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Reforging GUI

Reforging is a mechanic that allows the player to add additional stats to Weapons and Armor, similar to Enchanting. An item can have only one reforge at once, but they can be replaced. Reforges provide greater stat boosts the higher the Rarity of the item is.


Items can be reforged in the reforging menu, accessed from the Blacksmith or from a Reforge Anvil. The player can apply basic reforges to weapons, armor pieces, or tool for a price depending on the rarity of the item.

The reforge given is random, with all reforges having the same chance to be rolled. Players will know the reforge given only after the reforge has been paid for. The cost of reforging will scale on the Rarity of the item. The extra stats provided by the reforge also increase with rarity.

Players can open the advanced reforging GUI by interacting with Malik at the dungeon entrances or using a Reforge Anvil on the player's private island. This feature allows players to apply Reforge Stones to their items for a cost in order to get the corresponding reforges on them.

The stats from Weapon, Tool and Armor reforges apply only while holding or wearing it.

When a weapon, an armor piece, or a tool is upgraded, its reforge is usually kept. However, there are some exceptions, such as a Vampire Mask and a Witch Mask upon merging to a Vampire Witch Mask. Players can hover on the output slot of the crafting table to see if the reforge is going to be kept or not.

Reforge Stones[]

Reforge Stones are items which grant special reforges to Armor, Weapons, or Tools. They can be applied by talking to Malik the Blacksmith or using the Reforge Anvil and paying the fee to apply. They can be obtained through various means, such as mining, Dungeon Post-Boss Chests, or a drop from most mobs.


The player's first Reforge is available for 10 Coal, but all subsequent Reforges will cost the player Coins based on the item's Rarity. The prices are as follows:

Reforge Rarity Price
Common 250 coins
Uncommon 500 coins
Rare 1,000 coins
Epic 2,500 coins
Legendary 5,000 coins
Mythic 10,000 coins
Divine 15,000 coins
Special 25,000 coins
Very Special 50,000 coins


  • Special and Very Special provides the same reforge bonus as Mythic.

During the first week of the reforging rework (July 1, 2020 to July 7, 2020), all prices were halved to allow for a smoother transition between the old system and the new system. However, it was extended and being removed in the 0.9.8 Update.

List of Reforges[]

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Note: Some higher level stats cannot be found in these tables but might be seen on Reforge Stones' individual pages. Please help to add higher level reforge stone stats!
Stat Abbreviations

To make everything fit on the tables below, stat names have been heavily abbreviated; this table explains what these abbreviations are (alternatively, hover over the stat for a tooltip with the name).

Bonus Attack Speed Stat Icon.pngAS Strength Stat Icon.pngStr Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCC Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCD Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFrm.Frt Foraging Fortune Stat Icon.pngFor.Frt Mining Fortune Stat Icon.pngMn.Frt
Bonus Attack Speed Stat Icon.pngBonus Attack Speed Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCrit Damage Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune Foraging Fortune Stat Icon.pngForaging Fortune Mining Fortune Stat Icon.pngMining Fortune
Intelligence Stat Icon.pngInt Health Stat Icon.pngHP Defense Stat Icon.pngDef Speed Stat Icon.pngSpd Mining Speed Stat Icon.pngM.Spd
Intelligence Stat Icon.pngIntelligence Health Stat Icon.pngHealth Defense Stat Icon.pngDefense Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed Mining Speed Stat Icon.pngMining Speed

Duplicate Prefixes[]

In addition to the reforges mentioned above, some Armor or tools share a name with certain reforges. To avoid repeats ("Wise Wise Dragon Armor"), they use a different prefix (except "shiny" Shiny Yellow Rock). They still have the same stat bonuses.

