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Stranded is a Gamemode where the player cannot leave their Private Island. Stranded profiles are similar to Ironman profiles in that they do not allow Trading with players outside of the Co-op, they use the Special Bazaar, and the Auction House cannot be accessed.


Stranded profiles can be played Solo or as a Co-op. Players on Stranded profiles are restricted to their Private Island for the entirety of the game, so there are several changes to make parts of the game's content obtainable. Players are able to place down certain NPCs on their island, such as Jacob and Maddox, to make their respective content available. NPCs can be unlocked by reaching a specific milestone, such as reaching a certain Skill level or obtaining a specific item. Players can also trade with Villagers.


On Stranded profiles, the level of some naturally spawning hostile mobs is the same as the player's Stone Sword.png Combat level. For example, a player with Stone Sword.png Combat VII (7) will have level 7 monsters spawn on their island. All monsters require darkness to spawn. Below is the list of mobs that can spawn on Stranded profiles.

Image Level Mob Name Spawning Requirements and Notes
Cow.png [Lv1] Cow
  • These mobs spawn during the day.
  • If the biome is changed with a Forest Biome Stick (requires Oak Wood V), they spawn as [Lv10] mobs with double health, and they give double drops.
Pig.png [Lv1] Pig
Sheep.png [Lv1] Sheep
Chicken.png [Lv1] Chicken
Rabbit.gif [Lv1] Rabbit Spawns if the biome is changed with a Taiga Biome Stick (requires Spruce Wood IV) or Roofed Forest Biome Stick (requires Dark Oak Wood IV).
Bat.png [Lv3] Bat
Ocelot.png [Lv1] Ocelot
Skeleton.png [Lv1-25] Skeleton No requirements other than darkness.
Creeper.png [Lv1] Creeper No requirements other than darkness.
Charged Creeper.gif [Lv1] Charged Creeper Created when a Creeper Sprite.png Creeper is struck by lightning. The island's weather can be changed with the Weather Stick.
Witch.png [Lv1-25] Witch
Spider.png [Lv1-2] Spider Spawns when the player's combat level is in the range Stone Sword.png Combat 0-2.
Splitter Spider.png [Lv3] Splitter Spider Spawns when the player's combat level is at and not above Stone Sword.png Combat III (3).
Dasher Spider.png [Lv4-8] Dasher Spider Spawns when the player's combat level is in the range Stone Sword.png Combat 4-8.
Voracious Spider.png [Lv9-25] Voracious Spider Requires Stone Sword.png Combat IX (9).
Brood Mother.png [Lv100] Brood Mother
  • Has a 1% chance to spawn instead of a Voracious Spider.
  • Requires Stone Sword.png Combat XI (11)
Cave Spider.png [Lv6] Cave Spider
Zombie.png [Lv1-13] Zombie Spawns when the player's combat level is in the range Stone Sword.png Combat 0-13.
Crypt Ghoul.png [Lv14-23] Crypt Ghoul Spawns when the player's combat level is in the range Stone Sword.png Combat 14-23.
Golden Ghoul.png [Lv24-25] Golden Ghoul Requires Stone Sword.png Combat XXIV (24).
Zombie Villager.png [Lv1-25] Zombie Villager
  • No requirements other than darkness.
  • Zombie Villagers can be cured to make Villagers, which can be traded with.
Iron Golem.png [Lv5] Iron Golem Spawns when there are at least six Villagers on the island.
Lapis Zombie.png [Lv7] Lapis Zombie Spawns from a Zombie Minion Zombie Minion (requires Rotten Flesh I) that has a Sea Lantern Hat Sea Lantern Hat (requires Prismarine Crystals I) as an upgrade.
Enderman.png [Lv1-14] Enderman Spawns when the player's combat level is in the range Stone Sword.png Combat 0-14.
Enderman.png [Lv15-25] Zealot Requires Stone Sword.png Combat XXIV (15).

Spawns from an Enderman Minion Enderman Minion (requires Ender Pearl I) that has a Summoning Eye Summoning Eye as an upgrade. The first Summoning Eye on a profile can only be obtained from killing a naturally-spawning Zealot.

