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The top 10000 players to get the most Candies during the event will get rewards!

The Spooky Festival is an event that takes place from Autumn 29-31 (in-game time) and lasts for 1 hour (real life time), during which every monster will have a chance to drop either Green or Purple Candy. In real life, the time between Spooky festivals is 5 days and 4 hours.

Green Candy.png Green Candies count for 1 point and Purple ones count for 5 points. Higher-level monsters have better chances to drop Purple Candy.png Purple Candies.



All Mobs have a 10% chance to drop Green Candy when killed during a Spooky Festival. The chance can be increased with certain items. Green Candy has a chance to be converted into Purple Candy when it drops from a mob, which is calculated with this formula:

Items that increase Green Candy drop chance
Slot Name Additional Green Candy Chance
Candy Talisman Candy Talisman 5%
Candy Ring Candy Ring 10%
Candy Artifact Candy Artifact 15%
Candy Relic Candy Relic 20%
Candy Corn Candied Reforge 1%
Spooky Helmet Spooky Armor 5% per piece
25% with full set
Bat Person Helmet Bat Person Armor 5% per piece
25% with full set
[Lvl 1➜100] Bat Bat Pet 0.1-20%

Spooky Mobs[]

Spooky Mobs only appear in the night time during the Spooky Festival in certain areas such as the Graveyard. They drop Candy and other drops related to the festival (like Ectoplasm). There are 6 Spooky Mobs. These mobs only take one damage per hit on normal circumstances, although they have a very small amount of Health Stat Icon.pngHealth. To be more efficient, it is recommended to use a weapon with high Bonus Attack Speed Stat Icon.pngBonus Attack Speed like the Livid Dagger or to reforge your weapon to fast. Another option is to use the Ghoul Buster as it deals +100% Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage to Spooky Mobs. The best pet to use for the Spooky Mobs is the Bat Pet.

Trick or Treat Chests[]

When a Mob is killed during a Spooky Festival, there is a 1-3% chance to spawn a Trick or Treat Chest. They can be opened and will give the player 1-3 Spooky items, or will spawn a Spooky Mob.

Leaderboard + Rewards[]

The Leaderboard is defined by the number of candy collected.

Note: Obtaining candy from a Bat Piñata will not add points to the leaderboard

Points per Candy Type
1 Green Candy Green Candy
5 Purple Candy Purple Candy

Rewards will be given at the end of the Spooky Festival based on your placing in the leaderboard:

Each tier gets all the items in the tier below it (except coins, you get just the value listed).

TOP Reward
Coins Item (includes all items in tiers below it)
1 or 2400 points +1,000,000 [Lvl 1➜100] Skeleton Horse +1 Skeleton Horse Pet
2 - 10 or 2000 points +500,000 Witch Mask +1 Witch Mask
11 - 50 +200,000 Golden Treat +1 Golden Treat
51 - 250 +100,000 Enchanted Book +1 Enchanted Book (Vampirism VI)
251 - 2000 +50,000 Spooky Disc +1 Spooky Disc
2001 - 10000 +25,000 Spooky Pie (Year [#]) +1 Spooky Pie (Special)

The rewards can be collected at the leaderboard near the Fear Mongerer. But if you missed it, you still can claim rewards in SkyBlock Menu in the "Calendar and Events" section.

Fear Mongerer[]

Fear Mongerer.png

While the Spooky Festival only occurs from Autumn 29-31, The Fear Mongerer NPC and his shop will be available for three hours. They will arrive one hour before the event begins and depart one hour after the event ends.

The Fear Mongerer is located in the Village at the Event Stand, which is a big pumpkin during this time. Candies can be exchanged with the Fear Mongerer for various Spooky Festival-exclusive items, including the Bat Artifact and Bat Person Armor.

Headless Horseman[]

The Headless Horseman is a boss related to the Spooky Festival. Spawning it requires the Horseman's Candle to be bought from the Fear Mongerer during the event, but it can be used at any time (during the night hours).

Among other things, it drops Spooky Shard Spooky Shards, which can be used to craft the Bat Person Armor as an upgrade to Spooky Armor, the Bat Person Ring and Artifact, and the Ghoul Buster.

Spawning the Horseman will give you Spooky Shard 4x Spooky Shards, and players who achieve #1 damage on the boss will be given Spooky Shard 1x Spooky Shard. Damaging the Horseman will reward Green Candies and Purple Candies.



  • Due to Halloween in real life, additional Spooky Festivals have appeared in Hypixel Skyblock.
  • Spooky mobs take fall damage, this makes them easier to kill in areas with high drops.
  • During Dante's term as Mayor, this Event, alongside Jerry's Workshop and the Travelling Zoo were cancelled.
  • Endermen that are spawned from ender pearls do not drop candies.
  • Mobs from Dungeons do not drop candies, but is possible to have a Bat Piñata spawn while in a dungeon.
  • Slayer bosses also do not drop Candy.
  • Players can find when the next event starts (real-world time) using this website.
  • During Spooky Festival, the time of Minecraft are locked to midnight. The lobby date increases rapidly due to the server locks the date by skipping days.



SkyBlock Prototype
Oct 24, 20190.7.3Added Spooky Festival.
Nov 6, 2019Rewards were changed for Spooky Festival.
Oct 30, 20200.9.9Spooky Festival was revamped.
Nov 2, 20200.9.10Spooky Fishing was added.