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The Quest Log Interface

Quests are a gameplay mechanic that allows new players to explore the world and earn rewards for doing tasks. Different quests have different tasks that can require players to collect or find certain items or explore an area.

Note: This page will contain several spoilers on how to complete each quest. It is ordered in the recommended order of completion, although players are free to complete these in any order they prefer.

To find NPCs, press F3 on the keyboard and use the coordinates listed after the XYZ. Also, if one's inventory ever becomes full, remember to utilize the personal ender chest found in the SkyBlock Menu.

† not listed in the quest book but acts in the same way all other quests do.

Quest Log

The quest log can be found using the SkyBlock Menu. It keeps track of active quests, the player's progress, and completed quests.

Quest: Getting Started

This is the first quest players get and it is the only quest given on the Private Island. To begin this quest, players need to break at least one log on the player island by breaking it with fists. Then, craft a crafting table by converting all this oak wood into planks, and convert two planks into sticks and make a wooden pickaxe. Use the rest of the wooden planks to build across to Jerry and right-click him. After the messages are read, walk through the nether portal. This will unlock more quests to complete.

Difficulty: Super Easy

Worldwide quests

These are quests tied to nearly every area on the map.

Quest: Fairy Souls

This is the largest quest in the game, spanning every area. Every new area adds new Fairy Souls, so the quest will not end until new areas are no longer added. Due to the quest's massive size, it has a standalone page; please see that for details.

Difficulty: Super Hard

Hub island quests

Quest: Introduce Yourself

To complete this quest, players must visit all of these particular twelve villagers in any order. Villagers that the player hasn't talked to yet will have green particles above their heads.

Villager Locations
Villager Name x y z Notes
Duke 2 70 -104 Duke suggests visiting the Farm or Coal Mine.
Lynn 12 70 -101 Lynn tells the player how to open the quest log.
Stella 17 70 -100 Stella tells the player about SkyBlock profiles and coops.
Vex* 12 70 -85 Vex instructs the player on how to trade with players and will trade anything for one Dead Bush.
Andrew 38 68 -47 Andrew reminds the player to report any bugs or exploits on the Hypixel forums.
Jack 1 70 -67 Jack tells the player how to find personal stats (health, strength, defense).
Jamie* -17 70 -67 Jamie tells the player about how some items have special properties that use Mana and gives the player the Rogue Sword.
Tom* 28 69 -58 Tom tells the player how to find the recipe book and gives the Promising axe recipe.
Leo -5 70 -89 Leo suggests to visit the Forest and tells the player about the Oak Wood collection.
Felix -26 68 -103 Felix tells the player about how to store items in the personal ender chest.
Liam -76 70 -108 Liam tells the player about the upcoming houses for rent in spawn. Probably the one you are missing, he can be found next to the wall of graveyard behind the library
Ryu -27 70 -116 Ryu tells the player about the Skills in Hypixel SkyBlock.

*These Villagers will give the player something or access to something just for talking to them.

Finding each villager will reward the player with 10 coins and finishing the quest will reward the player with 50 coins.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Auctioneer

Talk to the Auction Master at Compass.png17, 71, -78 and the player will finish the quest. Players can access the Auction House without talking to him, so this quest is completely optional.

Difficulty: Super Easy

Quest: Timber!

Recommended: Before starting, buy an axe from the Lumber Merchant at Compass.png-49, 70, -58 - Rookie Axe (12 coins) or Promising Axe (35 coins).

  • Lumberjack: Talk to the Lumberjack (not to be confused with the Lumber Merchant) in the Forest at Compass.png-94, 74, -39. Collect 10 logs by breaking the block with fists or an axe. Then, return to the Lumberjack to get rewarded with the Sweet Axe. (Note that the 10 logs will be consumed when talking to the lumberjack.)
  • The Park: Visit The Park using the slime launch pad at the coordinates Compass.png-222, 73, -15. Doing this will award the player +10 Foraging experience. This slime launch pad has taken the player to Birch Park where the player must chop 64 birch logs. After the player has done that, one must visit Charlie on the Birch Park at the coordinates Compass.png-286, 82, -16. He will reward the player with 100 coins and the quest will be complete. The player will immediately unlock a new quest "Into the Woods."

