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Sacks allow the player to store a certain amount of Collection items while held in the inventory or a Sack of Sacks with the exception of the Spooky Sack, Rune Sack, Slayer sack, and Dungeon Sack. Players can collect the items stored in the sack by opening it and then clicking the item that they want to collect, somewhat similar to that of a Bazaar buy order. Enchanted sacks function the same as regular sacks; they just store the enchanted form. Enchanted sacks only have the large tier, and work along the Super Compactor 3000 and Personal Compactor 4000 and all of its tiers.

All items within the sack can also be quickly sold using the quick sell option at the Bazaar, even if the sack is stored in a chest on the private island.

Having multiple Sacks stacks the quantity of items, and the sacks cannot be traded or put on the AH, even through Backpacks.


There are three tiers/sizes of sacks in total. Each tier allows the player to store more items than the tier before it.

Size Amount of each item stored Amount in stacks
Small 640 10
Medium 2,240 35
Large 20,160 315

With the exception of Gemstone Sack:

Size Amount of each gemstone type stored Amount in 1,000 stacks
Small 128,000 2
Medium 512,000 8
Large 2,560,000 40

Holding multiple sacks of the same type adds their capacities.


Icon Name Items Collection / Acquisition
Small Agronomy Sack Agronomy Sack Wheat, Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin, Melon, Seeds, Mushroom, Cocoa Beans, Cactus, Sugar Cane, Nether Wart Wheat VII
Wheat VIII
Wheat X
Small Husbandry Sack Husbandry Sack Feather, Leather, Raw Porkchop, Raw Chicken, Mutton, Raw Rabbit Mutton V
Mutton VII
Mutton IX
Small Mining Sack Mining Sack Cobblestone, Coal, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Redstone, Nether Quartz, Obsidian, Glowstone Dust, Gravel, Ice, Netherrack, Sand, End Stone, Mithril, Titanium, Treasurite, Starfall Coal V
Coal VII
Coal IX
Small Combat Sack Combat Sack Rotten Flesh, Bone, String, Spider Eye, Gunpowder, Ender Pearl, Ghast Tear, Slimeball, Blaze Rod, Magma Cream Rotten Flesh V
Rotten Flesh VII
Rotten Flesh IX
Small Foraging Sack Foraging Sack Oak Wood, Spruce Wood, Birch Wood, Dark Oak Wood, Acacia Wood, Jungle Wood, Apple, Oak Sapling, Birch Sapling, Spruce Sapling, Acacia Sapling, Dark Oak Sapling, Jungle Sapling Birch Wood VI
Birch Wood VII
Birch Wood IX
Small Fishing Sack Fishing Sack Raw Fish, Raw Salmon, Clownfish, Pufferfish, Prismarine Shard, Prismarine Crystals, Clay, Lily Pad, Ink Sack, Sponge Pufferfish V
Pufferfish VII
Pufferfish IX
Small Gemstone Sack Gemstone Sack Rough Ruby Gemstone, Flawed Ruby Gemstone, Fine Ruby Gemstone, Flawless Ruby Gemstone,
Rough Amber Gemstone, Flawed Amber Gemstone, Fine Amber Gemstone, Flawless Amber Gemstone,
Rough Sapphire Gemstone, Flawed Sapphire Gemstone, Fine Sapphire Gemstone, Flawless Sapphire Gemstone,
Rough Jade Gemstone, Flawed Jade Gemstone, Fine Jade Gemstone, Flawless Jade Gemstone,
Rough Amethyst Gemstone, Flawed Amethyst Gemstone, Fine Amethyst Gemstone, Flawless Amethyst Gemstone,
Rough Topaz Gemstone, Flawed Topaz Gemstone, Fine Topaz Gemstone, Flawless Topaz Gemstone,
Rough Jasper Gemstone, Flawed Jasper Gemstone, Fine Jasper Gemstone, Flawless Jasper Gemstone
Gemstone I
Gemstone III
Barrier.png None
Small Nether Sack Nether Sack Sulphur, Red Sand, Mycelium, Netherrack, Magma Cream, Blaze Rod, Ghast Tear, Nether Quartz, Glowstone Dust, Nether Wart, Spectre Dust, Blaze Ashes, Mutated Blaze Ashes, Wither Soul, Magma Chunk, Bezos, Burning Eye, Tentacle Meat, Digested Mushrooms, Kada Lead, Magmag, Gazing Pearl, Leather Cloth, Spell Powder, Compact Ooze, Lumino Fiber, Hallowed Skull, Corrupted Fragment Sulphur III
Sulphur V
Sulphur VII
Small Lava Fishing Sack Lava Fishing Sack Blaze Powder, Enchanted Coal, Cup of Blood, Flaming Heart, Horn of Taurus, Lump of Magma, Enchanted Magma Cream, Magmafish, Moogma Pelt, Enchanted Netherrack, Orb of Energy, Pyroclastic Scale Magmafish VI
Magmafish IX
Magmafish XI
Large Enchanted Agronomy Sack Large Enchanted Agronomy Sack Enchanted Hay Bale, Enchanted Carrot, Enchanted Potato, Enchanted Pumpkin, Enchanted Melon, Enchanted Seeds, Enchanted Mushroom, Enchanted Cocoa Bean, Enchanted Cactus, Enchanted Sugar, Enchanted Nether Wart Wheat XI
Large Enchanted Husbandry Sack Large Enchanted Husbandry Sack Enchanted Feather, Enchanted Leather, Enchanted Pork, Enchanted Raw Chicken, Enchanted Mutton, Enchanted Raw Rabbit Mutton X
Large Enchanted Mining Sack Large Enchanted Mining Sack Enchanted Cobblestone, Enchanted Coal, Enchanted Iron, Enchanted Gold, Enchanted Diamond, Enchanted Lapis Lazuli, Enchanted Emerald, Enchanted Redstone, Enchanted Quartz, Enchanted Obsidian, Enchanted Glowstone Dust, Enchanted Flint, Enchanted Ice, Enchanted Sand, Enchanted End Stone, Enchanted Mithril, Enchanted Titanium Coal X
Large Enchanted Combat Sack Large Enchanted Combat Sack Enchanted Rotten Flesh, Enchanted Bone, Enchanted String, Enchanted Spider Eye, Enchanted Gunpowder, Enchanted Ender Pearl, Enchanted Ghast Tear, Enchanted Slimeball, Enchanted Blaze Powder, Enchanted Magma Cream Rotten Flesh X
Large Enchanted Foraging Sack Large Enchanted Foraging Sack Enchanted Oak Wood, Enchanted Spruce Wood, Enchanted Birch Wood, Enchanted Dark Oak Wood, Enchanted Acacia Wood, Enchanted Jungle Wood Birch Wood X
Large Enchanted Fishing Sack Large Enchanted Fishing Sack Enchanted Raw Fish, Enchanted Raw Salmon, Enchanted Clownfish, Enchanted Pufferfish, Enchanted Prismarine Shard, Enchanted Prismarine Crystals, Enchanted Clay, Enchanted Lily Pad, Enchanted Ink Sack, Enchanted Sponge Pufferfish X
Small Slayer Sack Slayer Sack Revenant Flesh, Tarantula Web, Wolf Tooth, Null Sphere Zombie Slayer V
Spider Slayer VI
Wolf Slayer VIII
Dungeon Sack Dungeon Sack Spirit Leap, Trap, Inflatable Jerry, Decoy Bits Shop, 10,000 Bits
Spooky Sack Spooky Sack Green Candy, Purple Candy, Pumpkin Guts, Ectoplasm, Werewolf Skin
Rune Sack Rune Sack Runes Bits Shop, 10,000 Bits
Winter Sack Winter Sack White Gift, Green Gift, Red Gift, Enchanted Snow Block, Snowball, Enchanted Ice, Enchanted Packed Ice, Hunk of Ice, Hunk of Blue Ice Winter Island, The Snowman Shop


