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Reaper Armor is a Legendary Armor set unlocked at Zombie Slayer VII (7) which focuses solely on the killing of Zombies. Zombie Slayer VII (7) is required to craft and use it. It is the upgraded version of the Revenant Armor set. Its ability makes its user more powerful on sneaking.



When the full set is worn, the wearer gains +100% ᚏ Damage against Zombies, but deals 1% ᚏ Damage to all other mobs.

The Reaper Armor has a full set ability in which upon crouching, the armor will turn from its normal black color to red . For the next 6 seconds after the ability is used, the wearer gains 100 ✦ Speed, ᚏ Damage, and ❁ Strength. The ability has a 25 second cooldown and does not cost ✎ Mana to use.

As the Reaper Armor is a 3-piece set like the Elegant Tuxedo, only the Chestplate, Leggings and Boots are required to receive the Full Set Bonus.

Zombie Bulwark Defense Bonuses[]

Kills ❈ Defense Bonus
50 +20
300 +50
1,000 +90
2,000 +120
3,000 +150
5,000 +180
7,500 +200
10,000 +220
15,000 +240
25,000 +260
50,000 +280
100,000 +300
200,000 +310
500,000 +315


  • According to the description of the Full Set Bonus, Trolling the Reaper, players should deal 200% ᚏ Damage (or 2x ᚏ Dmg) to Zombies and 1% ᚏ Damage (or 0.01x ᚏ Dmg) to non-Zombies, however there seems to be a calculation inconsistency.
    • The 1% ᚏ Dmg is treated as a ᚏ Final Damage multiplier and is thus multiplicative. For example: 100,000 ᚏ Dmg with a 3x multiplier changes to a 0.03x multiplier to non-zombies and becomes 3,000 ᚏ Dmg.
  • The armor will sometimes stay red when switching from it through the Wardrobe, however this has no effect and will become black when worn again.



SkyBlock Prototype
Mar 12, 2021Reaper Chestplate.png Reaper Leggings.png Reaper Boots.png Added Reaper Armor.