Watcher.png [Lv55] Watcher Spawns if the biome is changed with an End Biome Stick (requires End Stone II).
Obsidian Defender.png [Lv55] Obsidian Defender Spawns if the biome is changed with an End Biome Stick (requires End Stone II).
Ice Walker.png [Lv45] Ice Walker
Wolf.png [Lv1-19] Wolf Spawns if the biome is changed with a Taiga Biome Stick (requires Spruce Wood IV) when the player's combat level is in the range Stone Sword.png Combat 0-19.
Wolf.png [Lv20-25] Old Wolf
Slime.png [Lv1-25] Slime Spawns below Y level 30 or during rainfall.
Magma Cube.png [Lv3-9] Magma Cube
Redstone Pigman.png [Lv55][Confirm] Redstone Pigman Spawns if the biome is changed with a Nether Biome Stick (requires Magma Cream III).
Blaze.png [Lv12-15] Blaze Spawns if the biome is changed with a Nether Biome Stick (requires Magma Cream III).
Ghast.png [Lv17] Ghast Spawns if the biome is changed with a Nether Biome Stick (requires Magma Cream III).
Enchanted Fishing Rod.png [Lv1+] Sea Creatures Sea Creatures can be spawned from Fishing.
Jack o Lantern.png [Lv30-60] Spooky Festival During the Spooky Festival, Spooky Mobs spawn in dark areas and Spooky Sea Creatures can be fished up. Bat Piñatas spawn occasionally on the island. Regular monsters still spawn as well.


NPCs can be summoned by clicking on the Villager Spawn Egg.png Island NPCs button in the SkyBlock Menu. Doing so will open a menu with all of the NPCs that can be summoned, including the requirements to summon each NPC.

Image Link Requirements
Banker.png Banker Having 1,000 coins in the Purse
Blacksmith.png Blacksmith Stone Sword.png Combat V (5)
Plumber Joe.png Plumber Joe Obtaining a Sponge Sponge
Builder.png Builder Unlocking all obtainable collections
Jacob.png Jacob Golden Hoe.png Farming X (10)
Anita.png Anita Golden Hoe.png Farming X (10)
Bea.png Bea Stone Sword.png Combat VIII (8)
Kat.png Kat Taming.png Taming X (10)
Zog.png Zog Taming.png Taming XV (15)
George.png George Taming.png Taming XX (20)
Maddox the Slayer.png Maddox Stone Sword.png Combat XV (15)
Melody.png Melody Obtaining any Music Disc
Carpenter.png Carpenter At least 1 island member with [VIP+] or higher
Weaponsmith.png Weaponsmith Stone Sword.png Combat IV (4)
Rosetta.png Rosetta Stone Sword.png Combat VI (6)
Amelia.png Amelia Emerald.png Social I (1)
Elizabeth.png Elizabeth Stone Sword.png Combat VIII (8)
Oringo.png Oringo Obtaining 6 unique Pets; available only during the Traveling Zoo event
Fear Mongerer.png Fear Mongerer Stone Sword.png Combat V (5); available only during the Spooky Festival event
Baker.png Baker No requirements; available only during the New Year Celebration event
Bazaar.png Bazaar Level VII (7) in Golden Hoe.png Farming, Jungle Sapling.png Foraging, and Stone Pickaxe.png Mining
Villager.png Smithmonger Obsidian X
Maxwell.png Thaumaturgist Redstone II
Jacobus.png Jacobus Redstone II


Many collection materials cannot be obtained in the same way as in the Classic gamemode. Once enough materials have been collected, Minions are usually a very useful way to obtain more of the same material. Below is a table with information on how to progress in all collections. To see the spawning requirements for a mob in the table, click on the corresponding link.