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: First Harvest

Talk to the Farmer NPC at Compass.png44, 72, -162. Collect 10 Wheat by breaking the wheat surrounding the barn with fists. Then, return to the Farmer who will reward the player with 10 Farming experience for returning the wheat. Collect more wheat until the player is at a Farming level I and use the slime launcher at Compass.png77, 72, -182. This should complete this quest rewarding the player with 10 more Farming experience.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Saving Up

Talk to the Banker at Compass.png20, 71, -40. Deposit the Coins that have been received from leveling up skills in the previous quest. This will complete the quest, rewarding the player with 10 coins.

Difficulty: Super Easy

Quest: Marco The Artist

Talk to Marco in the village between the Alchemist and Librarian at coordinates Compass.png-9, 71, -14. Collect five poppies from outside his house and craft them into rose-red dye. Talk to him again to complete the quest, after which he will reward the player with a Spray Can and access to his Canvas Room.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Carpentry

Talk to the Carpenter at Compass.png15, 72, -21 and he will tell the player to get a stack of wool (64). Gather a stack of wool from either the Mushroom Desert or purchasing from the Builder merchant in the Village. He will unlock the Carpentry Table recipe and access to the Carpentry skill.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Time to Mine

  • Step: Blacksmith -

Talk to the Blacksmith at Compass.png-19, 71, -124 where he will tell the player to collect 10 Coal. Use either the wooden pickaxe crafted in the first quest or purchase one from the Mine Merchant at Compass.png-19, 70, -48. Go into the Coal Mine at the entrance located at Compass.png-9, 71, -152, mine 10 coal ore with any pickaxe (this will reward the player with 10 Mining experience). Return to the Blacksmith and he will let the player apply one Reforge for 10 coal and unlocks a new quest "Reforger."

  • Step: Gold Mine' - Reach Mining Level I (which may already be complete) and warp to the Gold Mine located at the end of the Coal Mine tunnel at Compass.png-9, 64, -228. This quest should be complete and the player is then rewarded with 10 Mining experience.

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Quest: Library Card

Talk to the Librarian at the coordinates Compass.png17, 71, -16 where they will tell the player to enchant an item. Using the one level that the player should have got from mining coal, Enchant the wooden pickaxe with any level 1 enchant. This will complete the quest, rewarding the player with 10 Enchanting experience.

Note: players can enchant anything.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Reforger

Ensure the quest Time To Mine is complete, and have 10 coal in the inventory. Then, choose any Weapon, Armor, or Accessory to Reforge, and then visit the Blacksmith at Compass.png-19, 71, -124, right-click him, place the item above the anvil, and click the Anvil (reforging the item). This will reward the player with 10 Mining experience for completing the quest.

Note: While any weapon/armor may be reforged, it's recommended to use the first reforge on an accessory as any weapon or armor that the player has now will quickly be phased out, while accessories are always useful. Visit the Adventurer at Compass.png18, 70, -76 and purchase either the Zombie Talisman or the Skeleton Talisman for 500 coins (the player should have enough but might need to visit the Bank).

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Time To Strike

Recommended: Get some armor first. Either craft it or buy some from the Armorsmith.

  • Step: Zombies - Talk to the Bartender near a spawn at Compass.png-88, 70, -62 he will ask the player to kill 10 zombies from the Graveyard (entrance located at Compass.png-121, 71, -77. Players must kill 10 zombies to complete this objective; if doing this quest at night, watch out for the Zombie Villagers as they are a lot faster than even vanilla baby zombies. When the player's returns and talks to the Bartender, he will reward the player with 100 coins for completing part one of the "Time to Strike" quest.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Fisherman's quest (†)

Note: Bring a Fishing Rod (the player can buy one from Fish Merchant for 100 coins)

Talk to the Fisherman at Compass.png155, 68, 47 and he will ask to collect five clay balls. Craft a fishing rod and fish in the pond next to him as the clay ball drop rate is higher there. Once the player has collected five, the side quest is complete and the player will receive a Prismarine Rod.

