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The Dragon Fight is a boss fight in Skyblock. It is located in The End in Dragon's Nest. The Dragon Fight starts when player(s) place down 8 Summoning Eye in the end portal frames located in the middle of the Dragon's Nest. This will then summon a Ender Dragon. Players will then have to fight the Ender Dragon to gain powerful loot such as the Ender Dragon Pet that can be used for the most difficult tasks such as killing the Voidgloom Seraph, or to be sold on the Auction House for high profit.

This guide will focus on how to kill the dragon with weapons/tools, as well as its underlying mechanics should the player attempts to grind this part of the game extensively.


Fighting dragons is popular among players for its drops and seen by many as a contest of ❁ Damage. While the latter is partially true, damage alone should be less of a concern for late-game players. While early and mid-game players should definitely do their best to increase the damage they do, the damage dealt to the dragon is ultimately capped at various points, where players dealing above 0.4% of the dragon's ❤ Health would see a large decrease of damage all the way up to a hard cap of 1% of the dragon's health. Below is how the damage is calculated as seen in the patch changelog:

  • Any damage below 0.4% of their total health remains the same.
  • Damage between 0.4% and 0.6% is reduced by 90%,
  • Damage between 0.6% and 0.8% is reduced by 99%
  • Damage between 0.8% and 1% is reduced by 99,9%.
  • Damage above 1% of their health is reduced by 100%.

For example, in the case of the Old Dragon with 15M ❤ Health, a player who normally deals 200k damage will only deal 72k damage to dragons. Doubling their damage to 400k will only increase damage dealt to dragons up to 94k damage.

This is where stats such as ⫽ Ferocity and ⚔ Bonus Attack Speed (for shortbows) become more valuable for fights, as well as the act of dealing rapid melee damage to the dragon in melee range, as dragons do not have any invincibility frames like other mobs. Landing multiple hits in a second should be the interest of late-game players rather than high-single hit attacks.

Summoning Eyes Placement[]

While fighting a dragon can be a rewarding challenge, the best items are only available if the player places some Summoning Eyes into the altar themselves, as individual eyes provide the Dragon Weight necessary to receive the finest items. In this case, the player may find themselves fighting mainly against luck as their Summoning Eyes or coins are rapidly drained away.

Thus, it is important to have the knowledge of how many eyes you should place in respect to how much ❁ Damage you could do, or if you are mainly focusing on ✯ Magic Find and/or ♣ Pet Luck for better drops. Below are some different ways where players should place down eyes.

  • 4 - 4 ("4 eyes dp"}: Two players will place down four eyes each:
    • Placing 4 eyes alone will give the each players 400 Dragon Weight, and doing even minimum damage to the point of being placed in the bottom in terms of damage will still reward them with 75 weight[Confirm]. Combined with the weight from placing down eyes, this is the easiest way to achieve max weight for a party.
    • In this case, the player could focus simply on getting high ✯ Magic Find and/or ♣ Pet Luck, mainly by using armor sets such as Sorrow Armor or Superior Dragon Armor alongside a Black Cat Pet equipped. Though it is still recommended for these players to do high damage towards the dragons for better armor rewards. These armor sets can be swapped into towards the end of the fight.
    • The main disadvantage with this strategy is that is that it is the most expensive one to do in multiple rows, with most type of dragons providing a net loss.
    • End Crystals should be destroyed to mitigate some of the potential loss, as the dragon would be distantly paid attention to.
  • 2 - 3 - 3: Two players will place down three eyes, and another stronger player will place down two:
    • Assuming the player who places two eyes can consistently get 1st place in damage, while the other two players who placed three eyes could place 2nd and 3rd, all three players will be able to achieve max Dragon Weight
    • For this to be consistent, the three players must be able to outperform the entire lobby in terms of damage, as being bested by a player who didn't place any eyes will surely void any chance of receiving the best loots.
  • 2 - 2 - 2 -2 ("2 eyes dp"): Four players place down two eyes each.
    • Whereas the other methods provide equal chance for all players to receive max Dragon Weight, this on the other hand will only allow the those who placed 1st and 2nd to receive max weight, while the lower 2 players will end up losing potential goods, assuming all 4 place players reach top 4 in damage.
    • Thus, this method is less of a collaboration and more of a competition on who can do the most damage.
    • It is possible for the 3rd place player to reach exactly 450 Dragon Weight by landing the final blow, but with how many arrows flying towards the dragon at any given time, it is unlikely for them to land it.

