The Park is a large island consisting of many different biome areas connected together.

It is the revamped version of the Floating Islands and can be accessed through the same portals to the Floating Islands.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Park is broken up into 5 areas, each devoted to a type of forest (other than the normal one). See the sections below table for a more detailed breakdown.

Location Requirement Resources Found NPCs
Birch Park Foraging I Birch Wood Charlie, Vanessa
Howling Cave Wolves Old Shaman Nyko
Spruce Woods Foraging II Spruce Wood Melancholic Viking, Gustave (Woods Race)
Dark Thicket Foraging III Dark Oak Wood Ryan (Trial of Fire), Campfire Initiates x2, Campfire Adept
Savanna Woodland Foraging IV Acacia Wood Melody, Master Tactician Funk, Romero (first meeting)
Jungle Island Foraging V Jungle Wood Juliette, Romero (after the quest)

Birch Park[edit | edit source]

Birch Park

Birch Park is the first section of the park, and access to it requires a foraging level of 1+. It contains two NPCs: Charlie, who launches new players in search to collect dark oak wood and get to all the different sections, and Vanessa, who you can pay 5,000 coins for her, to make the park rain for a minute (which also randomly spawns Squids in the lake). Hovering over Vanessa's water bucket shows the total amount of coins cumulatively spent by the skyblock community on rain since The Park's release.

Howling Cave[edit | edit source]

To enter the Howling Cave, you must go up the waterfall coming down from the Dark Thicket into the Birch Park. You must go to Compass.png-328, 91, -55 and use Superboom TNT on the cracked Stone Brick wall to enter. Inside, there is a fairy soul and stronger wolves that can be useful for the Sven Packmaster slayer quests as these wolves yield more XP.

The Flower Pot Of Mystery...[edit | edit source]

Mysterious Flower Pot in the Birch Park.

In what looks to be a ruined building, there is a Flower Pot that, when right-clicked, emits particles and makes a noise. This noise increases in pitch the more one holds right-click. The only known use for this flower pot is to obtain the achievement "Empty Flower Pot?", which is obtained when one holds an Oxeye Daisy on it for over 5 minutes until the pitch of the sound hits its peak. With too much lag this achievement becomes impossible to complete. However, change the shift key to left key and hold the left and right key at the same time might be a good idea to get this achievement.

Spruce Woods[edit | edit source]

Spruce Woods

The Spruce Woods is the second section of the Park, and require Foraging Level 2+ to access. The Spruce Woods contain two NPCs: the Melancholic Viking, who you can buy items from, and Gustave, who will give you the Woods Racing quest. Obviously, spruce trees spawn in the Spruce Woods.

Woods Racing[edit | edit source]

Started by talking to Gustave. You must travel to the Jungle Island and back in continually fewer amounts of time to complete the quest, which yields rewards including a Polished Pebble, a Hunter Knife, a Wolf Paw, and a Silky Lichen.

Melancholic Viking Quest[edit | edit source]

Located on a separate island in the Spruce Woods. You must "remind him of the sea", using a magical water bucket, a raw fish, and a fish hat, in order to access his shop. You will need to repeat these steps every time you leave the server.

Dark Thicket[edit | edit source]

Dark Thicket

The Dark Thicket is the third section of the Park and requires Foraging Level 3+ to access. There are four NPCs found in the Dark Thicket: two Campfire Initiates, one Campfire Adept, and Ryan. Dark oak trees spawn in the Dark Thicket.

Trial of Fire[edit | edit source]

It can be completed to earn various Campfire Badges.

Secret Parkour[edit | edit source]

Secret Parkour  Compass.png-444, 99, -91

This feature exists now, but it isn't open yet, and you can't use it. It will be featured in the next patches. This feature can be accessed with an AOTE glitch, but is useless as of now.