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Quest: Lucius's Quest (†)

Note: This Quest requires a LOT of coins to complete.

Talk to Lucius in the bar with Shifty next to the Dark Auction. He says that his cousin Sirius leads an organization, and then he asks the player to buy a few (five) items from Sirius. This means that the player will have to win 5 items in the Dark Auction. Once the player has bought all of the items, talk to Lucius, and he'll give the player the Shady Ring for 500,000 coins. Buy five more items from the Dark Auction, then talk to Lucius again; he will upgrade the Shady Ring to a Crooked Artifact if the player gives him 2,000,000 coins and the Shady Ring. The player will have to buy five items from Sirius again, resulting in a total of 15 items bought from the Dark Auction. Talk to Lucius, and he will upgrade the Crooked Artifact to the Seal of the Family for 10,000,000 coins and the Crooked Artifact.

Difficulty: Insanely Hard

Quest: Explorer

From completing all the quests, the player should have found most places. Here is the full list of locations to discover in a table format. If completing the other quests first, the player should have already found most of these places. Completing the quest rewards 50 coins.

Exploration locations
Location x* y* z*
Auction House 15 70 -78
Bank 12 71 -45
Library -37 69 -111
Flower House -6 71 -24
Colosseum 52 71 -57
Coal Mine -11 71 -145
Forest -90 72 -47
Farm 40 71 -136
Graveyard -120 71 -81
Wilderness 72 71 -17
Mountain 4 69 0
Ruins -134 69 29
High Level -10 73 130

*the coordinates are just an approximate location of where to find each location.

Difficulty: Medium

Quest: Slayer Quests (†)

The Slayer Quests are an endgame repeatable quests for skilled and experienced players. While called quests, they are more a repeatable task.

Difficulty: Medium to Insanely Hard

Farming Island Quests

Quest: Back at the Barnyard

Reach Farming level I (collect wheat on the main hub) and then take the slime launcher at the edge of the farming area to The Barn, then locate the Farmhand at Compass.png144, 73, -240 and speak to them. The farmhand instructs the player to make a Wheat Minion and claims that he will give the player the recipe; however, the player will still need to break 80 wheat. Break 80 wheat with fists and use the wood collected from the previous quests to make a wooden hoe using the crafting table found one below the center in the SkyBlock Menu. Then, surround this wooden hoe with 10 wheat in each of the eight slots then craft a tier I Wheat Minion. Return to the Farmhand and he will reward the player with 1 Enchanted Bread (note that the tier I Wheat Minion will not be consumed). Collect 1 Carrot, 1 Potato, 1 Pumpkin, and 1 Melon by exploring the barn, finding these items, and breaking them with fists. For this, the player will be rewarded with 10 Farming experience and the player will not need to return to the Farmhand but will be required to collect Leather, Chicken, and pork. Do this by killing the animals with the Rogue Sword or similar.

Note: the player needs to collect only one of each item; once completed, this will complete the quest and reward the player with 10 more Farming experience.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Intermediate Farmer

  • Step One: Visit Mushroom Desert - Reach Farming level V (either through harvesting on The Barn, or using farming minions) to unlock the Mushroom Desert (slime launcher at Compass.png142, 92, -305 in The Barn); this will reward the player with 15 Farming experience.
  • Step Two: Gather - The player will need to collect 1 cocoa bean, 1 sugar cane, and 1 cactus to complete the next part of the quest and earn 15 more Farming experience. Find Cocoa Beans by breaking the bean seeds on the jungle trees to the right of the Mushroom Desert Spawn. Sugar Cane can be found by the lake and Cactus can be found in the desert on the opposite to the spawn location.
  • Step Three: Rabbits - The player will then need to collect raw rabbit and raw mutton. One can kill rabbits in the jungle area where one found cocoa beans and mutton can be obtained by killing the sheep that often spawn in and around the lake. Upon completion, the player will be rewarded with 15 more Farming experience.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Talk to the Villager Inhabitants

  • Step One: Visit the Mushroom Desert
  • Step Two: Talk to the Villagers - Talk to all the NPCS in the Desert Settlement. They are in the various houses. To complete this quest the player must talk to Mason, Beth and the Friendly Hiker.