Recommended Items[]


Bows are the main source of Damage for the large majority of the fight. Dragon Tracer is a mandatory enchantment on Bows as to keep up with dragons flying at high speeds. Dragon Hunter as the name suggests, is also a mandatory enchantment if the player struggles with damage.

Status Weapon Description Notes
Early-game Artisanal Shortbow.png Being a shortbow, arrows are fired the instant either left or right mouse click is pressed, and can be made to fire continuously by holding right click, though slower than spam-clicking left click. Every shot would retain ☠ Crit Damage unlike the non-shortbow counterparts which fail to trigger if not pulled all the way through. Thus, the Artisanal Shortbow is recommended for early-game players seeking to fire shots at dragons rapidly to compensate for low damage, this bow is a go-to for such players.
Early-game Magma Bow.png When magma cream is available, the Magma Bow can double its damage and help early-game players to overcome their low damage at their current stage. It can be quite difficult to land shots with this bow though, as calculated shots must be taken to make every shot hit the dragon.
Early-game Runaan's Bow.png A go-to for early ventures into dragon-slaying. The Runaan's Bow provides good damage for this stage of the game, and fires a volley of three arrows per shot, allowing some leeway in terms of accuracy as the additional two arrows cover a larger scope of the arena to hit the dragon. The two additional arrows home towards the dragon even if no Dragon Tracer enchantment is applied.
Mid-game Mosquito Bow.png While not exactly favored by the current meta, the Mosquito Bow can still be seen as an upgrade to the Runaan's Bow and the Magma Bow as it can deal higher damage especially when used with its sneak ability. Just like the Magma Bow, due to firing a single arrow per shot, the player must be able to aim well to use this extensively. Requires Spider Slayer LVL 7 to use.
Mid-game+ Juju Shortbow.png The Juju Shortbow is a popular choice among players due to its speed and damage. Being a shortbow with such high base stats, it can deal massive damage in a short window and is considered the 2nd best bow in the entire game, outperforming the bows below it by a large margin Requires Enderman Slayer LVL 3 to use.
End-game Terminator.png The most powerful bow in the game. The Terminator can be seen as a combination of the Juju Shortbow and the Runaan's Bow. It retains every aspect of a shortbow, while also fires in volleys of three arrows per shot. It can fire extremely fast on its own with its ⚔ Bonus Attack Speed (though still recommended to be optimized further). It naturally divides one's ☣ Crit Chance by a factor of 4 when holding, though, so the player would need to optimize that stat as well. Requires Enderman Slayer LVL 7 to use.


Swords in the context of a dragon fight serve as a secondary means of damage, only practical on certain situations. Still, some swords may have a use in Dragon Fights more than other purposes. Note: Dragon Hunter while can be applied onto swords, does not increase the damage towards dragons.