Savanna Woodland[edit | edit source]

Savanna Woodlands

The Savanna Woodland is the fourth section of the Park and requires Foraging Level 4+ to enter. There are two NPCs located in this section: Melody and the Master Tactician Funk. Technically, there is a third NPC, Romero, hiding in a cave, but he isn't there permanently. Acacia trees spawn in the Savanna Woodland.

Melody[edit | edit source]

Melody is found on a separate island in the Savanna Woodland. She yields a quest line of songs for you to play. One player can play a song at a time on the harp, and upon completing a song with perfect accuracy, you will gain a small intelligence buff and another song to play. Once you have played every song with at least 90% accuracy, you obtain an Epic talisman, Melody's hair, which provides +6 intelligence and musical ability.

Master Tactician Funk[edit | edit source]

The Master Tactician Funk is located in a tent near the edge of the Savanna Woodland. He sells two items: a Tactician's Sword for 35,000 coins, and a Wood Singularity for 320 enchanted wood of every wood type, as well as 1.464 million coins (totals to 3 million coins if you buy the wood from the lumber merchant).

Gold Mine[edit | edit source]

There's a tiny gold mine near Master Tactician Funk's side of the area, which can be mined for Gold Ore. When Romero asks you to get him gold from this gold mine the gold ore sometimes also drops Yellow Rocks.

Jungle Island[edit | edit source]

Jungle Island

The Jungle Island is the fifth section of the Park and requires Foraging Level 5+ to enter. There is one NPC here: Juliette, who longs for Romero. Upon completing the Romero Questline, Romero will have moved to the Jungle Island with Juliette. Under the Jungle island where Romero and Juliette are there is a from the side of the dark thicket to the jungle island there is secret parkour that leads under the ice pond (There is still no use for this but in the new foraging Forums post the admins confirmed they had more plans to do with the Foraging islands).

Romero and Juliette Quest[edit | edit source]

A quest involving Romero and Juliette that requires various expensive items to complete, but rewards a Legendary Accessory.

Fairy Souls[edit | edit source]

There are 11 Fairy Souls located here.

Wood Farming[edit | edit source]

The Park is a great place to easily farm any kind of wood. This gives both the drops and the Foraging XP. Wood can be stored and later used for various purposes, or sold to the Bazaar for the following prices:

Item Bazaar Price
Single Stack 8 Stacks
Enchanted Birch Wood.png Enchanted Birch Wood 982.4 coins 62,874 coins 502,989 coins
Enchanted Spruce Wood.png Enchanted Spruce Wood 1,011 coins 64,704 coins 517,632 coins
Enchanted Dark Oak Wood.png Enchanted Dark Oak Wood 450 coins 28,800 coins 230,400 coins
Enchanted Acacia Wood.png Enchanted Acacia Wood 793.7 coins 50,797 coins 406,375 coins
Enchanted Jungle Wood.png Enchanted Jungle Wood 1,108.5 coins 70,944 coins 567,552 coins

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The SkyBlock community has spent over 30B coins on rain as of 21:00, 13 October 2020 (UTC).
  • Even though the higher sections need higher foraging levels to access, they can be reached using parkour, AOTE, or a grappling hook, you can collect logs even if you do not meet the XP requirements
  • The Dark Thicket's entry gate's Dark Oak logs can be destroyed, unlike the others. Note that this is not helpful due to how little wood is in there compared to Dark Oak trees.
  • Although the Floating Islands has been revamped into the Park, it is still called the Floating Islands when seen by a party or coop member warping to it.
  • There is a video on YouTube featuring the building process of The Park.
  • In the Jungle Section, there is only one real Palm Tree, located on top of the island: it's the only Tree which has Jungle Leaves and not Oak Leaves.
  • The Park is currently bugged and player will receive 1 log by chopping any wood no matter how high their Foraging Fortune is.

History[edit | edit source]

SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Floating Islands.
Aug 2, 20190.7First mention of The Park development.
Nov 11, 20190.7.4ThePark (top view).png Replaced Floating Islands with The Park.
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