Icon Collection How to Obtain & Other Notes
Farming Collections
Cactus.png Cactus Generated by the Desert Crystal on the Desert Island Desert Island. Prior to reaching Cactus V, the Desert Island can be obtained from Villagers.
Carrot.png Carrot Dropped by Zombies and Frosty. They can then be planted on farmland.
Cocoa Beans.png Cocoa Beans There are Cocoa Beans on jungle trees, which can be grown from Jungle Saplings.
Feather.png Feather Dropped by Chickens.
Leather.png Leather Dropped by Cows.
Melon.png Melon Anita Sprite.png Anita sells Melon Seeds 5x Melon Seeds for Jacob's Ticket 5x Jacob's Tickets. Summoning Anita requires Golden Hoe.png Farming X (10).
Red Mushroom.png Mushroom Obtained from the Roofed Forest Island Roofed Forest Island, which is crafted from a recipe unlocked at Dark Oak Wood VI. The Bat Crystal does not regenrate mushrooms. After obtaining one mushroom of each color, they can be grown on Podzol from the Farming Island to obtain more.
Mutton.png Mutton Dropped by Sheep.
Nether Wart.png Nether Wart
  • Nether Wart can be crafted from a recipe with no requirements.
  • It is also obtainable from the Nether Wart Crystal on the Nether Wart Island Nether Wart Island, which requires Netherrack I to craft.
  • Warning: There is a bug in the Quick Crafting System that causes collection progress to not be counted when shift-clicking Nether Warts. Shift-clicking the regular crafting table output is not affected by the bug.
SeedsFermented Spider EyeSeeds

