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For the item which grants 160 ⸎ Soulflow when consumed, see Soulflow (Item).

⸎ Soulflow, or Internalized Soulflow, is a player resource similar to ✎ Intelligence. It is used to fuel powerful abilities and to generate ʬ Overflow Mana.



By consuming Soulflow Items, a player receives an amount of Internalized Soulflow, which is also signified by the icon Soulflow Stat Icon.png. Once consumed, there is no way to turn the ⸎ Soulflow back into items.

There is no known cap for the amount of Internalized ⸎ Soulflow a player can have at once.

A minion will start producing Soulflow when equipped with the following items:

Item Remarks
Lesser Soulflow Engine.png Lesser Soulflow Engine Produces 50% less
Produces Raw Soulflow Raw Soulflow (Also Soulflow Soulflow with Super Compactor 3000 Super Compactor 3000/Dwarven Super Compactor Dwarven Super Compactor)
Soulflow Engine.png Soulflow Engine Produces 50% less
+3% output when used on a Voidling Minion Voidling Minion

A player can obtain Soulflow by consuming the following Soulflow Items:

Item ⸎ Soulflow Granted
Raw Soulflow.png Raw Soulflow 1
Soulflow (Item).png Soulflow 160


Internalized ⸎ Soulflow is not displayed on the action bar, and can only be viewed on the tooltip of Soulflow Pile line accessories.

Certain powerful abilities, such as both Gyrokinetic Wand abilities, use ⸎ Soulflow. Certain items, such as the Handy Blood Chalice, will also consume ⸎ Soulflow for every specified length of time in combat. If insufficient ⸎ Soulflow is available, the abilities will not work.

The Soulflow Pile accessory line and the Gloomlock Grimoire can convert ⸎ Soulflow into ʬ Overflow Mana.

Ways to Increase

The only way to increase a player's Internalized Soulflow is to consume Soulflow Items (see #Obtaining).

Game Message

Condition Random Message
Player does not have enough ⸎ Soulflow when using an ability
Not enough soulflow!
nOt EnOuGh SoUlFlOw!


  • The symbol for ⸎ Soulflow, U+2E0E ⸎ "EDITORIAL CORONIS", is displayed as a lined diamond on some fonts and systems and a square root symbol on other fonts and systems.


SkyBlock Prototype
May 31, 20210.11.5Added Soulflow.