Status Weapon Description Notes
Early-game to mid-game Aspect of the End.png A cheap weapon accessible in early game. The Aspect of the End provides good damage for what it's worth but mainly used for its Instant Transmission ability for closing in or to save yourself. Its damage can be heavily amplified with the Warped reforge and wearing the Strong Dragon Armor set. Warped Stone requires Stone Pickaxe.png Mining 26 to be applied onto the weapon.
Mid-game Aspect of the Dragons.png The Aspect of the Dragons is staple weapon for many people when transitioning into mid-game. It is a rather cheap weapon that can be purchased easily in the auction house, and can be obtained from fighting the dragon itself. Requires Stone Sword.png Combat level 18 to use
Mid-game Flower of Truth.png This weapon, while should be used for melee purposes, the Flower of Truth also has a ranged option for players wishing to add some extra damage while going into melee range of the dragon. It has no requirements despite being an item crafted from drops of The Catacombs - Floor VI, so it is another popular choice among mid-game players. Ultimate Wise should be applied to double the amount of times the ability can be used.
Mid-game Livid Dagger.png A powerful weapon with many perks that can help for players struggling in dragon fights. The Livid Dagger, with a base ☣ Crit Chance of 100%, it gives any players who may be otherwise lacking in gear to dish out heavy damage. Its backstab ability can be utilized in dragon fights as when the dragon perches, one can easily perform backstabs on it. Requires The Catacombs - Floor V completion to use.
Late-game Aspect of the Void.png The Aspect of the Void is a direct upgrade to the Aspect of the End. Though, even if it is an expensive upgrade, not much is improved in terms of damage and the Warped reforge does not provide additional boosts for its higher rarity. There are better alternatives for similar price, though it is favored for its simpler-to-use teleportation ability on 1.8.9, simply by holding down right mouse click to teleport instead of always needing to spam click all the time. Requires Enderman Slayer LVL 6 to use, Warped Stone requires Stone Pickaxe.png Mining 26 to be applied onto the weapon.
Late-game Giant's Sword.png When combined with One For All, the Giant's Sword is considered the best weapon in the game in terms of raw damage, and is the best bet if one were to attempt to accumulate such damage that it'll reach the hard cap. Requires The Catacombs - Floor VI completion to use.
Mid-game+ Emerald Blade.png If one is not willing to spend money on a Giant's Sword for this specific scenario, then an Emerald Blade with at least 480M coins in the purse can deal the same damage with same enchantment. May still be weaker than the Giant's Sword due to being a rarity lower than said sword, thus weaker reforge bonuses.
Late-game Axe of the Shredded.png The Axe of the Shredded's defining feature comes from its ability, where after continuous axe throws deal tremendous damage. Despite the introduction of the damage cap system, it is still a good idea to use the ability when the dragon is spawning for a head start in damage, as well as used simultaneously in melee range. Requires Zombie Slayer LVL 8 to use
Late-game+ Daedalus Axe.png The Daedalus Axe is unique in how it can help the player in different ways depending on the pet equipped. If the player opts for a ✯ Magic Find-optimized build then the axe provide additional Magic Find using a Griffin Pet or Black Cat Pet. If going for damage, it can for example amplify stats such as ones from the Tiger Pet to apply high ⫽ Ferocity, that it could potentially outperform other late-game weapons. Requires Taming.png Taming level 50 to achieve max Damage for the base Damage of 200.
End-game Valkyrie.png The Valkyrie should be the optimal type of Necron's Blade to be used in dragon fights. Its high ferocity allows for more hits to be landed onto the dragon. The Wither Impact ability can be used to close in onto the dragon, deal extra damage when teleporting into the dragon, and to provide healing should their health drop down to critical levels. Requires The Catacombs - Floor VII completion to use.

Armor Pieces[]

The armor sets discussed will mainly attempt to cover the ones where the have special uses in the Dragon Fight or in the End. Generally, high DPS and Effective Health armor sets would be valid choices. The player must choose wisely on what set to wear as to fit their playstyle. The ones covered below are mainly chosen for unique attributes that help with Dragon Fights.