Nether Wart
Potato.png Potato Dropped by Zombies. They can then be planted on farmland.
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Dropped by some Spooky Mobs and Spooky Sea Creatures during the Spooky Festival. Pumpkins can be placed in the crafting grid to turn them into pumpkin seeds, which can then be planted.
Raw Chicken.png Raw Chicken Dropped by Chickens.
Raw Porkchop.png Raw Porkchop Dropped by Pigs.
Raw Rabbit.png Raw Rabbit Dropped by Rabbits.
Seeds.png Seeds Dropped from Long Grass, which starts on the island in small amounts and can be grown by using Bone Meal on Grass Blocks. Seeds can be planted to grow Wheat.
Sugar Cane.png Sugar Cane Generated by the Desert Crystal on the Desert Island Desert Island. Prior to reaching Cactus V, the Desert Island can be obtained from Villagers.
Wheat.png Wheat Grown by planting Seeds.
Mining Collections
Coal.png Coal
  • There is a single coal ore at Compass.png7, 93, 36 on the island that has Jerry.
  • Using 1 Coal to craft an Auto Smelter Auto Smelter allows any Foraging Minion to make Coal.
  • There is a Trade for Coal, which has no unlock requirements, but it doesn't increase the collection.
  • Wood Wood can be smelted in a furnace to make Charcoal, which increases the Coal collection.
  • Coal is also a drop from Lava Fishing.
Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
  • Obtained by mining Stone.
  • Can be obtained in large amounts by making a Cobblestone generator.
  • There is also a Cobblestone Minion Cobblestone Minion that starts on the island.
Diamond.png Diamond Dropped by Charged Creepers.
Emerald.png Emerald
End Stone.png End Stone Dropped by Zealots.
Fine Jasper Gemstone.png Gemstone Dropped by Crystal Hollows Sea Creatures.
Glowstone Dust.png Glowstone Dust Dropped by Witches.
Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot Gold Nuggets are dropped by Redstone Pigmen.
Gravel.png Gravel Obtained by using a Creeper explosion or TNT to destroy Stone. Both naturally-occurring Stone and manually placed Stone can drop Gravel.
Hard Stone.png Hard Stone Dropped by Water Worms.
Ice.png Ice
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot Dropped by Iron Golems.
Lapis Lazuli.png Lapis Lazuli Dropped by Lapis Zombies.
Mithril.png Mithril No.svg Unobtainable
Mycelium.png Mycelium No.svg Unobtainable
Nether Quartz.png Nether Quartz
Netherrack.png Netherrack Obtained by Lava Fishing.
Obsidian.png Obsidian
  • Obtained by mining Obsidian generated by putting a lava source in contact with water. Additional Water Buckets and Lava Buckets are available through Trades.
  • Zealots that are holding Ender Chests have a chance to drop Enchanted Obsidian 1x Enchanted Obsidian.
  • Dropped by Obsidian Defenders.
Red Sand.png Red Sand No.svg Unobtainable
Redstone.png Redstone Dropped by Redstone Pigmen.
Sand.png Sand
Sulphur.png Sulphur No.svg Unobtainable
Combat Collections
Blaze Rod.png Blaze Rod
  • Dropped by Blazes.
  • Getting Blaze Powder Blaze Powder from Lava Fishing increases the Blaze Rod collection, but Blaze Rods cannot be obtained this way.
Bone.png Bone Dropped by Skeletons, Wolves, and Old Wolves.
Ender Pearl.png Ender Pearl Dropped by Endermen and Zealots.
Ghast Tear.png Ghast Tear Dropped by Ghasts.
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder Dropped by Creepers.
Magma Cream.png Magma Cream
Rotten Flesh.png Rotten Flesh Dropped by Zombies and other mobs.
Slimeball.png Slimeball Dropped by Slimes.
Spider Eye.png Spider Eye Dropped by all variants of Spiders.
String.png String Dropped by all variants of Spiders.
Foraging Collections
Oak Wood.png Oak Wood Harvested from trees grown from Oak Saplings, which can be obtained from the leaves of both the tree that starts on the island and trees grown from the saplings.
Birch Wood.png Birch Wood
  • Harvested from trees grown from Birch Saplings, which are obtained from a Stranded-only Trade and from the leaves of trees grown from the saplings.
  • Trade: Enchanted Oak Wood 2x Enchanted Oak WoodBirch Sapling 1x Birch Sapling (requires Jungle Sapling.png Foraging II (2))
Spruce Wood.png Spruce Wood
  • Harvested from trees grown from Spruce Saplings, which are obtained from a Stranded-only Trade and from the leaves of trees grown from the saplings.
  • Trade: Enchanted Birch Wood 4x Enchanted Birch WoodSpruce Sapling 1x Spruce Sapling (requires Jungle Sapling.png Foraging IV (4))
Dark Oak Wood.png Dark Oak Wood
  • Harvested from trees grown from Dark Oak Saplings, which are obtained from a Stranded-only Trade and from the leaves of trees grown from the saplings.
  • Trade: Enchanted Spruce Wood 6x Enchanted Spruce WoodDark Oak Sapling 4x Dark Oak Sapling (requires Jungle Sapling.png Foraging VI (6))
Acacia Wood.png Acacia Wood
Jungle Wood.png Jungle Wood
Fishing Collections
Raw Fish.png Raw Fish Obtained by fishing manually or from using a Fishing Minion Fishing Minion.
Raw Salmon.png Raw Salmon
Pufferfish.png Pufferfish
Clownfish.png Clownfish
Prismarine Crystals.png Prismarine Crystals
Prismarine Shard.png Prismarine Shard
Sponge.png Sponge
Clay.png Clay
  • Obtained by fishing manually. The Fishing Minion does not produce Clay.
  • There is a Trade for Clay, but it doesn't increase the collection. The Trade is unlocked at Seeds II.
Ink Sack.png Ink Sack Dropped by Squids and Night Squids. Night Squids can only be caught when using Dark Bait at night, and they drop on average 4.6 times as many Ink Sacks as Squids. The Squid Hat increases the chance of catching Squids.
Lily Pad.png Lily Pad Dropped by various Sea Creatures.
Magmafish.png Magmafish No.svg Unobtainable
Boss Collections
Wither Skeleton Skull.png All Boss Collections No.svg Unobtainable


Villagers can be obtained from curing Zombie Villagers. Players can sell some items to Villagers in exchange for Emerald Emeralds and Enchanted Emerald Enchanted Emeralds. Players can then exchange these Emeralds and Enchanted Emeralds for Pets, Dark Auction items, items from Merchant NPCs, and a few more items.

Curing Zombie Villagers[]

Zombie Villagers can be cured by being fed a Golden Apple while under the Weakness effect, just like in vanilla Minecraft. Golden Apples can be obtained as a Rare drop from fishing or by crafting with gold from killing Redstone Pigmen. The Weakness effect can be obtained by having a Witch throw a Splash Potion of Weakness onto the Zombie Villager or by brewing a potion.

