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Exp Share Core Grinding is a money making method available very early on in Skyblock.


EXP Share Core Grinding can have many uses, but its best use is getting Dragon Armor during early game. Other uses are money farming for the Dark Auction, and buying bulk resources at the Bazaar.

Dragon Armor early game[]

Best method: Grinding Slimes at the Slimehill.

Step 1: Unlock Slimehill.

Step 2: Find the way down to Diamond Reserve.

Step 3: Find the first rock with a Cobblestone spike sticking out.

Step 4: Wait behind it and lure slimes over (you may want to do splitscreen)

Step 5: Kill them until you get an EXP Share Core.

Step 6: Auction it! (You may want to advertise)

Step 7: Once the auction is finished, go to the Bazaar, and buy whatever dragon fragments you want.

Step 8: Craft the Armor!

Dark Auction Money Grind[]

Best method: Grinding Zombies and Skeletons at Obsidian Sanctuary

Step 1: Unlock Obsidian Sanctuary.

Step 2: Find the way up to Diamond Reserve.

Step 3: Find a safe spot.

Step 4: Similarly to Dragon Armor method, afk lure the Mobs over.

Step 5: Once you have the Core, auction it for money.

Step 6: Repeat!

Step 7: Try the Dark Auction.

Step 8: If that doesn't work, Repeat!

Step 9: Go in!

(Note: Bulkbuying is similar to these methods)