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Dungeons is a major part of Skyblock. Being able to do dungeons grants you access to some of the most powerful armor and weapons in the game. This guide focuses on how to survive new floors.

Surviving a New Floor[]

Each floor contains increasingly difficult enemies. as such, having the right gear is necessary to survive the higher floors. This part of the guide focuses on how you can survive a new floor in order to use the floor's new items.

Floor Description
Floor 1 This is the first floor you encounter after beating the Entrance. most enemies here are fairly weak to the point that non-dungeon gear are still relevant. This is also a great floor to test out your newly acquired gear. Rotten Armor is a drop here that gives a decent amount of ❤ Health and ❈ Defense while having a low The Catacombs.png Catacombs requirement.
Floor 2 This floor is more dangerous. New enemies such as the Skeleton Master and the Superior Lost Adventurer both deal high ❁ Damage that can melt even the toughest of non-dungeon armor. As such, the dungeon gear you gain from Floor 1 becomes relevant. Items such as the Dreadlord Sword and the Machine Gun Bow become immediately useful for Mages and Archers respectively if they do not have the proper equipment.
Floor 3 New types of Zombies such as the Zombie Knight and the Zombie Soldier start to appear on this floor. Both drop very useful armor that will serve you well on your journey to the later floors. Zombie Knight Armor grants ❁ Strength while the Zombie Soldier Armor grants a lot of ❤ Effective Health. This is also the final floor where non-dungeon gear is still viable.
Floor 4 By this floor, you should ditch almost all uses of non-dungeon gear as they no longer provide enough damage or effective health to be useful on this floor. By beating Floor 3, you gain access to Adaptive Armor. However, this armor is not very good, and it is recommended to buy high quality Legendary Zombie Soldier Armor or Zombie Knight Armor dropped from f7 from the auction house. Note that Zombie Knight armor has a higher The Catacombs.png Catacombs requirement than Zombie Soldier Armor.
Floor 5 Helmets from Ophelia become immediately useful such as Shadow Goggles for mage and Mender Fedora (Although Zombie's Heart variants are much more universal)for healers. Floor 4 also grants you access to the Spirit Boots, which can be a useful utility from it's ability allows you to temporarily fly. Here, it is recommend to use 3/4 Shadow Assasin with zombie knight chestplate(You can use full shadow assassin if you have the money). Players entering for the first time will have a hard time surviving, due to the crazy ❁ Damage Livid deals, so it may be recommended to simply buy a carry for a completion, and then grind for better gear and higher catacombs level before grinding this floor.
Floor 6 Another step up from the previous floor. First time players will actually find it nigh impossible to survive, especially if they are a class like Mage. For berserkers and archers, Shadow Assassin armor paired with a Baby Yeti can provide the ❤ Effective Health needed to survive as well as deal a good amount of dps. For mages, tanks, and healers, Necromancer Lord Armor and a Legendary Blue Whale Pet is recommended, as it provides a great amount of effective health, which is needed for this floor. Having a tank and/or healer and a Power Orb is also most likely essential for surviving the floor
Floor 7 The final floor before master mode. It is recommended to get carried and use Wither Armor variants in this floor, as the damage reduction against The Wither Lords can prove very useful. For Mages, 3/4 Storm Armor with Wither/Shadow Goggles is the best armor set, and a Hyperion is practically needed. Berserkers should use Necron Armor, with a Valkyrie and Axe of the Shredded. Archers should also use Necron Armor, with a Juju Shortbow or Terminator with Soul Eater and Overload. Healers/Tanks should be using Goldor Armor, with healers using the Mender Crown/Fedora, and an Astraea. Tanks should use a Reaper Mask for its bonuses.