Status Items Description Notes
Early-game to Mid-game Ender Helmet.pngEnder Chestplate.pngEnder Leggings.pngEnder Boots.png The Ender Armor should be a priority for any players who first walked into the End. As the stats get doubled when in the End, it can give early-game players a head start in this dimension, and will certainly help with dragon combat both in damage and survival.
Mid-game Strong Dragon Helmet.pngStrong Dragon Chestplate.pngStrong Dragon Leggings.pngStrong Dragon Boots.png A reliable armor set in mid-game, the Strong Dragon Armor also adds additional bonuses when using the Aspect of the End as a melee wepaon, boosting it by +75 ❁ Damage. Requires Stone Sword.png Combat level 16 to use.
Mid-game Tarantula Helmet.pngTarantula Chestplate.pngTarantula Leggings.pngTarantula Boots.png The full set bonus, Octodexterity, is a great way to add additional damage for mid-game players with low damage. The Tarantula Armor pieces, mainly the helmet and boots also has other uses discussed below in this list. Requires Spider Slayer LVL 4 to use.
Mid-game+ Tarantula Helmet.png The Tarantula Helmet is often used by players to further increase their damage, and often replaces the helmet of other armor sets. It gives an additional +1 ☠ Crit Damage for every 10 ❁ Strength the player has, thus best used with any generic damage set. The bonus is capped at +100 ☠ Crit Damage
Mid-game to Late-game Shadow Assassin Helmet.pngShadow Assassin Chestplate.pngShadow Assassin Leggings.pngShadow Assassin Boots.png The Shadow Assassin Armor is a great choice for players in need of high damage. It can boost damage done by the player if one teleports towards the dragon with the Aspect of the End. The chestplate, if too expensive, can be substituted with other chestplates, the more popular one being a Legendary, Floor 7+ Zombie Knight Chestplate. Requires The Catacombs - Floor V completion to use.
Late-game Necron's Helmet.pngNecron's Chestplate.pngNecron's Leggings.pngNecron's Boots.png Highly sought after for being one of the best damage sets in the game, Necron's Armor is considered an upgrade of the Shadow Assassin Armor. Requires The Catacombs - Floor VII completion to use.
Late-game Elegant Tuxedo Jacket.pngElegant Tuxedo Pants.pngElegant Tuxedo Oxfords.png Considered the strongest set in terms of damage, the Elegant Tuxedo's full set bonus increases the player's damage by 150%, but at the same time caps their health to 250, making them very vulnerable to death. Ideally, the player wearing this set could stock up on some Remnant of the Eye to combat this issue. Pieces of the armor set can be used with combination of other armor pieces if the set bonus's compromise is too hefty, seeing as it still supplies high amounts of ☠ Crit Damage.
End-game Warden Helmet.png A highly priced piece of gear, the Warden Helmet heavily amplifies one's damage by sacrificing half their total speed. This helmet often replaces other armor sets or adds onto the already high damage output of the Elegant Tuxedo set to reach damage values close to the hard caps of damage. Requires Zombie Slayer LVL 8 to use.
Mid-game+ Werewolf Helmet.pngWerewolf Chestplate.pngWerewolf Leggings.pngWerewolf Boots.png As mentioned in the basics, when the player can deal already high damage on their own, then they should look forward to other stats besides ❁ Strength and ☠ Crit Damage. The Werewolf Armor gives a high amount of ⫽ Ferocity that can let player deal more total damage to dragons, potentially more than the other armor sets listed above.
Mid-game+ Sorrow Helmet.pngSorrow Chestplate.pngSorrow Leggings.pngSorrow Boots.png Mainly catered towards players who place down 4 eyes, Sorrow Armor is one of the few armor sets that provide ✯ Magic Find, which comes in handy as the prized Ender Dragon Pet drop is affected by that stat. Caution must be taken though as it gives no base Health or Defense, but does supply with high base ❂ True Defense.
Mid-game+ Superior Dragon Helmet.pngSuperior Dragon Chestplate.pngSuperior Dragon Leggings.pngSuperior Dragon Boots.png While heavily outclassed by other damage-based armor sets that released after it, the Superior Dragon Armor's set bonus boosts (nearly) all the player's stat, and thus in a similar fashion to Sorrow Armor provides ✯ Magic Find, but also provides ♣ Pet Luck which is also useful for the prized Ender Dragon pet. Requires Stone Sword.png Combat level 20 to use.


Pets provide helpful support in terms of stat boosts mainly, and different pets can have varying levels of impact in a dragon fight. Generally, any pets that boosts the player's Damage will do. This list shows off pets that can specifically help in a dragon fight in terms of added damage or loot drops.

