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Stats are values that players / mobs have that affect how well they perform certain actions.

Player Stats

Stats listed as not initially visible will require the player to have a stat value above 0 for it to be visible in-game from the SkyBlock Menu.

Stat Base Value Max Base Value Max Value Effect Increasing Base Value Initially Visible?
Health Stat Icon.pngHealth 100 1223 Increases the amount of damage the player can take before dying. Farming, Fishing, Fairy Souls, Zombie Slayer, Wolf Slayer, Forbidden Health, Bestiary Yes.svg
Defense Stat Icon.pngDefense 0 158 Increases player's damage resistance. Mining, Fairy Souls, Forbidden Defense Yes.svg
True Defense Stat Icon.pngTrue Defense 0 0 Increases player's damage resistance but is not ignored by True Damage Stat Icon.pngTrue Damage. No.svg
Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength 0 138 Increases damage dealt by the player. Foraging, Fairy Souls, Forbidden Strength Yes.svg
Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed 100% 109% 400% by default, can be increased* Increases player's movement speed. Fairy Souls, Wolf Slayer, Forbidden Speed Yes.svg
Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance 30% 75% 100%** Increases the chance of the player landing a critical hit. Combat, Spider Slayer LVL VII Yes.svg
Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCrit Damage 50% 67% Increases the damage dealt by critical hits. Spider Slayer, Wolf Slayer Yes.svg
Intelligence Stat Icon.pngIntelligence 0 233 Increases the player's Mana Stat Icon.pngMana amount and Mana Stat Icon.pngMana regeneration. Enchanting, Alchemy, Melody, Defuse Kit, Forbidden Intelligence Yes.svg
Mining Speed Stat Icon.pngMining Speed 0 ? Increases the player's mining speed. Yes.svg
Sea Creature Chance Stat Icon.pngSea Creature Chance 20% 20% 100% Increases the chance of catching a Sea Creature while fishing. Yes.svg
Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find 0% 17% Increases the chance to find rare items from monsters and bosses. Pet Score, Global 10% magic find boost Yes.svg
Pet Luck Stat Icon.pngPet Luck 0 50 Increases pet drop chances and chances for higher rarity when crafting Pets. Taming Yes.svg
Ability Damage Stat Icon.pngAbility Damage 0 30 Increases weapon's damage while using abilities. Enchanting Yes.svg
Ferocity Stat Icon.pngFerocity 0 0 Gives a chance for more hits. No.svg
Mining Fortune Stat Icon.pngMining Fortune 0 540 Increases the chance for double drops when mining.*** Mining / Heart of the Mountain Yes.svg
Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune 0 240 Increases the chance for double drops while farming.*** Farming Yes.svg
Foraging Fortune Stat Icon.pngForaging Fortune 0 200 Increases the chance for double drops while chopping wood.*** Foraging Yes.svg

*The Black Cat Pet and Young Dragon Armor both have the ability to increase the Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed cap. The Resistance General's perk also temporarily removes the speed cap while elected. Note that it appears that the speed cap can not exceed 500% with the popular mod SkyBlock Addons, as it only supports up to 500% speed. The SkyBlock Menu's profile will correctly display the speed.
**Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance can be increased more than 100% but does not actually do anything unless using a bow with the Overload enchantment.
***When less than 100, it increases the chance for double drop. If 100–200, it is guaranteed to double drop, and increases the chance for triple drop, and so on.

Other Stats

Stat Notes
Mana Stat Icon.pngMana Base value is 100, with base increased based on your Intelligence Stat Icon.pngIntelligence.

A Mana Potion used to be able to boost it above its max value. The potion now increases the regeneration speed of Mana Stat Icon.pngMana.

Absorption Stat Icon.pngAbsorption Same as vanilla Minecraft absorption; it adds extra hearts to your Health Stat Icon.pngHealth that only last until damage is taken that uses them up.
True Damage Stat Icon.pngTrue Damage Similar to Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage except it passes through Defense Stat Icon.pngDefense.
Heat Stat Icon.pngHeat Gradually increases while in the Magma Fields, once 90 is reached, the player begins to burn and take damage.
Fear Stat Icon.pngFear Makes mobs run away from the player.

Can only be increased by the Great Spook Armor and Staff.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage - Base damage of a weapon (applied damage is increased based on the player's Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength and if they perform a critical hit and deal Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCrit Damage.
  • Bonus Attack Speed Stat Icon.pngBonus Attack Speed - Increases how often you can attack.

Tool Stats

Armor stats

Health Stat Icon.pngHealth x (Defense Stat Icon.pngDefense ÷ 100 + 1) = Effective Health

So if a player has 1000 Health Stat Icon.pngHealth and 300 Defense Stat Icon.pngDefense, they could take the same amount of damage as a person with 4000 Health Stat Icon.pngHealth and 0 Defense Stat Icon.pngDefense. Effective Health is a good way to compare armor set's health.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Stats.