Recommended Reforges[]

Class Weapon Armor Accessories
Archer Rapid, Spiritual, Unreal, Hasty (Terminator only) Ancient Shaded (Common, Rare), Strong (Legendary, Mythic), Strange (Epic, Uncommon), Bloody (Common)
Berserker Withered, Fabled, Dirty, Hasty (Terminator only) Ancient Shaded (Common, Rare), Strong (Legendary, Mythic), Strange (Epic, Uncommon), Bloody (Common)
Mage Heroic, Withered Necrotic, Loving, Ancient Demonic, Bizarre, Shaded (Common, Rare), Strong (Legendary, Mythic), Strange (Epic, Uncommon), Bloody (Common)
Healer and Tank Bulky, Heroic, Withered, Hasty (Terminator only) Giant, Perfect, Ancient Shaded (Common, Rare), Strong (Legendary, Mythic), Strange (Epic, Uncommon), Bloody (Common)

The Accessory reforges which give ❤ Health and ❈ Defense are not worth using.

Misceallenous Items[]

These items provide utility or usefulness that can be utilized by all classes.

Item Description
Aspect of the End or Aspect of the Void Powerful mobility tool for quickly traveling, accessing high locations, and teleporting out of or through dangerous areas.
Etherwarp Conduit Long-range teleporting, and can pass through 1-block thick floors from the bottom to make certain secret routes faster. Combine it with an Aspect of the End or Aspect of the Void with Etherwarp Merger in order to remove its requirement and save hotbar space.
Spirit Leap Allows you to instantly teleport to any teammate regardless of their location. It can be used when a teammate needs help at a puzzle or clearing secrets. You can also use it, if you are fast enough, to teleport to a teammate and save yourself from dying.
Ornate, Florid Zombie Sword, Necron's Blade with Wither Impact Provides immediate healing that can be used in a pinch.
Spirit Boots Used to cheese trap rooms by activating its ability before flying inside.
Stonk or Golden Pickaxe with Silex Extremely useful for creating ghost blocks in order to access secrets faster.
Superboom TNT, Infinityboom TNT Used to blow up crypts and weak walls.
Conjuring This serves as a Superboom TNT without any delay, allowing for much quicker secrets. However, this item's long cooldown of 30 seconds means it may not always be ready when you need it, and you should still keep Superboom TNT on you.
Rogue Sword, Black Cat Pet, Maxor's Boots, Shadow Assassin Helmet Provide ✦ Speed for faster clearing.
Power Orbs Provide healing and ✎ Mana reduction for all within its radius.
Jerry-chine Gun Used in The Catacombs - Floor VII boss room for upcrushing and accessing the Crystals in phase 1.
Bonzo's Staff This is mostly useful in F7 where you cannot teleport, as its knockback allows you to launch yourself forwards. This is useful for quickly getting to pad in phase 2, as well as general mobility.
Bonzo's Mask Grants an extra life in situations where it might be needed, such as trap rooms or the 2nd phase in Floor 7.
Spirit Mask This item is like Bonzo Mask but with a much shorter cooldown, however you will not heal to full when the ability procs and is only better if you are able to heal to full hp in the 3 seconds of invincibility.
Spirit Pet This pet reduces the death penalty of first death by 1 point, and doesn't need to be equipped for ability to be activated. Can allow for 1 extra death for S+ runs.
Wither Cloak Sword Protects against high-damage single hits. Used to tank the first hits from minibosses in Master Mode, or for lava jumping in Floor 7 more safely.
Shadow Fury Speeds up secret finding by allowing you to teleport through walls when mobs are behind them.
Ice Spray Wand Freezes dangerous or fast mobs such as Shadow Assassin and Fels.
Gyrokinetic Wand Gravity Storm ability holds bosses in place so that they do not take knockback.
Aspect of the Dragons To blast mobs away and let archers and mages deal damage from a far place, also blast Spirit Chickens in The Catacombs - Floor IV or The Catacombs - Master Mode Floor IV.