Status Items Description Notes
Early-game to mid-game+ Griffin Pet.png The Griffin Pet is a useful pet to have starting from early-game all the way before transitioning into late-game. On higher rarities it provides the player with Strength and Regeneration potion effects, useful for early or mid-game players who are unable to secure a God Potion. It also is one of the few pets which gives base ✯ Magic Find.
Mid-game+ Tiger Pet.png A universally good pet to have when fighting most bosses, the Tiger Pet provides significant buffs to ⫽ Ferocity, letting the player deal massive damage towards dragons in total. Its Legendary perk, while for most cases aren't exactly worth the price, is viable for dragons which are usually isolated from mobs.
Mid-game+ Black Cat Pet.png While it gives some Magic Find as base stats, it also gives multiplicative boosts to Magic Find and Pet Luck, thus is best used when using a God Potion to massively amplify both stats. The ability to increase the ✦ Speed to 500% also means that it can boost damage done when wearing the Warden Helmet.
End-game Ender Dragon Pet.png The Ender Dragon Pet is a renowned pet by many end-game players. Its ability increases all damage done to mobs in the End including the Ender Dragon, and the Legendary variant boosts almost all the player's stats by 10%, increasing all the player's stats mentioned to be applicable in this page.

Support Items[]

These items are optional by nature, but provide many buffs to help with fighting dragons if it suits one's style and setup.

Status Items Description Notes
Mid-game+ God Potion.png God Potions are considered one of the main ways to increase one's damage in a dragon fight. Being a combination of most positive status effects, it helps in both damage and survivability. Brewing Stand.png Alchemy skill increases the duration of which the potions are active, up to 24 hours.
Early-game to End-game Radiant Power Orb.png Power orbs provide healing for everyone within its radius, on top of small ❁ Strength boosts and Mana regeneration if the player plans to use abilities during the fight. See Power Orbs for the different requirements for each orb.
Mid-game to late-game Zombie Sword.png The Zombie Sword and its upgraded variants(Ornate Zombie Sword and Florid Zombie Sword) provide instant healing for the player should they get low on health and when the Power Orbs are either not fast enough or unavailable.
Early-game Grappling Hook.png The Grappling Hook is a quick way of transportation for early game players, flinging themselves across the sky. Though its relatively high cooldown makes it less valuable the further one is in the game with better gear. High-latency players may fall victim to rubber-banding, the error which causes players to be placed back to where they started.
Midgame to Late-game Aspect of the End.png While being swords, both the Aspect of the End and its upgrade the Aspect of the Void are valued greatly for its teleportation abilities. These swords are the best choice they have if they wish to close in onto the dragon for melee. The Aspect of the Void requires Enderman Slayer LVL 6 to use
Mid-game+ Voodoo Doll.png Whenever the dragon stops in its tracks, the player can take a chance to get close and hit it with a volley of arrows, which will cause an effect-over-time damage effect on the dragon. The player could potentially trigger this ability twice if the dragon is firing fireballs if they are quick enough. High mana is required to get the best out of this item, as its damage is dependent on ✎ Intelligence. Requires Zombie Slayer LVL 5 to use.
Mid-game+ Spider's Boots.png Spider's Boots or its upgrade, the Tarantula Boots are an effective way for players to continuously stay level with the dragon when going in for melee, as simply using the Aspect of the End/Void would provide mediocre damage, and would make them fall down quickly and having to teleport back up multiple times, thus losing some hits. Using the double jump lets you stay in the air more effectively. It can also be used to fly up to the air during bow combat if the player is unable to get clear shots from the ground. Tarantula Boots require Spider Slayer LVL 4 to use.
Mid-game+ Spirit Boots.png Spirit Boots allow the user to fly for 5 seconds, which gives it a similar function to Spider's/Tarantula Boots as players can stay level with the dragon in the air and focus on their melee attacks. The fireball attacks the dragon initiates would last around the same time as the boots' ability. The only drawback is that it has a long cooldown of 60 seconds, whereas the dragon could die within that timeframe already.