Villager Leveling[]

Villagers level up after a set number of Emeralds are traded. When a Villager levels up, it unlocks more trades. After a level is reached, the counter resets. Enchanted Emeralds count as 160 Emeralds for Villager leveling.

Level Emeralds Needed Cumulative
1 (none) 0
2 50 50
3 400 450
4 1050 1500
5 1500 3000

Villager Trades[]

The list of Villager trades is shown below. The first table shows items that the player can give to a Villager for Emerald 1x Emerald, and the second table shows items that the player can buy with Emerald Emeralds or Enchanted Emerald Enchanted Emeralds.

Item Item Name Cost Level
Silent Pearl Silent Pearl Emerald 6x Emeralds 1
Skeleton Talisman Skeleton Talisman Emerald 10x Emeralds 1
Zombie Talisman Zombie Talisman Emerald 10x Emeralds 1
Enderman Mask Enderman Mask Emerald 12x Emeralds 1
Anvil Anvil Emerald 25x Emeralds 1
Desert Island Desert Island Emerald 25x Emeralds 1
Pig Mask Pig Mask Emerald 50x Emeralds 1
Silky Lichen Silky Lichen Emerald 50x Emeralds 1
Polished Pebble Polished Pebble Emerald 70x Emeralds 1
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Emerald 75x Emeralds 1
Cat Talisman Cat Talisman Emerald 100x Emeralds 1
Intimidation Talisman Intimidation Talisman Emerald 100x Emeralds 1
Pig's Foot Pig's Foot Emerald 100x Emeralds 1
Scavenger Talisman Scavenger Talisman Emerald 100x Emeralds 1
Wolf Paw Wolf Paw Emerald 100x Emeralds 1
Rogue Sword Rogue Sword Emerald 120x Emeralds 1
Potato Talisman Potato Talisman Emerald 200x Emeralds 1
Shiny Rod Shiny Rod Emerald 200x Emeralds 1
Bottle of Jyrre Bottle of Jyrre Enchanted Emerald 2x Enchanted Emeralds 1
Ice Bait Ice Bait Emerald 20x Emeralds 2
Blood God Crest Blood God Crest Emerald 100x Emeralds 2
Fallen Star Helmet Fallen Star Helmet Enchanted Emerald 3x Enchanted Emeralds 2
Potato Spreading Potato Spreading Enchanted Emerald 3x Enchanted Emeralds 2
Happy Mask Happy Mask Enchanted Emerald 4x Enchanted Emeralds 2
Lynx Talisman Lynx Talisman Enchanted Emerald 6x Enchanted Emeralds
Cat Talisman 1x Cat Talisman
Frozen Chicken Frozen Chicken Enchanted Emerald 8x Enchanted Emeralds 2
Hunter Knife Hunter Knife Enchanted Emerald 10x Enchanted Emeralds 2
True Essence True Essence Enchanted Emerald 5x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Winter Rod Winter Rod Enchanted Emerald 5x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Nope the Fish Nope the Fish Enchanted Emerald 6x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Shrimp the Fish Shrimp the Fish Enchanted Emerald 6x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Winter Sack Winter Sack Enchanted Emerald 6x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Wood Singularity Wood Singularity Enchanted Emerald 6x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Tactician's Sword Tactician's Sword Enchanted Emerald 9x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Enchanted Book True Protection I Enchanted Emerald 19x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Stonk Stonk Enchanted Emerald 32x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Cheetah Talisman Cheetah Talisman Enchanted Emerald 32x Enchanted Emeralds
Lynx Talisman 1x Lynx Talisman
Dante Talisman Dante Talisman Enchanted Emerald 35x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Crooked Artifact Crooked Artifact Enchanted Emerald 38x Enchanted Emeralds 3
Enchanted Book Dragon Hunter I Enchanted Emerald 50x Enchanted Emeralds 4
Flower Minion I Flower Minion I Enchanted Emerald 64x Enchanted Emeralds 4
Farming Exp Boost Epic Farming Exp Boost Enchanted Emerald 75x Enchanted Emeralds 4
Spirit Mask Spirit Mask Enchanted Emerald 75x Enchanted Emeralds 4
Ender Artifact Ender Artifact Enchanted Emerald 312x Enchanted Emeralds 5
[Lvl 1➜100] Parrot Legendary Parrot Pet Enchanted Emerald 312x Enchanted Emeralds 5
[Lvl 1➜100] Turtle Legendary Turtle Pet Enchanted Emerald 312x Enchanted Emeralds 5
[Lvl 1➜100] Jellyfish Legendary Jellyfish Pet Enchanted Emerald 312x Enchanted Emeralds 5
Wither Artifact Wither Artifact Enchanted Emerald 375x Enchanted Emeralds 5

