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Shops are NPCs or areas in SkyBlock which sell items for a fixed price to the player. Most NPC shops have a daily buy limit of 640 items, which resets at 12:00 AM GMT, or 7:00 PM EST/8:00 PM EDT.



These are the merchants found in the Village.

Merchant Sales Available
Adventurer Mob Drops, talismans Anytime
Lumber Merchant Axes, Wood Resources
Armorsmith Armor
Fish Merchant Fishing Rods, Fish
Mine Merchant Pickaxes, Torches, Ores
Farm Merchant Crops, Sand, Bone Meal, Hoes
Builder Building Blocks, Liquids
Weaponsmith Swords, Bows, Arrows
Librarian XP Bottles, Books, Enchanted Books
Alchemist Brewing supplies
Bartender Brews and Tier XII Revenant Minion
Plumber Joe Plumber's Sponge
Bea Bee Pet
Zog Various Pet Items
Wool Weaver Various Colored Wool
Seymour Tuxedos
Smithmonger Reforge Stones for tools
Guy Personal Bank Upgrades
Carpenter/Furniture Shop Various Furniture
Elizabeth/Bits Shop Items that sell for Bits
Amelia Fun Items with Emerald.png Social Level Requirements
Anita Farming Items and Perks
Mad Redstone Engineer Redstone Items
Fear Mongerer Various Spooky Festival Items Appears only around Spooky Festival
Baker New Year Cake Bag Appears only during the New Year Celebration
Oringo Various Pets Appears only during the Traveling Zoo
Diana Griffin Pet, Ancestral Spade Appears only when Diana is the mayor

Hub Island: Ruins, Mountain, Wilderness[]

Merchant Sales Available
Lonely Philosopher Travel Scroll to Hub Castle Players ranked MVP+ or above
Scoop Snow Shovel Anytime
Shifty Brews After a Dark Auction, and after buying at least 5 items in Dark Auction
Lucius Shady Ring, Crooked Artifact, Seal of the Family

The Barn, Mushroom Desert[]

Merchant Sales Available
Terry Tier XII Minions Anytime
Windmill Operator (Farm Merchant) Crops, Sand, Bone Meal, Hoes After you finish his quest and will change his name to Farm Merchant


Merchant Sales Available
Pat Flint, Gravel Anytime

Gold Mine, Deep Caverns, Dwarven Mines[]

Merchant Sales Available
Gold Forger Gold Ingots, Gold Armor, Fancy Sword Anytime
Iron Forger Iron Ingots, Chainmail armor, Iron Pickaxe with Smelting Touch
Rusty Telekinesis Enchant
Walter Superboom TNT
Bubu Different pickaxes with varying Breaking Powers
Bulvar Tier XII Minions
Malmar Mining Pumpkin

The Park[]

Merchant Sales Available
Melancholic Viking
(aka Joyful Viking)
Viking's Tear, Raider Axe, Experience IV Book After reminding him of the ocean by giving him a Magical Water Bucket.
Master Tactician Funk Tactician's Sword, Wood Singularity Anytime
Old Shaman Nyko True Essence, True Protection I Books
Vanessa The Rainmaker

The End[]

Merchant Sales Available
Pearl Dealer Stonk, Remnant of the Eye, Silent Pearl,

Enchanted Book (Dragon Hunter I),

Enchanted Book (Ender Slayer VI)

Gregory the Opportunist Decent Bow, Arrows Appears only during the Dragon Fight

Jerry's Workshop (Appears during Season of Jerry event)[]

Merchant Sales Available
Sherry Winter Rod, Ice Bait, Ice, Packed Ice,

Bottle of Jyrre, Frosty the Snow Blaster

When Jerry's Workshop opens

during the Season of Jerry event

Dungeon Hub, The Catacombs[]

Note: you can only purchase items from them if you have the coins in your purse, it won't take away from your bank unlike post-dungeon chests.

Merchant Sales Available
Malik/Essence Shop Dungeon Perks in exchange of Essence
Duncan Farming Exp Boost During the Dungeon run
Winona Revive Stone
Tomioka Enchanted Book (Smite VII, Scavenger V, Sharpness VI, Protection VI)
Trinity Potion (Regeneration IX, Speed V, Regeneration V)
Ophelia Dungeon Related Items Anytime


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Shops.
July 9, 20190.6Some items are now able to be purchased in bulk by right-clicking.
Mar 9, 20200.7.7Any item that can be obtained from Minions will now have a daily buy limit of 640 in any shop.
Apr 6, 2021Added a 200,000,000 coins limit to amount of coins able to be earned from selling to shops per day.