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SkyBlock Prototype is the initial development stage of Hypixel SkyBlock that was made available for beta testing by all players.

Hypixel SkyBlock is a special interpretation of the traditional SkyBlock gamemode, where players start with two tiny islands, with infinite resources, special Skills and Collections, Quests, gameplay mechanics available on public islands and features such as Minions for automatic resource gain.[1]


The game mode was first spotted by a Twitter user on March 12, 2019, through the /profile <Player> command which shows your Hypixel friend's status. The screenshot posted shows Minikloon, a Hypixel Admin, being online in SkyBlock.[2] The same Twitter user also claimed that their forum post showcasing the same screenshot was removed for an unknown reason.[3]

RobotHanzo also found out a few months later when they were typing the /lobby skyblock command and got a different message response than how it would look if the lobby for a game mode that did not exist. It shows that the game lobby does in fact exist, but it wasn't possible for players to join.[4]

Hypixel SkyBlock features[]

The first version of SkyBlock Prototype comes with 7 Skills and 55 Collections.[1]

Custom items and blocks[]

Unlike normal SkyBlock, the game mode is packed with various items and blocks that come from or attribute to different Collections.

In each collection, you unlock different milestones the more you collect of the item. The more you collect, the better things you unlock. For example, at Level I Bone Collection, you unlock the Skeleton Minion, and at Level IX you unlock the Runaan's Bow, a good bow for early-midgame.

There are many custom items and blocks in the game, but they can be put into these broad categories:


Since the game is still under heavy development, there are frequent periods of time when it was completely down for maintenance, or only available to ranked players.

Due to the frequent introduction of new updates to the gamemode, bringing new features, items, collections and public islands, the servers might be updated, shut down or closed from time to time. For further information see the Changelog.


  • Even though the game is technically still under development and available in the Prototype Lobby, the SkyBlock forums is not a sub-forum of the Prototype Lobby (PTL) forums.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added SkyBlock Prototype.


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