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Melee weapons are essential for many activities within SkyBlock and serve as a marker for progression through the game. This tutorial aims to provide a guide on melee weapons for all stages of the game.

Early Game[]

At this stage, a player has only recently logged in for the first time. They will have less than 3,000,000 coins to their name and a skill average below 15.

  • The Undead Sword is a good starter weapon due to its increased damage against Undead mobs. It is purchased from the Weaponsmith for 100 coins.
  • The Squire Sword or Mercenary Axe from Rosetta can be used before getting Silver Fang, due to the inconvenience of grinding ghasts on ironman/stranded profiles. With these, you can still get Silver Fang for an upgrade.
  • The Silver Fang or Flaming Sword can be purchased as an optional intermediate upgrade to the next weapons.
  • There are three weapons to consider for the next upgrade: the Aspect of the End, the Raider Axe, and the End Stone Sword
  • The Aspect Of The End is the worst option for damage (though better than a non-upgraded Raider Axe) but has a teleport ability that will be used in most of the late game players. It costs about 100k to 200k on BIN.
    • The Raider Axe deals the least damage when not upgraded, but the most damage when it is. If the player decides to use this weapon, they should keep it for a while for it to get fully maxed out.
    • The End Stone Sword deals less damage than the halfway-upgraded Raider Axe, but has Epic rarity, meaning its reforges will deal much more Critical Damage and ❁ Strength . It costs about 180k on BIN and is the most commonly-used in speedruns to one-shot Zealots.
  • After saving up around 700,000 coins to 1,300,000 coins, the Aspect of the Dragons is a value upgrade due to its high ❁ Strength and ❁ Damage for relatively low cost. It is not recommended to buy one if the price is over 1.2 million coins.
  • The Phantom Rod is a similarly-priced alternative to the Aspect of the Dragons if its requirements of Fishing Rod.png Fishing 21 can be met. Its stats are mostly similar, and its ability deals damage to hooked enemies from a safe distance, without needing to aim for the enemy. As it is a Fishing Weapon, Spiked Hook VI can be applied to it, which increases its damage further.

Mid Game[]

At this stage, a player will have some basic experience under their belt. Their net worth is about 50,000,000 coins, skill average around 25 and they are beginning to do Slayer quests and Dungeons.

  • A choice between 3 weapons is presented at this point: Livid Dagger, Shadow Fury, and Flower of Truth.
  • No matter which weapon is ultimately chosen, at this stage it is worthwhile sinking more money into upgrading them. Upgrades such as Hot Potato Book, Looting IV, Luck VI, Scavenger IV, Critical VI, and Combo are all relatively cheap and worthwhile. If running Dungeons with the items, they should be upgraded to 5 stars as soon as possible, whether that be through upgrading them with Essence, paying others to upgrade them with their Essence or purchasing them with stars already applied.
  • The Reaper Falchion and Scorpion Foil upgraded with Wood Singularity can deal higher damage to their respective Slayer bosses than the general weapons. When grinding Tier IV bosses, they become essential to increase kill speed. On the other hand, the Pooch Sword only works well with Mastiff Armor, and the general weapons can deal more damage to Sven Packmaster than it.
  • While the correct choice of melee weapon is important, a high-damage armor set, Stone Sword.png Combat skill and large collection of correctly reforged Accessories will contribute equally to damage output.

Late Game[]

At this stage, a player will be relatively seasoned, worth about 250,000,000 coins and with skill average of around 35. They are gearing up to conquer the most difficult challenges of the game, The Catacombs - Floor VII and the Revenant Horror Tier V.

End Game[]

Endgame players have conquered the majority of SkyBlock and are willing to spend lots of money on small stat increases. Their net worth is 2,000,000,000 coins or more and they have a skill average around 45.