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ᚏ True Damage behaves almost identically to regular ❁ Damage, except it is unaffected by ❈ Defense or any status effects (such as Fire Resistance). Upon taking ᚏ True Damage, the player's ❈ Defense is momentarily set to their ❂ True Defense. ᚏ True Damage is a vanilla Minecraft mechanic which is expanded upon in SkyBlock. It is similar to Magic Damage in vanilla Minecraft. The only ways to guard against it are large amounts of ❤ Health and using healing items / skills. The only way to decrease damage from it is ❂ True Defense.

Very few things in the game utilize ᚏ True Damage, with the most well known being the Trial of Fire, Ender Dragon, Ghost, Skeleton Master, Thorn Minions, Doctor Livid's Potion, Sven Packmaster and Inferno Demonlord.

There is currently only two known ways for a player to deal ᚏ True Damage: Through the Spider Queen's Stinger, an Epic Bow that was added in the Arachne update, and the Bal Pet's second ability Fire Whip.


  • ᚏ True Damage might be similar to True Damage from lthe game League of Legends.


SkyBlock Prototype
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