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In order to obtain a Summoning Eye (frequently abbreviated as sum eye), players must kill Zealots that can be found in the Dragon's Nest. Rarely, when a Zealot is killed, a Special Zealot will spawn near the player; Special Zealots hold an end portal frame, have reduced health, and always drop a Summoning Eye. The base chance of a Special Zealot spawn is one in 420 kills (~0.23%), which is not affected by Magic Find Stat Icon.pngMagic Find. If a Special Zealot does not appear within 420 kills, this chance increases to one in 210 kills (~0.47%). On average, this leads to one Special Zealot every 343 kills.

While possible to obtain Summoning Eyes without killing them in one hit, efficiency is substantially improved for players that can reliably kill a Zealot in a single hit. This can be accomplished with several Weapons, including the Raider Axe or Aspect of the Dragons, when combined with effective Armor and Accessory reforges to maximize Strength Stat Icon.pngStrength, Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance, and Crit Damage Stat Icon.pngCrit Damage. For most players, an 80% Crit Chance Stat Icon.pngCrit Chance is desirable to reliably kill Zealots; a Critical III Potion will then lead to a guaranteed critical hit. It is recommended to have at least 20-25 accessories in order to one shot the zealots.


Almost all servers have significant competition for Zealots. Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed and mobility (such as the ability of the Aspect of the End) are therefore desirable to kill Zealots before other players. In lieu of a high speed (at least over 300), it is moderately effective to camp near the locations Zealots spawn and immediately kill nearby Zealots.

Another strategy is to camp on a high pillar and kill Zealots with ranged weapons like the Frozen Scythe and Explosive Bow.

A very common way to obtain 400 Speed cheaply is to use the Obsidian Chestplate, Farmer Boots (with at least Farming XV), a Rabbit V Potion, a Speed V Potion, and an Epic Rabbit Pet (which grants +50 Speed when used with Rabbit Potions). 500 Speed can also be obtained if used in conjunction with Adrenaline and Agility Potions, as well as Coffee. Note that Young Dragon Armor is required for 500 Speed. It is recommended to use a God Potion, which costs around 450k.

A Summoning Eye is a valuable item with a typical Bazaar instant sale value greater than 500k coins. For most players, selling Summoning Eyes is the most profitable option. Alternatively, eight Summoning Eyes may also be placed in the Summoning Altar at the center of the Dragon's Nest to summon an Ender Dragon. Placing all eight eyes will only marginally improve drops and is therefore not recommended. Instead, it is common to place two to four eyes in each fight. The ideal number of eyes to place is dependent on typical placement in a Dragon fight, as both eyes and damage placement contribute to Dragon Weight. It is recommended to place 4 eyes if you cannot place Top 3 and to place 2 eyes if you do place Top 3.

Extra Tips[]

  • The Raider Axe's extra coins will add up over time, so if it is enough to one shot Zealots it is recommended.
  • Most Dungeon Swords have Scavenger 5, which usually costs millions of coins to get. If you are strong enough to oneshot Zealots with Dungeon Swords, it is a better option than your regular End Game weapon.
  • The Spirit Sceptre’s ability has a massive AOE. If you have enough mana to use one without running out, the extra Watchers and Obsidian Defenders killed by the blast will add up to a lot more combat XP, a few more Scavenger coins and in general a bit more profit.
  • The Legendary Enderman Pet increases the chance of Special Zealots spawning. If you're rich and have no trouble getting high Speed Stat Icon.pngSpeed, you should definitely get this.
  • Using Frozen Blaze Armor, Blaze Armor, Witch Mask, Vampire Mask, or Vampire Witch Mask will increase the drop chance of Special Zealots because hitting them 2 times or more will give a higher percentage to spawn a special zealot.