Notes on Villagers[]

  • Villagers do not despawn.
  • Villagers cannot be bred.
  • The prices offered by a single Villager never change.
  • Punching or otherwise harming a Villager does not affect the prices.
  • The prices offered by different Villagers when trading items for Emeralds can differ slightly between Villagers, but prices when trading Emeralds for other items are always the same for that item.
  • Hostile creatures do not attack Villagers.
  • If there are at least six Villagers on the island, Iron Golems will spawn, allowing the player to unlock the Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot collection.
  • Villagers move very quickly once cured, so it is advised to cure Zombie Villagers after they are trapped.
  • Villagers tend to clip through walls, so it is advised to use solid blocks for the walls.
  • Villagers also tend to clip through the floor, so it is advised to make floors at least two blocks thick.
  • The first Villager cured on each profile is guaranteed to have the Desert Island trade. If this Villager dies, the next does not have the same guarantee.

Trades Menu[]

In Stranded mode, the Trades menu has a few changes. Namely, the Portal to the Hub Portal to the Hub Trade is removed and there are a few additional trades exclusive to Stranded. The regular water and lava bucket trades are still available upon meeting their normal requirements.

Exclusive Trades[]

Requirement Trade
Input Output
Barrier.png None 10,000 coins10k Water Bucket
Barrier.png None 25,000 coins25k Lava Bucket
Jungle Sapling.png Foraging II (2) Enchanted Oak Wood2 Birch Sapling
Jungle Sapling.png Foraging IV (4) Enchanted Birch Wood4 Spruce Sapling
Jungle Sapling.png Foraging VI (6) Enchanted Spruce Wood6 Dark Oak Sapling4
Jungle Sapling.png Foraging VIII (8) Enchanted Dark Oak Wood8 Acacia Sapling
Jungle Sapling.png Foraging X (10) Enchanted Acacia Wood10 Jungle Sapling


Players on Stranded profiles can participate in most Events, but some Events do not affect Stranded profiles.

Recurring Events[]

  • New Year Celebration.png New Year Celebration: Yes.svg The Baker can be found in the NPC menu.
  • Traveling Zoo.png Traveling Zoo: Yes.svg Oringo can be found in the NPC menu. Spawning Oringo requires 6 unique pets.
  • Spooky Festival.png Spooky Festival: (partial)
    • Spooky Mobs can spawn on the Private Island on Stranded Profiles.
    • The Fear Mongerer can be found in the NPC menu. Spawning The Fear Mongerer requires Stone Sword.png Combat V (5).
    • Leaderboard rewards can still be obtained from the Events menu in the SkyBlock Menu.
    • The Horseman's Candle Horseman's Candle cannot be used.[Confirm]
    • The Bat Firework Bat Firework cannot be purchased.
  • Season of Jerry.png Season of Jerry and other Winter Island features: (partial)
    • The Winter Island cannot be visited, but Stranded players can fish up Winter Sea Creatures on the Private Island any time during Late Winter.
    • Fishing up Winter Sea Creatures is the only way to obtain Gifts since Stranded players cannot travel to the Winter Island to participate in the Defend Jerry's Workshop event.
    • Players can open any type of Gift by placing it on the ground and opening it as usual, even on a Solo profile.
    • Rewards from the Chicken Race can be bought from Villagers.
    • The Hunk of Ice Hunk of Ice and Hunk of Blue Ice Hunk of Blue Ice currently serve no use in Stranded since Terry Sprite.png Terry is not in the Island NPCs menu. They cannot be sold to Merchants.
  • Mayor Election.png Mayor Election: No.svg
    • Elections cannot be voted on by players on Stranded profiles.
    • Players on Stranded profiles cannot interact with elected mayors.
    • Many mayor perks still apply to Stranded profiles, so it is still beneficial to vote on the election from a non-Stranded profile.
    • For more information on which mayor perks apply to Stranded, see § Mayors below.

