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Scorpius is a mayoral candidate that can be elected during the Mayor Election event. His perks focus around the Dark Auction. He is one of the four special candidates to run for election.

Mayoral Perks[]

Candidate Scorpius is a special candidate, and will run the election according to the Special Candidates Election Cycle. This candidate is speculated to run for mayor next time in the election of Year 240 with all of the 2 possible perks listed below.

  • Scorpius Sprite.png Scorpius
    1. Bribe: If Scorpius wins and you voted for him, Mayor Scorpius will offer you 50,000 coins - 1,000,000 coins as a token of gratitude.
    2. Darker Auctions: Scorpius will intrude in Dark Auctions, increasing the number of rounds to 7 and offering special items.


If Scorpius wins and the user voted for him, he will reward the user with a certain amount of coins, based on the amount of playtime they have on their current profile when they redeem the bribe (this means that, for example, if the user that voted for Scorpius while had 295 hours of playtime at the time of voting, but 305 hours at the time of claiming the bribe, they will receive 1 million coins, not 500 thousand): [1][2][3]

Playtime Bribe Amount
0 - 50 hours 50,000 coins
50 - 100 hours 100,000 coins
100 - 150 hours 250,000 coins
150 - 300 hours 500,000 coins
300+ hours 1,000,000 coins

Darker Auctions[]

The following items can be found at Scorpius' Darker Auctions:




Book Bundles:

Recipe Items:


First click[]

  • My name is Scorpius, I don't come here very often.
  • If you know Sirius, you may want to do business with us.
  • We'll take...very good care of you.

Second click[]

  • Great men are not born great, they grow great. (repeated)
  • I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. (repeated)

In Dark Auction[]

  • Now that I'm Mayor I can truly serve the underground community
  • This Auction will have 7 rounds and upgraded items


SkyBlock Prototype
Oct 17, 2020Scorpius.png Added Scorpius.
Scorpius participated in the Year 96 Mayor Election.
Feb 16, 20210.11.1Scorpius participated in the Year 120 Mayor Election.
June 22, 2021Scorpius participated in the Year 144 Mayor Election.
Oct 24, 2021Scorpius participated in the Year 168 Mayor Election.
Feb 25, 2022Scorpius participated in the Year 192 Mayor Election.