Difficulty: Easy

Mining Island Quests

Quest: Lost and Found

Talk to the Lazy Miner in the Gold Mine at Compass.png-11, 78, -337. Follow this mine down into the caverns and try and find the coordinate Compass.png-18, 24, -305 which is where the Lazy Miner's Pickaxe is located. Right-click on the Lazy Miner's Pickaxe to pick it up. This will reward the player with his Iron Pickaxe and 10 Mining experience. Once picked up, mine one iron ore and one gold ore; this will complete the quest.

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Quest: Going Deeper

Reach Mining Level V by mining any ore in the Gold Mine by using the Lazy Miner's pickaxe or a Promising Pickaxe. Once mining level V is reached, use the slime launcher at Compass.png-7, 68, -394 to travel to the Deep Caverns. This will reward the player with 15 Mining experience.

Note: this area is dangerous and has the potential to kill players, so it might be a good idea to deposit coins at the bank as these are the only things players lose when they die.

Locate the Lift Operator at Compass.png45, 150, 15; he will tell the player about how his lift operates when the player reaches a lower level.

Note: for this section, players are recommended to get armor. Players should buy the full diamond armor set from the Armorsmith at Compass.png-25, 70, -90. Players will also need to make a Diamond Pickaxe once they have collected diamonds, as this is the only way to obtain obsidian.

Table: Once at the coordinate location, head downwards in the y-direction to reach the next section of the cave.

Cave Opening Locations
Location x y z Resources to acquire Notes
Gunpowder Mines 4 149 42
Lapis Quarry -21 149 5 Lapis Lazuli
Pigmen's Den -4 117 29 Redstone Dust
Slimehill -5 100 1 Emerald At Pigmen's Den face southwest of the coordinate and travel down
Diamond Reserve -5 65 -14 Diamond Collect at least 3 diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe
Obsidian Sanctuary 12 36 60 Obsidian At Diamond Reserve face west and travel downwards. Collecting obsidian might be difficult as the player can get killed instantly by any mobs down there if one is still in the early game.

After finishing this quest, the player is rewarded with 100 Mining experience.

Difficulty: Medium

Quest: Helpful Miner

The player will need an Iron Pickaxe for this quest. (it will be consumed) They can either craft one, use the quest reward from the "Lost and Found" quest, or buy one from the Iron Forger in the Gold Mine for 60 coins.

To start this quest, the player will need to travel to the Deep Caverns requiring mining level V or part one of the Going Deeper quest. Travel to the Deep Caverns. Obtain an Iron Pickaxe (make sure to store any enchanted pickaxes one wishes to keep in the ender chest). Head down the mine into the Lapis Quarry, and then locate the Lapis Miner at the coordinates Compass.png-55, 121, 41 (at almost the farthest point away from the lift). Speak with him and hand him the iron pickaxe to complete the quest. The player will be rewarded with a Compactor.

Difficulty: Medium

Quest: There are Dwarves?

The player needs 3 form of 10 enchanted ore for this quest. (It will be consumed)

To start this quest, the player needs to travel to the Deep Caverns requiring Mining level V or part one of the Going Deeper quest.

Combat Island Quests

These include Spider's Den, Blazing Fortress, and The End

Quest: The Flint Bros

Travel to the Spider's Den with two Iron Ingots and speak to Rick at the coordinates Compass.png-330, 70, -235 (He is underground in the gravel mine underneath the big backbone or skeleton). Hand Rick the two Iron Ingots and he will reward the player with the Promising Shovel.

