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Legacy Item
This item is no longer obtainable other than trading with players.

The Sloth Hat of Celebration is a SPECIAL Hatcessory that was given out during the 4th SkyBlock Anniversary.


The Sloth Hat of Celebration was distributed by Simon Sprite Simon during the 4th SkyBlock Anniversary in front of the Bazaar.

Game Message[]

Condition Message
Collecting Sloth Hat
You claimed a [Expression] Sloth Hat of Celebration!
Another player collects Sloth Hat
Simon gave a [Expression] Sloth Hat of Celebration to <player>!
Attempting to claim another Sloth Hat
[NPC] Simon: I've already given you a Sloth Hat for this year! Happy Anniversary!


The Sloth Hat of Celebration has two different abilities, the first when it is used as a hat, and the second when it is used as an Accessory. The former, when worn as a Helmet, triggers the Sloth Hat of Celebration's ability, Party Time!.

When stored in the player's Accessory Bag Accessory Bag, the Sloth Hat of Celebration will count for Magical Power. All Hatcessories count for the same Magical Power, meaning one of any kind will count for the same as all available ones combined.


  • The expression of the hat was randomly selected when it was claimed, like the color of Century Cake and Crab Hat of Celebration.
  • The Grumpy expression is a reference to Grumpy Cat, a popular meme from the 2010's.
  • Players could only acquire a Sloth Hat on one profile.
  • The Sloth Hats, Crab Hats, and the Pulse Ring are the only Accessories that give ✯ Magic Find without Enrichments.
  • The amount of ✎ Intelligence gained depends only on the number of SkyBlock years that have passed since the player created their oldest profile, regardless of the player's activity during this time. The current maximum, which applies to players who joined during the first SkyBlock year, is 360?.
  • Despite one of Hypixel's owners being associated with sloths, this is the first Sloth themed item in the game.
  • Hatccessories are inconsistent with their names. The 2022 Crab Hats are the only Hatcessories specifying their year of origin in their title. Crab Hats and Sloth Hats are said to be "of Celebration", while the Balloon Hats are "Anniversary".
  • Sloth Hats come in 10 variants, while every other Hatcessories only has 9.



SkyBlock Prototype
June 8, 2023Regular Sloth Hat of Celebration Added Sloth Hat of Celebration.
June 12, 2023Sloth Hat of Celebration becomes obtainable.