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Emerald.png Social is one of the Skills available for players to level up by visiting other players private islands, or getting visited by other players. It rewards the player with additional cosmetics for their Private Island, and additional commands usable on their Private Island. Social is a cosmetic-only mechanic.

The player gains one skill point every minute on another player's island, and ten skill points for each unique visitor to their own private island.

Islands can have activities like a Parkour or Egg Hunt. When played, they yield the player who plays it a small amount of island points. Island points are cosmetic, and do not result in Social XP. Increasing Social levels allows the purchase of items from Amelia in the hub for coins.

Roman Numerals are used to express its levels in-game.


Level Unlocks XP Required Rewards
1 Ability to purchase Parkour Start/End, Parkour Checkpoint, and Parkour Times at Amelia in the Hub 50 25 coins
2 Ability to purchase Social Display at Amelia in the Hub 100 50 coins
3 Ability to purchase Egg Hunt at Amelia in the Hub 150 100 coins
4 Unlock Social Commands 250 200 coins
5 Ability to purchase Island NPCs at Amelia in the Hub 500 300 coins
6 Ability to purchase Tic Tac Toe at Amelia in the Hub 750 400 coins
7 Ability to purchase Four in a Row at Amelia in the Hub 1,000 500 coins
8 Ability to purchase Rock Paper Shears at Amelia in the Hub 1,250 600 coins
9 Unlock Island Ranks 1,500 700 coins
10 Ability to purchase Showcase Blocks at Amelia in the Hub 2,000 800 coins
11 2,500 900 coins
12 3,000 1,000 coins
13 3,750 1,100 coins
14 4,500 1,200 coins
15 6,000 1,300 coins
16 8,000 1,400 coins
17 10,000 1,500 coins
18 12,500 1,600 coins
19 15,000 1,800 coins
20 Unlock Island Naming 20,000 2,000 coins
21 25,000 2,200 coins
22 30,000 2,400 coins
23 35,000 2,600 coins
24 40,000 2,800 coins
25 50,000 3,000 coins

Island Activities[]

Islands can have activities like a Parkour or Egg Hunt. When played, they yield the player who plays it a small amount of island points but the island points don't give you Social XP.

Parkour Blocks[]

Parkour Start/End blocks, Parkour Checkpoint blocks and Parkour Times blocks can be purchased at Amelia in the Hub once you reach Social Level 1. The per-island limit for configured parkour start/end blocks is around 20, but this can be bypassed by configuring the start/end blocks after placing them.

The Parkour Times block displays the fastest times in which players have completed a parkour. Having one on your island is a good way to encourage people to play your parkour and beat the fastest time. You can only have up to 5 Parkour Times "blocks" on an island at a given time.

Egg Hunt[]

Island's owner Places a maximum of 10 Eggs on your island to create an Egg Hunt. When players do this Egg Hunt, they can earn island points.

Social Display[]

The Social Display is a hologram that can be placed on SkyBlock Islands, which shows the 10 players which have the most island points. It can be purchased at Amelia in the SkyBlock Hub.

Island Ranks[]

Island ranks are custom ranks that the island owner can give to players.

Island ranks can be created through the Island Management Settings within the Skyblock Menu.

Island ranks can be assigned to players through the guest management window in the Skyblock Menu under the tall grass icon. Select the player you want to give the rank and click on the redstone dust to select the rank. The command /islandrank can also be used.

You cannot set permissions to island ranks.

Social Games[]

There are two types of social games, social commands, and actual social games. Social commands are commands that you can use on your island to play "games" with other players on your island. The social games are little items that you can use on a player to challenge them to a game of the specified item. The social games are Rock Paper Shears, Four in a Row, and Tic Tac Toe.

Island Naming[]

This lets the owner name their island. This is useful for providing a description of your island.

Leveling Rewards[]

Social has a maximum level of 25.

The cumulative rewards at Social level 25 are:


SkyBlock Prototype
July 2, 20190.5Added Emerald.png Social.