Soul Sand is a Common block.

Obtaining Edit

Soul Sand is obtainable as a Trade and can be found on the Nether Wart Island.

Natural generation Edit

You can find Soul Sand on Nether Wart Island, but it costs 30 Soul Sand to make it.

Trade Edit

Requirements Trade
From To be
Sand III 2 Sand +
1 Fermented Spider Eye
1 Soul Sand

Usage Edit

Crafting ingredient Edit

Name Requirements Ingredients Crafting recipe
Nether Wart Island Netherrack I 15 Nether Wart +
30 Soul Sand
Nether Wart5Nether Wart5Nether Wart5
Soul Sand5Soul Sand5Soul Sand5
Soul Sand5Soul Sand5Soul Sand5

Nether Wart Island

Nether Wart Minion Edit

The Nether Wart Minion requires Soul Sand in a 5x5 grid around it to function.

History Edit

SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Soul Sand Added Soul Sand.
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