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Magma Cream.png Runecrafting is one of the Skills available for players to level up by fusing runes, killing Runic Mobs, or by killing Bosses. It allows the player to fuse Runes onto their weapons and armor. Runecrafting is a cosmetic-only mechanic, and can only be leveled up to level 3 with the Default rank.

Roman Numerals are used to express its levels in-game.


Runecrafting is one of three "cosmetic" skills, which have content locked to players without a Rank. Players with no ranks cannot increase past level 3 in the skill, and higher ranks apply a higher exp multiplier. As a "cosmetic" skill no important content or any stats require it to be leveled, and other than some small benefits it may provide (such as tabbed chests) it's purely decoration. The other cosmetic skills are Carpentry and Social.

Each rune has an associated level. The runes can be fused- however, they cannot be activated until the player has their Runecrafting level equal to or greater than the level of the rune.

Runic Mobs

Runes are obtained from Runic Mobs. Runic Mobs are normal SkyBlock Mobs, but with 4x higher Health Stat Icon.pngHealth, and deal double damage. They have a purple name tag, and a much lower chance to spawn. When killed, they are guaranteed to drop a Rune.

All mobs can be Runic except Ender Dragon, Magma Cube Boss, Slayer Boss/Miniboss, Dungeon Boss or Dungeon Boss Minion.

Certain runes are also obtained from Slayer or as special rewards.

Fusing Runes

Runes can be fused on the Runic Pedestal, found behind the Blacksmith and owned by the NPC Dusk.

Fusing two runes together will have a chance of upgrading the rune to the next level, up to the maximum level of 3. Upon success or failure, the second rune is consumed. If this process does not succeed, the remaining rune will not gain the level. The chance of success can be seen in the Runic Pedestal while hovering over the apply trigger. Regardless of the outcome, this will also grant Runecrafting experience. More experience is awarded upon success.

Runes can be fused onto Swords, Bows, Chestplates, and Boots, depending on the type of rune. The player must have their Runecrafting level either equal to or greater than the level of the rune, or they won't be able to fuse it. This only applies to fuse runes to items; runes above the player's Runecrafting level can still be combined together. Fusing runes onto items will also grant Runecrafting experience.

List of Runes

Standard Runes

Image Name Level Category Rarity Description Unique Ways To Obtain
◆ Blood Rune I Blood 1 Weapons Common Create a blood effect when you kill mobs!
◆ Snow Rune I Snow 2 Weapons Common Freeze monsters to death!
◆ Lava Rune I Lava 3 Bows Common Shoot magma arrows!
◆ Gem Rune I Gem 4 Bows Common Create a gem effect behind your arrows
◆ Zap Rune I Zap 5 Boots Uncommon Zap across the lands!
◆ White Spiral Rune I White Spiral 6 Bows Uncommon Show your elegance with white sparkling arrows!
◆ Smokey Rune I Smokey 7 Bows Common Creates a burnt trail behind your arrows! Runic Wither Skeletons in the Blazing Fortress
◆ Hot Rune I Hot 8 Boots Uncommon Your shoes must be burning!
◆ Redstone Rune I Redstone 9 Boots Rare Walk like an engineer! Runic Pigmen at the Pigmen's Den
◆ Hearts Rune I Hearts 10 Weapons Rare Shower your enemies in love!
◆ Sparkling Rune I Sparkling 11 Boots Rare Your shoes are sparkling!
◆ Magical Rune I Magical 12 Bows Rare Your arrows have a magical shine! Mining Glowing Blocks
◆ Fire Spiral Rune I Fire Spiral 13 Bows Rare Inferno arrows! Runic Mobs in the Blazing Fortress
◆ Golden Rune I Golden 14 Bows Epic Flaunt your wealth with golden arrows!
◆ Music Rune I Music 15 Weapons Epic Put monsters out of their misery with sweet tunes! Great Catch from Fishing
◆ Clouds Rune I Clouds 16 Boots Epic Feels like you're walking in the clouds!
◆ Wake Rune I Wake 18 Bows Legendary Your arrows are calming waves! Runic Sea Creatures
◆ Lightning Rune I Lightning 19 Weapons Legendary Chance to strike lightning on the enemies you defeat!
◆ Rainbow Rune I Rainbow 20 Boots Legendary Walkin' on rainbows!
Empty Rune Empty Rune Uncommon This Rune is glitched, not giving any effect Could be obtained while patch 0.7 was being rolled out. It would drop in extremely large quantities from mobs, causing the player's game to crash. Now the only way to obtain is through trading with other players.