Drops/Weight System[]

Each player that damages the Ender Dragon will receive individual loot, including Ender Pearls and Enchanted Ender Pearls.

Major loot received is governed by Dragon Weight[1], which determines a player's eligibility for major loot. Note that achieving a weight requirement does not guarantee the respective drop.

Dragon Weight is determined in the following manner:

Condition Weight
Placing Summoning Eyes +100 Dragon Weight per eye placed (up to 400 weight from 4 eyes)
1st in Damage Dealt +300 Dragon Weight
2nd in Damage Dealt +250 Dragon Weight
3rd in Damage Dealt +200 Dragon Weight
4th - 10th in Damage Dealt +125 Dragon Weight[Confirm]
11th - 15th in Damage Dealt +100 Dragon Weight[Confirm]
16th or below in Damage Dealt +75 Dragon Weight[Confirm]

Dealing the final blow also gives +50 weight.

While players will be ranked in damage regardless of whether they damaged the dragon, they must deal damage to the dragon to receive Dragon Weight.

Players will only receive one major loot item from a dragon. Reaching the weight requirement for an item grants eligibility to receive it, but does not guarantee it will drop. Items are rolled in the order shown by the loot table, meaning the player has a chance at receiving the item of the highest weight requirement they achieved first, followed by items after it in descending order.

Every Summoning Eye placed will increase the chances of obtaining an Aspect of the Dragons and Ender Dragon Pet.

The drop chance of the Legendary pet is 0.04% with 100 ✯ Magic Find and 4 Summoning Eyes placed.[2][3]

Dragon Scale, Dragon Claw, Dragon Horn, Aspect of the Dragons, and Ender Dragon Pet all have a chance to drop when reached 450 Dragon Weight. Dragon Scale, Dragon Claw, Dragon Horn, and Ender Dragon Pet won't subtract the weight when drop looted.

Major Loot Weight Requirement
Aspect of the Dragons 450 Dragon Weight (all Dragons except Superior Dragon)
Dragon Scale 450 Dragon Weight (Young Dragon only)
Dragon Claw 450 Dragon Weight
Dragon Horn 450 Dragon Weight (Superior Dragon only)
Ender Dragon Pet 450 Dragon Weight
Travel Scroll to Dragon's Nest 250 Dragon Weight (Unstable Dragon only)
Dragon Armor Helmet 325 Dragon Weight
Dragon Armor Chestplate 400 Dragon Weight
Dragon Armor Leggings 350 Dragon Weight
Dragon Armor Boots 300 Dragon Weight

Players will receive a Dragon Fragment for every 22 remaining Dragon Weight after the weight of the item they received is subtracted from their total weight.

Players will achieve a minimum of three fragments if they dealt at least one damage.

Minor Loot Weight Requirement
Dragon Fragment 22 Dragon Weight
Enchanted Ender Pearl
Ender Pearl


