg each second for X seconds.
  • Magic Bird - You may always fly on your private island
  • Eternal Coins - Don't lose coins on death
1 in 1,000,000 chance to drop from any mob on a public island Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Pigman
Bacon Farmer - Pig Minions work X% faster while on your island Pork Master - Buffs the Pigman Sword by X Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage and X Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength Giant Slayer - Deal X% more damage to mobs Level 100 and up. Raw Porkchop VIII Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Rat
Morph - Right-click your summoned pet to morph into it! CHEESE! - As a Rat, you smell CHEESE nearby! Yummy! Rat's Blessing - Has a chance to grant a random player +XMagic Find for X seconds after finding a yummy piece of Cheese! If the player gets a drop during this buff, you have a 25% chance to get it too. Obtained by killing Rats in the Hub buildings at night. Morph
[Lvl 1➜100] Skeleton Horse
Skeleton Horse
Rideable - Right-click your summoned pet to ride! Gallop - Increases the speed of your mount by X% Ride Into Battle - While riding your horse, gain +X bow damage. Getting more than 2,400 Candy during Spooky Festival Mount
[Lvl 1➜100] Skeleton
Bone Arrows - Increases arrow damage by X% which is tripled while in dungeons. Combo - Gain a combo stack for every bow hit granting + Strength Stat Icon.pngStr Max X stacks. Stacks disappear after 8 seconds. Skeletal Defense - Your skeleton shoots an arrow for 30x your Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCr Dmg when a mob gets close to you

(15 sec cooldown)

Bone VI Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Snowman
Blizzard - Slow all enemies within X blocks Frostbite - Your freezing aura slows enemy attacks causing you to take X% reduced damage Snow Cannon - Your snowman fires a snowball dealing 5x your Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength when a mob gets close to you (1s cooldown) Obtained from Season of Jerry Gifts Fighter
[Lvl 1➜100] Spider
One With The Spider - Gain X Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength for every nearby Spider. (Max 10 spiders) Web-weaver - Upon hitting a monster it becomes slowed by X% Spider Whisperer - Spider and Tarantula minions work faster X% while on your island String IX Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Spirit
Spirit Assistance - Spawns and assists you when you are a ghost in dungeons. Spirit Leap - Grants a 10% chance for

mini-bosses in dungeons to drop 5 Spirit Leap Pearls.

Spirit Cooldowns - Reduces the cooldown of your

ghost abilities in dungeons by 5.5%.

Dungeons Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Tarantula
Webbed Cells - Anti-healing is X% less effective against you Eight Legs -

Decreases the Mana Cost Stat Icon.pngMana Cost of Spider and Tarantula boots by X%

