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The Skeletor Armor is an Armor Set dropped by the Skeletor in The Catacombs - Floor III and in The Catacombs - Floor IV. The Skeletor Armor increases by 1 Strength and 1 Crit Damage per 10 kills of Skeletors found in The Catacombs - Floor III. This increase is capped at 50 Strength and 50 Crit Damage.

Being a Dungeon Armor drop, it is impossible to obtain the armor without it being pre-enchanted with Growth, Protection, and Thorns (with additional enchantments to the helmet and boots). Thus, in actuality, each of the unenchanted armor pieces has -15 Defense iconDefense and -75 Health iconHealth than what is listed; however, as an unenchanted variant of the armor is so far non-existent, these stats given by the enchants have been pre-factored into its stats.

As it is a Dungeon item, its stats receive a percentage buff based on one's Dungeoneering skill level while in Dungeons, with an additional 10% stat buff dependent on the number of stars it has.

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