Mayor Events[]


  • Ⓑ Bingo: The Bingo interface can be opened via the /bingo command, allowing access to the Bingo profile, card, and shop. Items cannot be transferred from a Bingo profile to a Stranded profile.
  • APunch Century Cake.png Century Cake: No.svg Since Simon is not in the Island NPCs menu, players cannot claim Century Cakes from Simon.


While mayors cannot be voted on or spoken with on Stranded profiles, many perks still apply.

  • Aatrox Sprite.png Aatrox: Yes.svg All perks apply as usual.
  • Barry Sprite.png Barry: Yes.svg All perks apply as usual.
  • Cole Sprite.png Cole: (partial) Since his Mining XP Buff perk and the Mining Fiesta event only work on public islands, the only one of his perks that affects Stranded is the Prospection perk, which increases the speed of Mining Minions by 25%.
  • Diana Sprite.png Diana: (partial) The Mythological Ritual event is only available on the Hub Island. The Griffin Pet cannot be obtained because the mayors cannot be spoken with on Stranded. Her other perks, Pet XP Buff and Lucky!, apply as usual.
  • Diaz Sprite.png Diaz: Yes.svg All perks apply as usual, but the increased NPC buy limit only affects very few NPCs available on Stranded. However, it is worth noting that more materials can be bought from the Builder when this perk is active.
  • Foxy Sprite.png Foxy: (partial) Her Benevolence perk, which increases rewards from the Defend Jerry's Workshop event, is not useful since Stranded players cannot access the Winter Island. If the event from the Extra Event perk is the Mining Fiesta, Stranded players cannot participate. Her Sweet Tooth perk applies as usual.
  • Marina Sprite.png Marina: (partial) The Fishing XP Buff perk only affects public islands, but her other perks, Luck of the Sea 2.0 and Fishing Festival, apply as usual.
  • Paul Sprite.png Paul: No.svg Since dungeons are not available, none of Paul's perks apply to Stranded profiles.

Special Candidates[]

  • Derpy Sprite.png Derpy: (partial) All perks apply as usual, except the AH CLOSED!!! perk does not affect Stranded because Stranded players cannot access the Auction House anyway.
  • Villager Sprite.png Jerry: Yes.svg All perks apply as usual.
  • Scorpius Sprite.png Scorpius: No.svg Since mayors cannot be spoken with on Stranded, his Bribe perk does not apply. Since the Dark Auction cannot be accessed, his only other perk, Darker Auctions, also does not apply.

One-Time Candidates[]

Many items that were only obtainable while the mayor was Dante or Technoblade can be obtained by trading with Villagers.

Changes to Fishing[]

A few changes were made to Fishing for Stranded profiles only.

  • Many Sea Creatures that only spawn in certain locations can be fished up on the Private Island.
  • The Zombie Miner drops Nether Quartz.
  • Water Worms drop Hard Stone.
  • Name Tags are a GREAT CATCH! from Fishing, and they can be used to prevent mobs from despawning.
  • The Fishing Fairy Souls can be collected like normal, but there is no way to trade them in for buffs, so the only use for Fairy Souls is the Full Set Bonus of Fairy Armor.