Slayer Runes

Image Name Level Category Rarity How to Obtain Odds
◆ Pestilence Rune I Pestilence 10 Weapons Rare Revenant Horror (Tier II+)
Unlocked: Zombie Slayer LVL 2
◆ Snake Rune I Snake 21 Boots Legendary Revenant Horror (Tier IV+)
Unlocked: Zombie Slayer LVL 6
Pray RNGesus(<1%)
◆ Bite Rune I Bite 15 Bows Epic Tarantula Broodfather (Tier II+)
Unlocked: Spider Slayer LVL 1
◆ Spirit Rune I Spirit 12 Weapons Rare Sven Packmaster (Tier II+)
Unlocked: Wolf Slayer LVL 2
◆ Couture Rune I Couture 24 Boots Legendary Sven Packmaster (Tier IV+)
Unlocked: Wolf Slayer LVL 6
Pray RNGesus(<1%)
◆ End Rune I End 1 Bows Epic Voidgloom Seraph Extraordinary(1%)
◆ Endersnake Rune I Endersnake 23 Boots Legendary Voidgloom Seraph (Tier III)
Unlocked : Enderman Slayer LVL 2
◆ Enchant Rune I Enchant 25 Chestplates Legendary Voidgloom Seraph Pray RNGesus(<1%)
◆ Fiery Burst Rune I Fiery Burst 25 Hoes Legendary Inferno Demonlord (Tier III+)
Unlocked : Blaze Slayer LVL 1
Pray RNGesus(<1%)
◆ Lavatears Rune I Lavatears 25 Bows Legendary Inferno Demonlord (Tier IV+)
Unlocked : Blaze Slayer LVL 5

The drop rate of the 3 runes above with "Pray RNGesus" is approximately 0.32%(1/309).

Event Runes

Image Name Level Category Rarity How to Obtain
◆ Ice Rune I Ice 8 Bows Rare Opening Season of Jerry Gifts
◆ Tidal Rune I Tidal 20 Boots Legendary Runic Spooky Sea Creatures during the Spooky Festival
◆ Jerry Rune III Jerry 4 Weapons Common Opening Jerry Boxes


Different rune rarities grant differing amounts of experience and have different success rates when fusing.

Rarity Experience Merge Chance Expected Runes to Acquire T2 Expected Runes to Acquire T3
Common 10 25% 5 25
Uncommon 15 35% 3.86 14.88
Rare 25 40% 3.5 12.25
Epic 30 45% 3.22 10.38
Legendary 35 50% 3 9

F(n), the probability of successfully fusing on the nth attempt is represented as a function of P(n), the probability of merging on a given attempt. This distribution is binomial in nature.

C(n) the cost in runes on the nth attempt is

Therefore, we can represent E(n), the expected number of runes during fusing as E(n) = ∑ F(n) * C(n)

In order to calculate the expected runes to acquire

, we can represent the cost C(n) in terms of the cost of T2, or

Therefore, the cost of T3 rune is

Alternatively, where

is the level of the rune desired:

Experience Table

Level XP Required to Reach Cumulative XP
0 0 0
1 50 50
2 100 150
3 125 275
4 160 435
5 200 635
6 250 885
7 315 1200
8 400 1600
9 500 2100
10 625 2725
11 785 3510
12 1000 4510
13 1250 5760
14 1600 7325
15 2000 9325
16 2465 11825
17 3125 14950
18 4000 18950
19 5000 23950
20 6200 30200
21 7800 38050
22 9800 47850
23 12200 60100
24 15300 75400

Runecrafting EXP Multipliers

If you have different ranks on Hypixel, you will get more XP.


  • Sometimes, Depth Strider stops working on boots with a rune. The only workaround is to throw the boots onto the ground and pick it up.


Runic Headless Horseman

  • This skill was supposed to be released July 16, 2019, but was delayed to August 2, 2019, due to the need for more testing.
  • The Headless Horseman Boss can be Runic, giving it 10MHealth Stat Icon.png. With a base health of 3MHealth Stat Icon.png, it should have 12MHealth Stat Icon.png.
  • The glitched runes appeared from the original hour of the Runecrafting release date, they are most likely made unusable since every enemy dropped a blood rune.
  • The Tidal Rune is the only Rune that is in bold font.
  • The Jerry Rune is the only Rune that is only available in the 3rd tier.
  • The Enchant Rune is the first and only Rune that can be applied to Chestplates.


Alpha Hypixel Network
Unknown DateFiery Burst Rune.png Added Fiery Burst Rune.
Lavatears Rune.png Added Lavatears Rune.
SkyBlock Prototype
Aug 2, 20190.7Blood Rune.png Added Runecrafting.
Oct 11, 20190.7.2Couture Rune.png Added Slayer Runes.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Ice Rune.png Added Ice Rune.
Nov 2, 20200.9.10Tidal Rune.png Added Tidal Rune.
Jan 11, 2021Jerry Rune.png Added Jerry Rune.
May 31, 20210.11.5End Rune.png Added End Rune.
Endersnake Rune.png Added Endersnake Rune.
Enchant Rune.png Added Enchant Rune.
Aug 13, 2021Runes can now be sold to Merchants.
Apr 20, 20220.13Fiery Burst Rune.png Added Fiery Burst Rune.
Lavatears Rune.png Added Lavatears Rune.