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The End is a location that represents the End Dimension in Vanilla Minecraft.

Like the vanilla Minecraft End Dimension, it is home to Endermen and the Ender Dragon.


The End can be accessed from Spider's Den on the west side via the use of a launchpad, a player may use a portal on their island to access The End, or they may use the Travel Scroll to The End to access The End from anywhere. Players must have Combat level XII unlocked in order to access The End. The portal can be located in the Spider's Den at -382 89 -268



The End has Endermen all throughout it. When Endstone is mined without a Stonk or when Ender Pearls are used, there is a small chance an Endermite will spawn.

In the Dragon's Nest, Zealots, Obsidian Defenders, and Watchers spawn. Endermites also spawn naturally, as well as being spawned by Watchers.

In the Void Supelture, much stronger Enderman called Voidling Fanatics and Voidling Extremists spawn.


There are 3 main resources found in the end - Obsidian, Endstone, and Ender Pearls.

Obsidian and Endstone can be obtained from mining, and Ender Pearls will drop from slain Endermen and Zealots.

There are three types of Zealots: normal Zealots, Ender Chest Zealots (which drop goodies when killed), and Portal Frame or Special Zealots, which spawn rarely after killing normal or Ender Chest Zealots. They are weaker (2,000 Health) and drop Summoning Eyes.

There are also Ender Armor and Summoning Eyes. Ender Armor is a rare drop from Endermen. Summoning Eyes can be obtained from special Portal Frame Zealots that spawn rarely after killing a normal Zealot (1 in 420 chance).

Obsidian Defenders mostly drop obsidian, but they rarely drop the Obsidian Chestplate.

Watchers drop arrows and rarely drop the End Stone Bow.

Both of these mobs have a Pray RNGesus chance to get Rare and Epic combat EXP boosts.

There are also Glowing Blocks that can be found which drop additional resources (Experience Bottles, Grand Experience Bottles, Archery and Mana Potions, Endstone, or Obsidian (sometimes enchanted), Enchanted Ender Pearls, coins, a Magical Rune, and rarely Shrimp the Fish.

Pearl Dealer - Has a shop outside the spawn platform featuring Dragon Hunter, Endstone, Obsidian, Remnant of the Eye, Stonk and Silent Pearls.

Guber - Provides a racing quest from one side of the island to another for rewards.

Dragon's Nest[]

The Dragon's Nest is the boss room in The End. Its entrance is located at Compass.png-600, 22, -275. When 8 Summoning Eyes are used on the altar in the center, the Ender dragon spawns. There are 7 Ender dragon types that can spawn, each one has a different amount of health, and their own Armor pieces and Dragon Fragments.

There are several sub-sections of the Dragon's nest, which contain teleport pads.

  • "Dragon's View" is one, and contains a Teleport Pad to "Endertower." Dragon's View is a tall sandstone and obsidian tower. It is located at Compass.png-713, 41, -317.

Void Sepulture[]

See Also: Void Sepulture

The Void Sepulture is an area in the end designed for players wanting to grind Enderman Slayer located at Compass.png-576, 7, -317. It houses enderman with much higher health and damage, namely the Voidling Fanatic and Voidling Extremist. It's recommended to only go here if you have enough gear that you know you won't die easily. In the Void Sepulture, Voidling Fanatics and Voidling extremists can drop enchanted ender pearls. Voidling Extremists can also drop Enderman Cortex Rewriter.


SkyBlock Prototype
Aug 2, 20190.7Added The End.
May 31, 20210.11.5Added the Void Sepulture.