Puzzles and Secrets[]

  • To tie or win Tic Tac toe, it's important to know where the AI placed their first move:
    • If the first move was in a corner, pick the center
    • If the first move was in the center, pick a corner
    • From then on, simply block all the attempts of the AI for a three in a row.
    • Wikihow for tic-tac-toe guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Win-at-Tic-Tac-Toe
  • To easily get through Teleport Pads, simply choose the teleport pad diagonal to where you spawned at.
  • You can check your Quest Log in the SkyBlock menu if Oruo the Omniscient asks for a Fairy Soul-related question
  • There are several strategies for completing the Bomb Defuse puzzle:
    • Use a full Wither Armor set's Witherborn ability in combination with Shadow Fury, if done right, Shadow Fury should teleport you to one of the withers across the wall.
    • Use a Stonk to create a 1x2 tunnel of ghost blocks into the side rooms, and use a Bonzo's Staff to pass through them.
    • Use a Golden Pickaxe with Efficiency IX or higher in conjunction with high ✦ Speed to pass through the Iron Bars.

Floor Bosses[]

The Watcher[]

  • It is possible to camp outside the blood room to prevent the player from getting swarmed.
  • If the spawned mobs are killed as they are spawned, the next mob is spawned sooner.
  • More advanced players may opt to enter a Floor 7 run solo, rush to open the Blood Room, kill the reanimated Giant, then exit the dungeon. This technique is known as "Frag Running", and makes money as Diamante's Handles are valuable.


  • Get behind one of the pillars when Bonzo unleashes his spinning balloon attack.
  • Back Bonzo up into a corner to quickly burst him down as he can't attack and has nowhere to run.
    • If someone on the team has a high enough ⚔ Bonus Attack Speed, they can keep him "stunned" in a corner with relative ease.
  • The Undead are just a nuisance, as Bonzo has no shield unlike other bosses like Scarf and The Professor.


  • Always deal with the Priest first. The Priest can heal and even revive defeated Undeads. Go for the Warrior next, as it can unleash a devastating attack and can support the other 3 Undeads when attacked, followed by the Mage as it can unleash a barrage dealing large amounts of damage, and then finally deal with the archer. Keep in mind the warrior unleashes devastating attacks on the person who deals the most damage to the priest.
  • For Scarf's second phase, deal with each of the enemies in the aforementioned order and save Scarf for last.
    • Players looking to kill Scarf quickly can immediately rush Scarf as all the Undeads die after he is killed.
  • Scarf will say "Necro no Jutsu!" or "Dodge this!" and slowly float up when he is about to launch Wither Skulls everywhere.
  • When Scarf emerges from his barrier, all players should go into the tunnel, and try to use their combined powers to take him down before the priest can heal him.
  • The Skull barrage attack can target ghosts. So when Scarf is about to release his Skull Barrage attack have a ghost or a strong tank get close to him to take the main attack and prevent casualties to the rest of the group while they can focus on the boss minions.

The Professor[]

First Phase[]

  • Deal damage to all Guardians equally, as The Professor can revive the Guardians, but make sure to leave the Healthy Guardian at its weakest since that will be a huge problem. Take on the Reinforced Guardian next, since it can launch TNT everywhere and summon Rogue Guardians, and then deal with the Chaos Guardian to get rid of the problem with its Discharge. Lastly, take on the Laser Guardian, as it is like a Rogue Guardian, but stronger.
  • Have the Archer or Mage deal with the Rogue Guardians, preferably the Archer, as the Mage will also be an effective tool when dealing with the four Elder Guardians.
  • All guardians must be killed within ten seconds of each other, or The Professor will revive them.
  • Players should avoid using melee attacks against the Chaos Guardian, as its Discharge deals extremely high damage to nearby players, usually killing anyone it hits.

Second Phase[]

  • Ignore the Rogue Guardians and focus only on The Professor, as all the other Guardians will be nuisances.

Third Phase[]

  • The Professor likes to target the Healer above everyone else, so make sure to protect the Healer as much as possible.
  • The Ghost Mage's Pop-Up Wall is a way to withstand the TNT Rain.
  • The Professor's Giga Heal doesn't always work; take the opportunity of this as quickly as possible.
  • If everyone crowds around the same place (e.g. the middle), it will prevent The Professor from flying around which then allows everyone to melee it effectively.


