Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

Tools are items that when held can be used to perform certain actions or gather materials.

Normal Tools[]

Normal Tools can be used to get their corresponding materials faster. In the case of pickaxes, some blocks can only be obtained when the pickaxe has sufficient Breaking Power.

Tool Usage
Pickaxes Mining all types of minerals
Axes Logging all types of wood
Shovels Mining certain blocks
Hoes Converting dirt to farmland to plant crops
Fishing Rods Fishing up items and Sea Creatures

Misc Tools[]

These tools have unique capabilities.

Icon Tool Usage
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook Travel around faster by grappling
Birch Forest Biome Stick Biome Stick Change the biome of the Private Island
Weather Stick Weather Stick Change the weather on the Private Island
Spray Can Spray Can Used to place pre-made map art on the Private Island
Maddox Batphone Maddox Batphone Lets the player talk to Maddox
Royal Pigeon Royal Pigeon Lets the player talk to the King
Radiant Power Orb.png Support items Various items that aid in combat

Utility Items[]

Although they are not exactly tools, these items have similar effects to the Misc Tools. They can only be placed on the Private Island.

Icon Tool Usage
Day Saver Day Saver Makes it always daytime
Night Saver Night Saver Makes it always nighttime
Silence Block Silence Block Silences mob sounds
Repelling Candle Repelling Candle Prevents mob spawns
Weather Node Weather Node Maintains the selected weather condition


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added Tools.