  • When initiating the fight, the player should look for a place to shoot down the dragon from. The summoning alter itself is the ideal place to stay at. By climbing up the obsidian spikes, the player can get a clear view of the entire Dragon's Nest area.
    • Be wary of the knockback when the dragon spawns. The closer you are to the egg, the higher the knockback. Use the Aspect of the End/Void to reset your momentum to zero just as the explosion occurs, and head back to the spikes.
    • If the player chooses an area near the edge such as the gate, the dragon may appear invisible when it goes out of render range.
  • The dragon has multiple attacks that players should be wary of. As some of these attacks get stronger the longer the fight is, players with low Effective Health will risk dying when the dragon attacks in successions:
    • The fireball attack is indicated when the dragon stops flying and has flame particles around its head. The fireballs are not all that hazardous by itself, but the massive knockback that follows can cause fatal fall damage if one does not have high Feather Falling on their boots. Fortunately, this attack usually favors a single direction in which players can just move out of the way. Even if they do get launched, a quick use of the Aspect of the End/Void completely resets one's velocity.
    • A Lightning Strike attack is indicated by the thunder noises and lighting emanating from the dragon. Shortly after, it strikes lightning onto all players in a large radius, but can miss if the player is far away, for example if the dragon and the player are on opposite edges of the arena. This attack can easily kill anyone who have not healed to max health especially when it does it a second time, such as the more volatile and rapidly-attacking Unstable Dragon. Thus, when it does the attack, all players should heal back up to max health to avoid death.
    • Similar to vanilla minecraft, the dragon can charge towards a player, dubbed the Rush attack, and deal massive damage and knockback. Usually it isn't fatal unless it occurs when the player is not close to full health. The dragon will stop flying after hitting the player and fly away at high speeds shortly after.
    • While not an attack on its own, when the dragon is on low health, it will call upon the zealots to aid it in combat. All zealots in the Nest will become hostile towards all players. For those who stand on the pillars or spikes, this should not worry them as the zealots cannot reach them.
  • Typically, death should not be too much of a worry for players with some Remnant of the Eye in their inventory, which would be the case for players who placed down the eyes.
  • When shooting arrows, it is advised to shoot ahead of the direction the dragon is moving as shooting directly at the dragon at high distances would cause the arrows to miss. This is especially true for the Young Dragon which can go fast enough that even the arrows with Dragon Tracer V can't keep up and fall down.
  • Ender Crystals will spawn randomly around the Nest on top of the obsidian spikes. They need to be destroyed as they rapidly heal the dragon. More will spawn throughout the fight.
  • It is easy to lose track of the dragon especially when it starts to go out of bounds and into the walls, simply too fast like the Young Dragon or teleporting around like the Unstable Dragon. If one isn't able to track it, the arrows that saturate the sky should tell them where the players are aiming the dragon at, as well as looking over where other players are pointing their bows towards. Audio cues with headphones would also help.
  • Melee is only recommended when the dragon stops in its tracks. As it does not have invincibility frames like other mobs, the more the player swings their weapon, the higher the damage.
  • The dragon will stop flying on these occasions, but only some allow for ample chance for melee:
    • When the dragon start firing fireballs. This is the best chance for melee as it lasts for around 6 seconds.
    • When the dragon strikes a player with its Rush attack. It stops flying shortly after hitting the player and lasts about 5 seconds.
    • When the dragon casts its Lightning Strike. This only lasts around 2 seconds and is not recommended for player to charge in for melee.
    • When the dragon calls in the help of zealot when at low health, lasts for about 3 seconds and also not recommended for melee.
  • While difficult, the player could try getting the final blow by getting closer to the dragon and fire volleys of arrows at close range to maximize the chances of landing it.

Other tips[]

  • Even if players who place down 4 eyes can give them max weight for the Ender Dragon Pet, usually better armor pieces (e.g. chestplate compared to leggings) comes from one's position in damage too.
  • Fighting dragons with Diana's Lucky! perk which gives +25 ♣ Pet Luck is recommended to boost the odds of dropping the Ender Dragon Pet.
    • It's even better to do it when Candidate Jerry becomes mayor with Diana's perks, as Jerry boosts most of the player's stats by 10%, including Pet Luck and Magic Find.
  • Placing 1st without placing an eye gives a max Dragon Weight of 300, which means they are eligible for the boots to drop. A weight of 350 is possible if they also land the killing blow, granting them a chance to get the helmet.
  • If one were to try going for the highly priced Ender Dragon Pet, then be prepared to use up hundred of millions of coins or spend dozens of hours hunting for Summoning Eyes.
  • Players who disconnected right as the dragon dies or throughout the entire fight will miss out on the loot and waste millions on the eyes. To combat this, a party between the collaborators should be formed as to warp the affected players back in as soon as possible.
  • When forming a dragon party, warning must be taken however, especially for "2 eyes dp (dragon party)" that is seen in hubs. The 3 other players could potentially warp you out right after the 8 eyes are placed down as to remove you from getting in their way of getting max weight. Services such as the Jerry the Price Checker bot on discord can be used to check for scammers.
    • If you are only willing to place down eyes for one fight only, then leave the party right before placing the eyes.