Alpha Hypixel Network
Feb 22, 2022Large Nether Sack.png Added Nether Sack.
Added Apple Apples and Oak Sapling Saplings to the Foraging Sack.
SkyBlock Prototype
June 7, 20200.7.10Small Agronomy Sack.png Added Agronomy Sack.
Small Husbandry Sack.png Added Husbandry Sack.
Small Mining Sack.png Added Mining Sack.
Small Combat Sack.png Added Combat Sack.
Small Foraging Sack.png Added Foraging Sack.
Small Fishing Sack.png Added Fishing Sack.
Small Slayer Sack.png Added Slayer Sack.
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Dungeon Sack Dungeon Sack.
Feb 16, 20210.11.1Added Rune Sack Rune Sack.
Mar 9, 20210.11.2Large Enchanted Agronomy Sack.png Added Large Enchanted Agronomy Sack.
Large Enchanted Husbandry Sack.png Added Large Enchanted Husbandry Sack.
Large Enchanted Mining Sack.png Added Large Enchanted Mining Sack.
Large Enchanted Combat Sack.png Added Large Enchanted Combat Sack.
Large Enchanted Agronomy Sack.png Added Large Enchanted Foraging Sack.
Large Enchanted Fishing Sack.png Added Large Enchanted Fishing Sack.
Apr 21, 20210.11.4Winter Sack.png Added Winter Sack.
Changed Candy Sack to Spooky Sack Spooky Sack
July 14, 20210.12Small Gemstone Sack.png Added Gemstone Sack.
Oct 5, 2021Added a "Go Back" button to the Sack of Sacks.
Apr 20, 20220.13Large Nether Sack.png Added Nether Sack.
Large Lava Fishing Sack.png Added Lava Fishing Sack.
Added Apple Apples and Oak Sapling Saplings to the Foraging Sack.