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Quest: Warrior's Quest

  • Warp to the Blazing Fortress
  • Talk to Elle of the Nether
  • Collect Nether Wart and Blaze Rods
    • Nether Wart - Travel to the farthest stairs away upwards and travel up and then to the right directly across to the coordinates Compass.png-310, 83, -444 and get 1 Nether Wart. Avoid the Wither Skeletons as they will probably one-shot the player.
    • Blaze Rods - To get a blaze rod, travel to around the coordinates Compass.png-262, 83, -471 to the right of launchpad to find blazes. Make sure to not get hit by them (or use a Fire Resistance potion). Use a bow if they are turning out to be too tough. Do not use a weapon with Telekinesis.
    • Note: If this quest part is not complete after collecting the blaze rod, go back to the nether wart room and collect more because it is unclear how many they would like the player to collect.
  • Collect Glowstone, Nether Quartz and Magma Cream (1,1,1)
    • Glowstone and Nether Quartz - Travel to the coordinates Compass.png-362, 83, 434 where the player will find the entrance to the nether quartz and glowstone cave. Mine one glowstone block and nether quartz ore to collect glowstone dust and nether quartz respectively.
    • Magma Cream - To get the magma cream, kill a magma slime on the magma slime bridge at the coordinates Compass.png-309, 83, -486. Once the player gets the magma cream, the player will be given 15 Combat experience.
    • Note: If this quest part is not complete after collecting the magma cream, or it is not appearing in your inventory, it most likely is stored in your quiver. To fix this, fill your quiver (found in the skyblock menu) with any item that can be used as a projectile (i.e. arrows) and kill any magma slime.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: The End Race

As this is a more strategic based quest, a page has been made detailing how to complete it; this link is at the top of this heading.

Difficulty: Super Hard

Quest: Beginning of The End

Reach combat level 12 first. Then, use the portal or launcher to travel to the end. Once there, camp just in the entrance to the Dragons Nest; there should be no mobs here. Once the Dragon spawns, the player should complete the quest. The player should have an aiming bow to do damage against the dragon; this will ensure that the player receives three fragments of that dragon type.

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Park Quests

Quest: Into the Woods

From Birch Park, continue to use the slime launchers at the end of each road to climb to the Spruce Woods. The player will have to chop down trees in different areas to level up to the appropriate level. The player will need to reach Foraging level V, which requires 1175 cumulative Foraging experience. Once the player has reached the Dark Thicket, use an axe to collect 64 dark oak logs (not to be confused with spruce). Then, travel back down to Birch Park and talk to Charlie who will then reward the player a Small Storage. While not a reward, Foraging V also gives one access to all areas in The Park.

Difficulty: Easy

Quest: Woods Racing

Players can find Gustave in Spruce Wood section of The Park island. He will guide the player through the Wood Race. As this is a more strategic based quest, a page has been made detailing how to complete it.

Difficulty: Super Hard

Quest: Trial of Fire (†)

Visit the Main article above. Like many of these side quests, they are detailed enough and give good enough rewards to merit a standalone page that can act as a guide.

Difficulty: Insanely Hard

Quest: Melody (†)

Melody's quest requires 100% completion on all songs for the full reward.

Difficulty: Super Hard

Quest: Romero and Juliette (†)

This is quite a lengthy and endgame quest designed for rich players and can be completed only when one has at least 15 million coins. That being said, it has multiple stages with rewards so it is recommended to start the quest early game for the accessory.

Difficulty: Super Hard to Insanely Hard

Jerry's Workshop Quests

Quest: Chicken Race

Players can find Gulliver at the end of the trail to the right of spawn in Jerry's Workshop. He will make various noises and give the player increasingly difficult checkpoints to meet. The quest page itself has some tips on how to complete the race more effectively.

Difficulty: Super Hard

Dungeon Quests

Quest: Dungeon Hub Race

This quest consists of three different races - Crystal Core, Giant Mushrooms, and Precursor Ruins - each with four variations - Anything, No Pearls, No Abilities, and Nothing at all. Guildford can guide the player through each of the race variations, but all three must be completed to earn the Cheetah Talisman.

Difficulty: Medium to Insanely Hard


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Quests.
Oct 11, 20190.7.2Added Slayer Quests.

Hints and Trivia

  • Quests are a good way to start learning how to play SkyBlock.
  • The Warrior's Quest has the most underwhelming reward, considering that it takes a long time to complete for XP that takes around 20 seconds to get.
  • There is a bug where if one collects items using an item enchanted with telekinesis, the item won't count towards some quests.
  • The Beginning of The End quest was the first and only way to obtain Dungeoneering XP until 0.8.