  • The audience has Fairies hidden among them. (There are 2 in total)
  • Sometimes, one of the four circles on the floor will be engulfed in flames. Luring mobs in there with a Jingle Bell as it deals tons of damage per second.
  • On the other hand, sometimes the circle becomes a small Healing Circle (similar to the Healer's ability).
  • Climb up to the Audience Floor and place a Decoy there. This will lure the Spirit Bats towards the decoy, not only stopping them from attacking players but also being easy kills to summon the Spirit Bear quickly. After that, bait the Spirit Bear over to the stands so you can use ranged attacks on it until it dies.
  • The Bonemerang, Tribal Spear or Phantom Rod can be used to stun Thorn so he is unable to move. This makes Spirit Bow shots easier to hit. One must be cognizant of the Spirit Bats and Chickens while doing so, as they can interrupt the stun; if Thorn is unstunned, he will start moving too fast to hit.
    • Each time Thorn takes damage, he will be briefly stunned. If the first spirit bow was saved, an immediate follow-up shot from a second spirit bow will hit Thorn, provided that Thorn has not finished his dialogue.
  • Use the Spirit Boots to fly into point-blank range with the spirit bow to reduce the chance of missing a shot. Alternatively, teleport into the audience area and take the shot from there, as this allows the player to be at around the same height as Thorn.
  • Ferocity no longer works on Thorn.
  • Thorn turns around depending on how many players are in its trajectory.
  • Above the portal there is a small space in which a player can stand, where they can't be damaged by bats and other mobs. This is especially useful for mages.
  • Once a player dies, they can left/right click in ghost form to disarm chicken mines, one of the most deadly aspects of the bossfight.
  • By using an Aspect of the Dragons, Spirit Chickens could be blasted away to prevent Chickens Mines blowing up when low on health.


  • If the player places down a healing orb and heal circle in the same spot in a corner of the map, the player's team can simply tank hits from all of the Livids while standing still and dealing damage.
  • When a clone dies, the real Livid will shoot a white beam into the air to revive it. The second you see the white beam, target it, and defeat the caster.
  • Once Livid unleashes his clones, the red mural on the ceiling will change color, the color it changes to is the color of the real Livid. Once Livid spawns his clones, look to the ceiling and kill the corresponding Livid.
  • There is a strategy which the Tank stays at the middle of the boss room and the other team members find the real Livid as quickly as possible and kill him.
  • The Ice Spray Wand can freeze the Livids, and the Gyrokinetic Wand can lock them in place so they does not receive knockback.


  • For the first phase, make sure there is a wall or even better, a corner behind you, and tank the terracottas while using life steal/syphon to gain health back. This works especially well for players playing the Tank or Berserker class, but less well for players playing the Archer or Mage Class. For players struggling with this phase, it is recommended to either get a Baby Yeti pet, or get the healer to put down a healing circle to help you heal. If you ever get low on health, the Shadow Fury's ability or the Florid Zombie Sword's can help you get right back into the fight. A Bonzo's Mask is highly recommended.
  • At Phase 1, despite can't survive, never go to the giants' cage. The higher Y-axis you are, the more damage the Terracottas does.
  • There is a place on the arena that is 2 blocks tall where the golems have a hard time hitting the players, but the players can easily hit the golems. So a common strategy people use is standing up there, angering all the golems, then killing them.
  • Golems should be killed during the 1st phase, between the 1st and 2nd phases, or between the 2nd and 3rd phases unless you are killing the golems for Ancient Rose. Killing them before the 1st phase delays its start.
  • For the second and third phases, watch out for Bigfoot/Sadan's stomp attack, as it deals extremely high damage, and may instantly kill players that have low ❤ Effective Health. If Sadan/Bigfoot jumps very high, it is recommended to use an Aspect of the End or Aspect of the Void to teleport out of its range, and resume attacking after that. The same precautions should be applied to Jolly Pink Giant's boulder toss ability, which also does a lot of damage, but is a bit harder to avoid. Also, try using magic or ranged attack to defeat the previous mentioned Giants.
  • On the transition to the third phase, do not stand in the middle, as a giant hole will appear and will kill players standing in the middle of the arena and all the tanks(because of the tanks' passive ability Diversion) instantly.
  • The Gyrokinetic Wand can be used to hold all the Terracottas in one spot so they can be killed more easily. It can also hold Sadan in place so that he is not affected by knockback.
  • An advanced technique is to enter a Floor 6 run solo, rush to the boss room, kill all the Golems and leave. This is known as "Golem running" or "Rose running", and is used to gain Stone Sword.png Combat XP rapidly as well as some money from Ancient Rose drops.
  • All mobs from the boss fight, including the Giants, Woke Golems, and Terracottas, can be tossed up by a Legendary Golem Pet, making it a good pet if one can't afford an ❤ Effective Health pet like a Baby Yeti Pet.