Arachnid Slayer -

Gain +X% more combat xp from spiders

Rare Drop from Voracious Spider Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Tiger
Merciless Swipe - Gain X% Ferocity Hemorrhage - Melee attacks reduce healing by X% for 10s Apex Predator - Deal +X% damage against targets with no other mobs within 15 blocks Bought from Oringo the Travelling Zookeeper during Traveling Zoo Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Turtle
Turtle Tactics - Gain +X% Defense Stat Icon.pngDef Genius Amniote - Gain +XDefense Stat Icon.pngDef and regen +X Health Stat Icon.pngHP when near or in water Unflippable - Gain immunity to knockback Dark Auction Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Wolf
Alpha Dog - Take X% less damage from wolves Pack Leader - Gain X%Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCr Dmg for every nearby wolf Combat Exp Boost - Boosts Combat exp by X% Spruce Wood VIII Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Zombie
Chomp - +X Health Stat Icon.pngHP per Zombie kill Rotten Blade - Deal +X% more damage to zombies Living Dead - Increases the Defense Stat Icon.pngDef of all undead armor sets by X% Rotten Flesh IX Pet
Wooden Axe.png Foraging Pets
[Lvl 1➜100] Giraffe
Good Heart - Regen X Health Stat Icon.pngHP per second Higher Ground - Grants +X Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength and +X Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCrit Damage when mid air Long Neck - See enemies from afar and gain X% dodge chance Bought from Oringo the Travelling Zookeeper during Traveling Zoo Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Lion
Primal Force - Adds +X Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg to your weapons First Pounce - Increases damage dealt by +X% on your first hit on a mob King of the Jungle - Deal +X% Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg against mobs below level 80 Bought from Oringo the Travelling Zookeeper during Traveling Zoo Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Monkey
Treeborn - Increases double drop rates for logs by X% Vine Swing - Gain +XSpeed Stat Icon.pngSpd while in The Park Evolved Axes - Reduce the cooldown of Jungle Axe and Treecapitator by X% Bought from Oringo the Travelling Zookeeper during Traveling Zoo Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Ocelot
+0.5 Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd Foraging Exp Boost - Boosts Foraging exp by X% Tree Hugger - Foraging Minions work X% faster while on your island Tree Essence - Gain a X% chance to get exp from breaking a log Jungle Wood IX Pet
Raw Fish.png Fishing Pets
[Lvl 1➜100] Ammonite
Heart of the Sea - Each Heart of the Mountain level grants +XSea Creature Chance Stat Icon.pngSCC Not a Snail - Each Fishing and Mining level grants +X Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd and +X Defense Stat Icon.pngDef Gift of the Ammonite - Increases your Fishing Speed Stat Icon.pngFish Spd by X% for each Mining level. The Forge Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Baby Yeti
Baby Yeti
Cold Breeze - Gives X% Strength and Crit Damage when near snow Ice Shield - Gain X% of your Strength Stat Icon.pngStr as Defense Stat Icon.pngDef Yeti Fury - Buff the Yeti Sword by X% Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg and Intelligence Stat Icon.pngInt Drop from Yeti Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Blue Whale
Blue Whale
+2 Health Stat Icon.pngHP Ingest - All Potions heal +X Health Stat Icon.pngHP Bulk - Gain +X Defense Stat Icon.pngDef per X Max Health Stat Icon.pngHP Archimedes - Gain +X% MaxHealth Stat Icon.pngHP Bought from Oringo the Travelling Zookeeper during Traveling Zoo Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Dolphin
Pod Tactics - Increases your fishing speed by X% for each nearby player up to X% Echolocation - Increases sea creatures catch chance by X% Splash Surprise - Stun Sea creatures for 5s after fishing them up Achieving Fishing Milestones Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Flying Fish
Flying Fish
Quick Reel - Increases fishing speed by X% Water Bender - Gives XStrength Stat Icon.pngStr and Defense Stat Icon.pngDef when near water Deep Sea Diver - Increases the stats of Diver's Armor by X% Rare drop from Sea Emperor Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Megalodon
Blood Scent Deal up to X% Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg based on the enemy's missing health. Enhanced Scales Increases the stats of Shark Armor by X% Feeding Frenzy

On kill gain X Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg and Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed for 5 seconds.

Rare drop from Tiger Shark and Great White Shark Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Squid
More Ink - Gain a X% chance to get double drops from squids Ink Speciality - Buffs Ink Wand by X Damage Stat Icon.pngDmg and X Strength Stat Icon.pngStr Fishing Exp Boost - Boosts your Fishing experience by X% Rare Fishing Drop Pet
Enchantment Table.png Enchanting Pets
[Lvl 1➜100] Guardian
Lazerbeam - Zaps your enemies for X× your Intelligence Stat Icon.pngInt every 3 seconds Enchanting Exp Boost - Boosts your Enchanting exp by X% Mana Pool - Regenerate X% extra mana, doubled when near or in water Rare Fishing Drop Pet
Water Bottle.png Alchemy Pets
[Lvl 1➜100] Jellyfish
Radiant Regeneration - While in Dungeons, increases your base health regen by X% and heals players within 8 blocks by up to 10 hp/s Hungry Healer - While in Dungeons, for every 1000 you heal teammates apply the enchanted golden apple effect to all players within 10 blocks (10 s cooldown) Powerful Potions - While in dungeons, increase the effectiveness of Instant Health and Mana splash potions by X% Dark Auction Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Parrot
Flamboyant - Adds X levels to IntimidationAccessories Repeat - Boosts Potion duration by X% Bird Discourse - Gives X Strength Stat Icon.pngStr to players within 20 blocks Dark Auction Pet
[Lvl 1➜100] Sheep
Mana Saver - Reduces the mana cost of abilities by X% Overheal - Gives a X%shield after not taking damage for 10s Dungeon Wizard - Increases your total Mana by X%while in dungeons Mutton VII Pet

