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Sea Creatures are mobs which can be caught while fishing. The likelihood of catching Sea Creatures is increased by α Sea Creature Chance.


Sea Creatures are mobs which can be caught while fishing. The type of Sea Creature which is caught depends on the player's Fishing Rod.png Fishing level, location and fishing medium (Water Water or Lava Lava). When killed, they drop loot and Fishing Rod.png Fishing XP.

The list of all Sea Creatures, their requirements to be caught and drops can be seen in the in-game Sea Creature Guide. The command /scg opens the Guide.

The chance to catch a Sea Creature is determined by the player's α Sea Creature Chance. The player's α Sea Creature Chance is equivalent to the chance they have to catch a Sea Creature. The chance of catching a Sea Creature is reduced on Private Islands.

Sea Creatures cannot be damaged by arrows, except those shot from the Prismarine Bow Prismarine Bow. They take 2x damage from Fishing Rods and Fishing Weapons.

When catching Sea Creatures, the location of the block the bobber is in determines the kinds of Sea Creatures which can be caught, not the location of the player.

List of Sea Creatures[]

These Sea Creatures can be fished up anywhere from Water Water.

Requirements Name Rarity Chance Level ❤ HP Drops Base XP yield Text when caught
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 1 Squid Sprite.png Squid Common 24.56% 1 2000 +41 A Squid appeared.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 2 Sea Walker Sprite.png Sea Walker Common 16.31% 4 1500 +68 You caught a Sea Walker.
Squid Sprite.png Night Squid Common 17.83% 6 2000 +270 Pitch Darkness reveals you've caught a Night Squid.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 5 Sea Guardian Sprite.png Sea Guardian Common 12.23% 10 2500 +101 You stumbled upon a Sea Guardian.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 7 Witch Sprite.png Sea Witch Uncommon 14.27% 15 6,000 +338 It looks like you've disrupted the Sea Witch's brewing session. Watch out, she's furious!
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 9 Skeleton Sprite.png Sea Archer Uncommon 11.21% 15 7,000 +169 You reeled in a Sea Archer.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 11 Monster of the Deep Sprite.png Monster of the Deep Uncommon 8.15% 20 20,000 +270 The Monster of The Deep emerges from the dark depths...
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 13 Catfish Sprite.png Catfish Rare 5.1% 23 26,000 +405 Huh? A Catfish!
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 16 Silverfish Sprite.png Sea Leech Rare 3.26% 30 60,000 +675 Gross! A Sea Leech!
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 17 Guardian Defender Sprite.png Guardian Defender Epic 2.65% 45 76000 +1,013 You've discovered a Guardian Defender of the sea.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 18 Iron Golem Sprite.png Deep Sea Protector Epic 1.79% 60 150,000 +1,350 You have awoken the Deep Sea Protector, prepare for a battle!
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 19 Water Hydra Sprite.png Water Hydra Legendary 0.37% 100 500,000 +4,050 The Water Hydra has come to test your Strength.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 20 Sea Emperor Sprite.png Sea Emperor Legendary 0.2% 150 750,000 +3,375 The Sea Emperor arises from the depths...

These Sea Creatures can only be fished up in the ⏣ Oasis, on the Mushroom Desert.

Requirements Name Rarity Chance Level ❤ HP Drops XP yield Text when caught
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 10 Rabbit Sprite.png Oasis Rabbit Uncommon 5.08% 10 6,000 0 An Oasis Rabbit appears from the water
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 10 Sheep Sprite.png Oasis Sheep Uncommon 11.85% 10 6,000 0 An Oasis Sheep appears from the water

These Sea Creatures can only be fished up in the Crystal Hollows.

Requirements Location Name Rarity Chance Level ❤ HP Drops XP yield Text when caught
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 15 Goblin Holdout Silverfish Sprite.png Water Worm Rare 50% 20 50,000 +240 A Water Worm surfaces!
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 17 Goblin Holdout Endermite Sprite.png Poisoned Water Worm Rare 50% 25 150,000 +270 A Poisoned Water Worm surfaces!
Precursor Remnants Silverfish Sprite.png Flaming Worm Rare 90.91% 50 100,000 +240 A flaming worm surfaces from the depths!
Magma Fields Blaze Sprite.png Lava Blaze Epic 50% 100 400,000 +548 A Lava Blaze has surfaced from the depths!
Magma Fields Zombie Pigman Sprite.png Lava Pigman Epic 50% 100 450,000 +568 A Lava Pigman arose from the depths!
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 24 Mithril Deposits, Precursor Remnants, or Jungle Zombie Miner Sprite.png Zombie Miner Legendary 9.09% 150 2,000,000 +770 A Zombie Miner surfaces!