The Wither Lords[]

Players can't use any form of movement abilities and items such as Aspect of the End or Ender Pearl in every phase. However, the Rogue Sword can still be used to gain extra walk speed. If the player has jump boost, it will be removed at the start of the fight. However, a Jerry-chine Gun or a Bonzo Staff still works, so it is possible to move around using the knockback from them. Spirit Leaps can still be used in the boss fight.

It is recommended for mage players that have enough ✎ Mana to reforge some pieces of armor to Ancient, and their mage weapon to Withered.

Phase 1[]

Once the team enters the boss room, 2 players should use the Jerry-chine Gun or Bonzo's Staff in conjunction with lava jumping in order to access the Energy Crystals, and then jump down onto the pads ready to place them. Which players go for the Crystals should be communicated before entry as "Left" and "Right". The rest of the team should immediately proceed to the coal conveyor belt at the back of the room, with 1 team member(typically the tank) hitting the immobile Maxor in order to take his aggro. Once Maxor begins moving, the Crystals will be placed and Maxor will immediately move into the laser. From here, it is easy to damage him to 75% health and begin the next phase.

Phase 2[]

If one has Wither Impact or Wither Shield, they can use its ability on the way down to gain an absorption shield to survive better. Another option would be having a Wither Cloak Sword or a Bonzo's Mask.

When engaging with Storm, only one player should attack Storm such that Storm does not change targets constantly and change his position under the pillar.

One player should head to the pad and stand in the middle so that Storm can be crushed under a pillar, usually starting with the purple one. Whenever Storm is crushed, the players should deal as much damage as possible, as getting Storm down to half health allows all other pads to be skipped. It is recommended to use a Wither Skeleton Pet to deal maximum damage to Storm.

It is recommended players eliminate the Wither Archers that are lined along the walls of the room as this will make the boss fight easier to finish because players don't have to dodge so many projectiles.

Be sure not to lure Storm to the red corner of the room as it is a glitched chunk and will softlock the fight.

Phase 3[]

For inexperienced players it is recommended that an Archer does not do the puzzles but rather slow down Goldor with ranged attacks in order to buy more time for everyone to finish the puzzles and ensure Goldor does not catch up. A Berserker can also do this with the Phantom Rod as well and Mages can do this with their left click attack.

For the Simon Says device in part 1, spamming the final button will skip past some of the Simon Says levels.

If a terminal is missed, the Wither Cloak Sword, Bonzo's Mask can be used to survive Goldor's frenzy and pass behind to the missed terminal.

Phase 4[]

For phase 4, it is recommended that the Tank should try to stay in the corner of the slabs in the pillar to allow the Mage, Berserker, and Archer to deal extra damage per second. If there is no Tank, whoever is the tankiest should always go into a corner of a pillar, or whoever Necron is attacking.

Due to Necron having only 300 ❈ Defense, successfully using a Last Breath to shoot him five times will essentially make Necron take 60% more damage.

If Necron is taking a lot of damage, his blast radius gets smaller, allowing massive amounts of damage to be dealt.

More experienced players should always call out who will be going to middle (normally being the Archer), and as soon as that person descends from phase 3, they should go to the middle and camp the edge closer to Necron, as to not get knocked into the lava. Whenever Necron heads to the middle, players should teleport to that person immediately and damage Necron.

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