Jerry's Tips[]

Tips can be bought from Jerry for 1,000 coins each. These tips are hints for Stranded-specific mechanics. For example, the tip "In my opinion, Magma Cubes are just fiery slimes." is a hint for the mechanic where Magma Cubes can be spawned by setting Slimes on fire. Upon purchasing a tip from Jerry, the player will receive one of the following messages in chat:

  • Villagers tend to have sweet trades!
  • Did you know Slimes can spawn near the void?
  • Cocoa Beans only grow on one type of tree!
  • Shiny creatures can drop shiny things!
  • Rabbits can spawn in different biomes!
  • I've heard that scary monsters can attack your island sometime in Autumn.
  • The only way to obtain Emeralds is to trade for them!
  • Pigmen are great at hoarding wealth.
  • This place desperately needs more Iron Golems!
  • In my opinion, Magma Cubes are just fiery slimes.
  • Villagers tend to have cool trades!


Alpha Hypixel Network
Dec 13, 2021Added Stranded.
Jan 6, 2022Added the ability to trade with Villagers.
Villagers no longer naturally despawn.
Added Name Tag Name Tags to the pool of fishing loot.
Mobs can now be named with Name Tag Name Tags to prevent them from despawning.
Added more Vanilla crafting recipes.More Info Needed
Creepers now drop Music Discs when killed by Skeletons.
Fixed an issue that caused saplings to not stack correctly when dropped from leaves.
Fixed an issue with Redstone Pigmen spawns.
The Cobblestone Minion Cobblestone Minion on new profiles now starts with Cobblestone 20x Cobblestone.
Changed the requirements for unlocking the Builder Sprite.png Builder to require unlocking all Collections.
Fixed an issue with Zealots not dropping End Stone End Stone correctly.
Lapis Zombies spawned from Zombie Minion Zombie Minions now use the drop tables of regular Lapis Zombies.
Charged Creepers now drop Diamond Diamonds.
Lowered the spawn height of Ghasts.
Added multiple NPCs to the Island NPCs menu: Weaponsmith Sprite.png Weaponsmith, Rosetta Sprite.png Rosetta, Elizabeth Sprite.png Elizabeth, Fear Mongerer Sprite.png Fear Mongerer, Baker Sprite.png Baker, Oringo Sprite.png Oringo, and Amelia Sprite.png Amelia.
Collection progress is now correctly updated after fishing up enchanted items.
Increased the speed that crops grow at.
Fixed incorrect skill requirements for some Island NPCs.
Changed the mob spawning mechanic to use a weighted random system.
Removed a chat message for Oringo that told players to go to the hub.
Fixed minions not giving Skill XP if the crops they harvested were planted by players.
Unknown DateChanged some Villager trades to use Enchanted Emerald Enchanted Emeralds instead of Emerald Emeralds.
SkyBlock Prototype
Jan 18, 2022Added Stranded to the main server.
Feb 14, 2022Fixed some combat experience drops from mobs.
Added exclusive trades with no requirements for Water Buckets and Lava Buckets for players who lose them, with higher prices than the regular trades for these items.
Added the Villager Sprite.png Smithmonger to the Island NPCs menu.
Zombie Minions now change their skin if they have a Sea Lantern Hat.
Endermen Minions now change their skin if they have a Summoning Eye.
Increased the mob cap.More Info Needed
Swapped the requirements for summoning George Sprite.png George and Zog Sprite.png Zog.
Crystal Hollows Sea Creatures can now spawn on Stranded, adding the Hard Stone.png Hard Stone and Nether Quartz.png Nether Quartz collections. Zombie Miners drop Nether Quartz on Stranded.
The Brood Mother now has a chance to spawn in place of a spider.
Fixed a bug with Sea Creature Chance Stat Icon.pngSea Creature Chance stacking when the Island is changed to the Deep Ocean biome multiple times.
The Weaponsmith Sprite.png Weaponsmith now sells anvils for 1,000 coins.
Fixed the Builder Sprite.png Builder requiring unobtainable collections.
Fixed the Grinch dying in one hit.
May 16, 2022The Bat Firework, which was already disabled, is no longer sold by the Fear Mongerer.
Fixed a bug that allowed Slimes to drop Slimeballs when the fire that turns them into Magma Cubes also kills them.
Fixed Final Destination Armor, Reaper Armor, Revenant Armor, and Tarantula Armor not registering kills.