These Lava Lava Sea Creatures can only be fished up on the Crimson Isle.

Requirements Name Rarity Level ❤ HP Drops XP yield Text when caught
Magma Cube Sprite.png Magma Slug Rare 200 1,000,000 +730 From Beneath the lava

appears a Magma Slug.

Mooshroom Sprite.png Moogma Rare 210 2,500,000 +950 You hear a faint Moo

from the lava...

A Moogma appears.

Endermite Sprite.png Lava Leech Rare 220 3,000,000 +1400 A small but fearsome

Lava Leech emerges.

Magma Cube Sprite.png Pyroclastic Worm Rare 240 2,500,000 +1100 You feel the heat

radiating as a Pyroclastic Worm surfaces.

Blaze Sprite.png Lava Flame Rare 230 3,000,000 +2100 A Lava Flame flies out from beneath the lava.
Blank Icon.png Fire Eel Rare 240 4,000,000 +2200 A Fire Eel slithers out

from the depths.

Taurus Sprite.png Taurus Rare 250 5,000,000 +4300 Taurus and his steed emerge.
Elder Guardian Sprite.png Thunder Mythic 400 35,000,000 +12,000 You hear a massive rumble as Thunder emerges.
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Level 45
Iron Golem Sprite.png Lord Jawbus Mythic 600 100,000,000 +40000 You have angered a legendary creature...

Lord Jawbus has arrived

Squid Sprite.png Plhlegblast Common 300 500,000,000 +5000 WOAH! A Plhlegblast appeared.

Spooky Sea Creatures can only be caught during the Spooky Festival and an hour before and after the Spooky Festival has occurred.

Requirements Name Rarity Chance Level ❤ HP Drops XP yield Text when caught
Scarecrow Sprite.png Scarecrow Common 14.66% 9 4,500 +420 Phew! It's only a scarecrow.
Nightmare Sprite.png Nightmare Rare 8.06% 24 35,000 +820 You hear trotting from beneath the waves, you caught a Nightmare
Werewolf Sprite.png Werewolf Epic 3.67% 50 50,000 +1,235 It must be a full moon, it's a Werewolf!
Phantom Fisher Sprite.png Phantom Fisher Legendary 1.32% 160 1,000,000 +2525 The spirit of a long lost Phantom Fisher has come to haunt you.
Grim Reaper Sprite.png Grim Reaper Legendary 0.37% 190 3,000,000 3,950 This can't be! The manifestation of death himself!

Winter Sea Creatures can only be caught at Jerry's Workshop in the Jerry Pond.

Requirements Name Rarity Chance Level ❤ HP Drops XP yield Text when caught
Frozen Steve Sprite.png Frozen Steve Common 15.97% 7 700 +101 Frozen Steve fell into the pond long ago, never to resurface... until now!
Frosty (Mob) Sprite.png Frosty (Mob) Common 11.62% 13 5,000 +203 Its a Snowman! It looks harmless.
Grinch Sprite.png Grinch Uncommon 0.73% 21 10

Note: Takes 1 damage every hit.

+405 The Grinch stole Jerry's Gifts...get them back!
Yeti Sprite.png Yeti Legendary 0.44% 175 2,000,000 +4,050 What is this creature!?

Fishing Festival Sea Creatures can only be caught during the Fishing Festival.

Requirements Name Rarity Chance Level ❤ HP Drops XP yield Text when caught
Nurse Shark Sprite.png Nurse Shark Special 15.7% 6 2,500 +405 A tiny fin emerges from the water, you've caught a Nurse Shark.
Blue Shark Sprite.png Blue Shark Special 7.85% 20 25,000 +810 You spot a fin as blue as the water it came from, it's a Blue Shark.
Tiger Shark Sprite.png Tiger Shark Special 4.28% 50 250,000 +1,013 A striped beast bounds from the depths, the wild Tiger Shark!
Great White Shark Sprite.png Great White Shark Special 2.14% 180 1,500,000 +2,025 Hide no longer, a Great White Shark has tracked your scent and thirsts for your blood!


SkyBlock Prototype
July 2, 20190.5Added Sea Creatures.