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The Stock of Stonks is an EPIC item.


Various amounts of Stock of Stonks can be obtained by bidding on Stonks Auctions from Richard Sprite Richard. The minimum bid required is 2,000,000 coins and every player that participates is guaranteed at least 1x Stock of Stonks.

Stock of Stonks can also rarely be dropped by the Relic of Coins Relic of Coins.


Stock of Stonks can be used to purchase various items from Liz Sprite Liz in the Trade Center.

Item Cost Notes
Freshly-minted Coins Freshly-minted Coins Stock of Stonks 1x Stock of Stonks This item has a SkyBlock-wide limit of 5,000 units every 10h 0m.
Golden Fragment Golden Fragment Stock of Stonks 3x Stock of Stonks
Golden Bounty Golden Bounty Stock of Stonks 20x Stock of Stonks
Avaricious Chalice Avaricious Chalice Stock of Stonks 50x Stock of Stonks

Item's History[]

  • The Stock of Stonks was originally sold by Warren for 200 coins. This item was intended to be valueless, to be used as a token simply to test if the Bazaar was working as intended.
  • Less than a day after its debut, Warren stopped selling Stocks, because enough had been purchased to test the Bazaar comfortably. Players quickly listed the Stock on the Bazaar, and its price fluctuated wildly until it settled somewhere above its original cost price.
  • During this time, Warren's GUI indicated that players would, one day, be able to sell Stocks back to Warren.
  • Warren was removed with the update on May 19, 2020, with the line in the changelog reading:
    "Warren is going on vacation for a long long time."
  • Over time, the Stock's original purpose was forgotten, and players took time to think about the description on the item. Tempted by the potential of 100x riches, some players have hoards of Stocks ready to be turned into something else, or sold back on the Bazaar for, already, over 43000x its original value.



Alpha Hypixel Network
June 3, 2024Stock of Stonks Stock of Stonks are now obtainable again.
Stock of Stonks can now be used to purchase items from Liz.
SkyBlock Prototype
Mar 9, 20200.7.7Stock of Stonks Added Stock of Stonks.
Stock of Stonks become unobtainable within 24 hours.
July 2, 20240.20.3Stock of Stonks are now obtainable again.