Pet Leveling[]

 calcpage  = Calculator:Pet Leveling XP
 calcname  = Total Pet Leveling XP Query
 template  = Template:Calculator/Pet_Leveling_XP
 form      = petLevelingCalcForm
 result    = inner

 param     = rarity|Pet Rarity|Common|select|Common,Uncommon,Rare,Epic,Legendary,Mythic
 param     = initial|Starting Level|1|int|1-1000
 param     = final|Level Goal|100|int|1-1000
Loading Calculator...

If the calculator fails to load up, please report to a Code Editor.


  • If the player's inventory is full and a slain mob drops a pet, the pet will drop on the ground instead of going into the stash. The person who earned the pet has priority over picking it up; however, it is greatly safer to try to keep the inventory as far from full as possible when farming/hunting for pets.
  • Patch 0.7.8 (dubbed Pets v2) was released on May 6, 2020. Additions include more pets, a new skill, pet items, and more.
    • The update caused the pet system to highly resemble Pokémon, adding Pet Items that resembles holding items in Pokémon. The Carrot Candies resemble Rare Candies and simulate the same effect of giving XP to the Pokémon in the Pokémon games.
    • Kat, one of the NPCs that got added in addition to the Pet update, has an appearance similar to that of Serena, the female protagonist from Pokémon X and Y.
  • The Sheep Pet is currently the only Alchemy Pet that can be crafted.
  • The Ocelot Pet is currently the only Foraging Pet that can be crafted.
  • The Spirit Pet is the only Pet which is purchasable from a Dungeon reward chest.
  • None of the fishing pets can be crafted.
  • Four achievements can be earned related to pets.
    • Getting a pet to level 80 will award the "Caretaker" achievement.
    • The "Friend for Life" achievement is an extended version of the "Caretaker" achievement that is awarded upon taking a pet to level 100.
      • This can also be earned by purchasing a level 100 pet from an auction or obtaining a level 100 pet through a trade
    • Having 20 unique pets awards "The Real Zoo Shady" achievement.
    • Getting at least 100 pet score awards "King Of The Pets" achievement.
  • The Guardian Pet was changed from a Combat Pet to the first-ever (and only) Enchanting Pet.


Alpha Hypixel Network
Feb 22, 2022Kat can now upgrade most Pets to Mythic. This was later proven to be a mistake.
Added Snail Pet.
Added Mooshroom Cow Pet.
Unknown DateAdded Wisp Pet and Kuudra Pet.
SkyBlock Prototype
Oct 11, 20190.7.2Added Skeleton Horse Pet.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Added Snowman Pet.
Feb 21, 20200.7.6Added Pets Menu.
Added 28 new Pets.
Added Bea NPC.
Feb 28, 2020Stopped players from being able to steal Horse Pets.
Fixed Wolf Pet Pack Leader sometimes not giving buff.
May 5, 20200.7.8Added 16 new Pets.
Added Taming Skill.
Added Pet Luck Stat Icon.pngPet Luck.
Added Pet Items and Carrot Candy.
Added Zog, Kat, and George NPCs.
Made balancing changes to 8 Pets.
Doubled Pet Experience gained from Pet Candy.
May 19, 2020Pets can now be searched by Rarity in the Auction House.
June 2, 20200.7.9Pets are now sorted by Rarity in the Pets menu, with Legendary being at the top and Common at the bottom, followed by level, then by name.
July 30, 2020Added Spirit Pet.
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Griffin Pet.
Added Megalodon Pet.
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Mithril Golem Pet.
Mar 9, 20210.11.2Added Grandma Wolf Pet.
Apr 16, 2021Added Rat Pet.
July 14, 20210.12Added Armadillo Pet, Bal Pet, Scatha Pet, Golden Dragon Pet.
July 27, 2021Added Ammonite Pet.
Apr 1, 2022Added Bingo Pet.
All Pets appear as Jerry.