Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

Due to the Fact that Strength and Crit Damage are now equal in terms of Damage (assuming you crit with every hit), you'll need the same amount of Strength and Crit Damage to maximize your Damage. That's because in the formula for Damage, the Base Damage is multiplied by both Strength and Crit Damage in the same proportion.

To make it easier to calculate the Crit Damage you'll need for your Strength you can use this formula.

damage = (5 + weapon damage) x (1 + strength/100) x (1 + crit damage / 100) x (1 + additive multiplier / 100)

(Note: Strength used to be better than Crit Damage as a fifth of it used to be added to the base damage before the normal strength, crit damage, and additive multiplier. This was changed in Version 0.11.5)