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Bazaar flipping is the act of buying and/or selling items on the Bazaar in such a way that you get more money than how much you spent.

Don't be shy to add your own flipping methods, just make sure they still work and don't mention specific items to flip as the meta keeps changing. When explaining a flip, generalize it as much as possible so that the readers can come up with their own flips since, after all, the main trick to Bazaar Flipping properly is adapting to the economy.

  1. One way to bazaar flip is buying items from a Merchant, and selling them for more at the bazaar. A good example is buying packed ice from the builder for coins, and then selling them at the Bazaar for 31.3 coins, a noticeable profit.
  2. The most used Bazaar Flip method is setting up buy orders for items and then setting up sell offers for the items you bought. This will almost always result in profit. To do this more efficiently, try finding items that have either high demand or a high difference between the buy and sell price (best case scenario they have both, usually happens when an update just dropped). Also remember that if you have enough money, you can flip more than one item at a time.
  3. Some items sell for more than the bazaar material cost. For example, the Aspect of the End costs 112,116 coins to craft from Bazaar materials, which may be less than its BIN price. This is obviously not the only item this is the case for. Just make sure the item isn't too expensive as that’ll make it more expensive to put up for BIN and putting up for BIN usually makes you a higher amount of money on average than just auctioning the item.
  4. Another way to bazaar flip is to find items that have an enchanted form, and check if 160 of the unenchanted form costs less than the enchanted form. If so, you can get the unenchanted and make the enchanted. Sometimes if the margin is large enough you can decide to instant buy and instant sell to decrease the profit a little but increase the efficiency if the item is not too high demand. Example: Obsidian is for example 18 coins. Enchanted Obsidian per se 2,584.8 coins, you make 2,584.8 coins - 2,880 coins per flip and this adds up. Tip: Use a Personal Compactor to increase efficiency by a lot.
  5. Also, the buy price of gravel on the bazaar can dip below the sell price on an npc.

Note: Check Community Resources/Useful External Sites for a lot of useful sites, including ones that help you with Bazaar Flipping.