Reforge Actual Item
Very Wise Wise Dragon Armor
Strong Strong Dragon Armor
Highly Superior Superior Dragon Armor
Extremely Heavy Heavy Armor
Not So Light Heavy Armor
Thicc[sic] Heavy Super Heavy Armor
Absolutely Perfect Perfect Armor
Even More Refined Refined Mithril Pickaxe
Refined Titanium Pickaxe

Recommended Reforges and Combinations[]


  • This mechanic may be a reference to Terraria, as the game has similar reforging mechanics and names. A full list can be viewed here.
  • The custom prefixes apply only to Armor pieces and Pickaxes, so it is possible to obtain a "Shiny Shiny Yellow Rock".
  • Before 0.8, the only reforge that had its stats in a different color instead of gray was Godly, with its stats being red. Now, all reforges are colored blue.
  • The very first reforge on a profile costs 10 coal instead of coins. Reforges continue to cost 10 coal until the player takes an item out. Replacing the item within will also keep the cost at 10 coal.
  • Prior the Crimson Isle's update, you could reforge accessories.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Reforging.
Aug 2, 20190.7The Itchy reforge no longer gives Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance.
Itchy reforge Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCrit Damage nerfed from 3/7/12/18 to 3/5/8/12.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Added Salty and Treacherous reforges.
July 1, 20200.7.11Overhauled Reforging.
All reforges available from the Blacksmith now have the same chance to be rolled.
Reforges that could have been applied to any reforgeable item (Godly, Itchy etc.) can now only be applied to Accessories.
Other reforgeable items with old reforges keep the reforge.
Nerfed most Accessory reforges; only Unpleasant gives Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance.
Buffed most armor and weapon reforges; increased Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance for most of them.
Added Reforge Stones, which apply special reforges to items in Advanced Reforging for a price.
Added Spiked, Fabled, Renowned, Cubic, Silky, Warped (armor), Reinforced, Magnetic and Fruitful reforges.
Added an option to reforge the whole Accessory Bag at the Blacksmith or with a single Reforge Stone for a discount.
Added the Reforge Anvil, which can perform Advanced Reforging on a private island.
Halved reforge prices temporarily in order to let players test new builds.
The Reforge button at the Blacksmith can be pressed 2x faster (from 1.0s to 0.5s).
July 7, 20200.8Added Necrotic, Perfect, Undead, Gilded, Bloody, Precise, Ridiculous, Loving and Suspicious reforges.
Reforge stats now show as blue text in the item description instead of the previous Dark Grey (Red for Godly).
July 8, 2020Fixed Gilded reforge granting Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance instead of Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage.
July 30, 2020Added Spiritual reforge.
Sep 17, 20200.9.1Added Shaded and Warped Stone (Aspect of the End) reforges.
Sep 17, 20200.9.1Changed name of Warped Stone to Warped.
-10 Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage on Warped (Aspect of the End) reforge (from +175 to +165).
-10 Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength on Warped (Aspect of the End) reforge (from +175 to +165).
Oct 1, 20200.9.4Added Empowered and Giant reforges.
Oct 20, 20200.9.8Added Moil, Dirty, Toil, Refined and Blessed reforges.
Returned reforge prices to normal.
Oct 30, 20200.9.9Added Sweet and Candied reforges.
Nov 17, 20200.9.13Added Ancient and Withered reforges.
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Fleet, Mithraic, Auspicious and Stellar reforges.
Jan 18, 2021Existence of Headstrong reforge leaked through Jayavarmen's inventory.
Feb 16, 20210.11.1Added Headstrong reforge.
Mar 9, 20210.11.2Fixed bug preventing players from reforging their accessory bag.
Apr 21, 20210.11.4Added Bountiful, Stiff, Bulky and Lucky reforges.
The Reforge Anvil can now perform basic reforging.
May 27, 2021Fabled Bonus is buffed by 5% (from 20% to 25%)
June 1, 2021Fabled Bonus reverted to 20%.
July 14, 20210.12Added Jaded reforge.
Oct 5, 2021Can now filter by rarity when reforging the entire Accessory Bag.
Feb 2, 2022Fabled Bonus is nerfed by 5% (from 20% to 15%)
Apr 1, 2022Added Double-Bit, Lumberjack's, Great, Rugged, Lush, Green Thumb, Peasant's, Robust, Zooming, Unyielding, Prospector's, Excellent, Sturdy, Fortunate reforges.

Reforge Revamp Update Changes[]

These images show how the reforge revamp changed the stats on various reforges that existed at the time.