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For quest items from Romero, see Romero and Juliette Quest Items.
For quest items from Juliette, see Ring of Love.
For quest details and locations, see Romero and Juliette.

Romero is an NPC related to the Romero and Juliette quest, where the player assists him in getting presents for Juliette.


To make Romero appear, you must first talk to Juliette. Every step of the quest Romero's will change location.


After giving the player an item to give to Juliette
  • Bring the item I gave you to Juliette!!

After giving the player an item to give to Juliette without the item in your inventory:

  • Bring the item I gave you to Juliette!
  • If you lost the item, we can fix that! Although, you will have to cover my expenses, considering the sentimental value... [CLICK]
Step 1 (Savanna Woodland) [in a cave under Master Tactician Funk's tent]
  • Before giving item:
    • I'm... trying to find gold...
    • but I can only find sand and stone here!
    • I heard of a gold mine in the Savanna Woodland.
    • I'd like to craft a gift for my beloved Juliette.
    • Could you find some gold for me, please?
  • Upon giving item:
    • Thank you so much!
    • Here, could you do me a favor and bring this gift back to Juliette?
Step 2 (Village) [Just outside Marco's painting shop]
  • Before giving item:
    • Groceries?
    • Haha!
    • I'm here to get a flower bouquet for Juliette.
    • Could you help out and get some flowers?
  • Wrong type of material:
    • I was thinking of a bouquet of roses.
  • While holding 1 poppy:
    • Just one? That's not much of a bouquet!
  • While holding 2 to 7 poppies:
    • Going to need a few more than that!
  • While holding 8 to 11 poppies:
    • I love roses! Can you get more?
  • While holding 12 to 14 poppies:
    • That's a lot of flowers! Maybe a few more...
  • Upon giving item:
    • Wow, They're beautiful!
    • Please bring the bouquet to Juliette!
Step 3 (Graveyard) [at the Emerald beacon]
  • Before giving item:
    • I love emeralds!
    • There's emerald on everything I like!
    • This one can't be dislodged!
    • Could you bring me some emerald?
  • Insufficient material quantity:
    • I'm going to need a full stack of those!
  • While holding Enchanted Emeralds:
    • Very cool, but regular emeralds will do the trick.
  • While holding Block of Emerald:
    • I don't need a whole block!
  • Upon giving item:
    • Am
    • -az-
    • -ing!
    • Now bring this gift to Juliette!
Step 4 (Farming Islands) [At a small cabin underneath Trevor the Trapper's cave, near the back of the island]
  • Before giving item:
    • Hey, you again!
    • I wanted mushrooms to concoct a stew,
    • but these big red ones won't cut it.
    • I need some decent mushrooms.
  • While holding Red Mushroom:
    • I can't cook a gourmet stew with tiny mushrooms!
    • I need bigger ones!
  • While holding Brown Mushroom:
    • That's not the color of mushroom I'm looking for.
  • While holding Red Mushroom Block:
    • Sweet! Just what I need!
    • EXCEPT... Could you enchant it?
    • I need the perfect stew for my beloved Juliette.
  • While holding Brown Mushroom Block:
    • That's a big mushroom that I don't need.
    • It's well known that good stews aren't made from brown mushrooms.
  • While holding Enchanted Brown Mushroom Block:
    • I need red mushrooms.
  • Upon giving item:
    • Fantastic!
    • There's some stew for Juliette!
    • Mmh! Tastes great!
Step 5 (Mountain) [at the top of HUB mountain opposite Scoop's house]
  • Before giving item:

So cold! I wish I had coffee right now...

    • I want to reach the moon for Juliette.
    • Literally!
    • I wish I could jump like a Rabbit and grab a chunk of it.
  • While holding a potion that is not Rabbit:
    • A potion might do the trick, but not quite that one.
  • While holding a Rabbit potion that is not tier 6:
    • Rabbit potion? Sounds great!
    • Although... could you bring a more potent one?
    • I don't want to take any chances!
  • While holding a Rabbit VI potion that does not have a coffee base:
    • Awesome potion!
    • Any chance you could have it taste like coffee?
    • Come back with a caffeinated beverage, thanks!
  • Upon giving item:
    • Thanks!
    • See ya later!
    • Bring the chunk to Juliette!
Step 6 (Gold Mine) [next to the burning fire pit]
  • Before giving item:
    • Hi friend!
    • I want to make a secret gift for Juliette.
    • I collected tons of gold...
    • Now I just need enough heat to melt it!
  • While holding a Lava Bucket:
    • *tastes it*
    • This is the kind of lava I need...
    • Except I need hotter.
  • Upon giving item:
    • Perfect!
    • Thank you so much for helping with all my gift ideas.
    • Can you bring this one to Juliette?
Step 7 (Wilderness) [climb the tree with a ladder in front of Tia the fairy, Romero is in a tree house decorated with Emerald blocks]
  • Before giving item:
    • I'm trying to solve this Rubix Prism.
    • Going to need someone wicked smart to solve it.
  • Upon giving item:
    • Incredible!
    • You solved the prism!
    • Please, bring it back to Juliette and show her how smart I am.
Step 8 (Colosseum)
  • Before giving item:
    • Juliette keeps talking to me about this other person.
    • I don't know what's going, they meet over and over!
    • Our love is stronger than theirs!
    • I'm waiting for this other person to show up.
    • I'll need my favorite weapon, can you fetch it for me?
  • While holding Aspect of the Jerry:
    • Go away.
  • While holding Emerald:
    • That's not even a weapon!
    • I do like it though!
  • Upon giving item:
    • This is exactly what I need!
    • Now I just have to wait for the pretendent.
    • Please bring this poem to Juliette.
    • I hope she'll see the reason.
  • Upon clicking with an Aspect of the Jerry:
    • Go away!
Step 9 (Mushroom Desert)
  • Before giving item:
    • It's you, [player name]!
    • I need your help to win Juliette back.
    • My plan is to assemble the greatest bouquet ever!
    • I need a ridiculous amount of flowers.
  • Upon giving item:
    • That's exquisite!![sic]
    • With this, I can get enough flowers to win Juliette back!
Step 10 (final)
  • [User name]! You're the best person to turn the day into something memorable!
  • But first, you should wear something nice!
Step 10 (wearing suit)
  • Looking slick!
  • You really look stunning!
  • Thank you so much for reuniting Juliette and I.
  • Please, one last time, give this to Juliette.
After Quest
  • I love Juliette! (emits heart particles)


  • Both Romero and Juliette are a reference to the main characters in the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
  • His outfit is likely a reference to Where's Wally/Waldo? (who wears a red and white striped hat and shirt, glasses, and blue pants), and the fact you have to find Romero after every stage of his quest is also likely a reference (even if the method you find him is different than in the puzzle books).


SkyBlock Prototype
Nov 11, 20190.7.4Romero.png Added Romero.
Nov 11, 20190.7.4Romero now accepts any tier Flower Minion.