The Spider's Den is a location with a lot of aggressive mobs, particularly Spiders, Skeletons, Silverfish, and Slimes.

Location[edit | edit source]

Spider's Den can be accessed after the player has attained Stone Sword.png Combat Level I by using a Launchpad found in the back of the Graveyard. It can also be accessed with the Portal to The Spider's Den. This will take the player to a different sub-server containing The Spider's Den.

Features[edit | edit source]

The main Mobs there are spiders. Of these, there are five varieties: the Splitter Spider, which spawns two silverfish when it dies; the Weaver Spider, which attacks the player with webs, slowing them down; and the Dasher Spider, which has highly increased speed and can leap towards you two times; the Voracious Spider, which has increased Health and Damage; and finally, the Jockey Spider, which carries a Jockey Skeleton. There is also a Miniboss called the Brood Mother which spawns at the very top of the den. It drops a Spider Talisman and a Luxurious Spool when killed. Most Spiders spawn near the center of the island. Skeletons spawn mostly on the ground level, although occasionally they will spawn with a Spider to form a Spider Jockey. The Skeletons on the Spider Jockey has a chance to shoot Silverfish instead of conventional arrows. Slimes spawn on grassy areas while it is raining. It is recommended to take good armor because these mobs are pretty strong.

There is Gravel which can be mined near the back of the hive in a ravine system. In that ravine system is Rick, the second of the Flint Bros.

Climbing the Spider's Den leads to a Launchpad to the Blazing Fortress. Like everywhere else it has a few fairy souls dotted around.

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Using a Grappling Hook or Aspect of the End, players can jump to a place with water. This is useful because it naturally rains in the Spiders Den, causing much more efficient catches.

Leaf Island[edit | edit source]

2020-01-11 18.03.00.png

The Leaf Island is a tiny island in between The End and the Spider's Den. It can be accessed by a barrier bridge. The island's purpose is to house a Fairy Soul.

Navigating the barrier bridge[edit | edit source]

The navigation shown should be followed with your character facing North, while not changing your point of view! Hold down Shift to avoid falling off.

Visualization of the path from a top-down view

  1. 3 blocks left
  2. 1 block backwards
  3. 3 blocks left
  4. 1 block backwards
  5. 6 blocks left
  6. 5 blocks backwards
  7. 11 blocks left
  8. 2 blocks forward
  9. 7 blocks left
  10. 1 block backwards
  11. 4 blocks left
  12. 1 block backwards
  13. 4 blocks left
  14. 3 blocks backwards
  15. 2 blocks left
  16. 9 blocks backwards
  17. 3 blocks left
  18. 3 blocks backwards
  19. 2 blocks left
  20. 2 blocks backwards
  21. 3 blocks right
  22. 2 blocks backwards
  23. 1 block right
  24. 3 blocks backwards
  25. 2 blocks left
  26. 1 block backwards
  27. 1 block left
  28. 1 block backwards
  29. 1 block left
  30. 6 blocks backwards
  31. 2 blocks right
  32. 3 blocks backwards
  33. 5 blocks right
  34. 2 blocks backwards

Alternatively, player can navigate by looking for borders of invisible blocks that appear when block is pointed at with the crosshair.

It is also possible to use an Aspect of the End and get there although it is quite difficult.

This is not recommended, but you can throw a fishing pole to get there as well. It would probably be easier to use the Bat person armor set and a grappling hook.

History[edit | edit source]

SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Spider's Den.
Oct 15, 2019Increased spiders spawn rate on the upper levels.
Feb 21, 20200.7.6Gravel now respawns faster.
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